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Fashion for Grandma

Decide what to wear in everyday life is an exercise in creativity to any woman. And, for those who have more than 50, is an interesting challenge: how to get out of your wardrobe basics, respecting your own biotype and getting comfortable? On the eve of the grandparents ‘ day, celebrated on July 26, invite a blogger superligada in fashion, the Gaucho Mireia Borges, 59 years old, to be our model for a day and show that it is always possible to dare us everyday looks. Continue reading Fashion for Grandma

Evangelical Fashion Women 2016: Photos, Looks, Models

Walking in fashion is not an easy task. When you are upgrading the closet, comes another trend, new shows, visual bets from fashionistas renowned middle and everything changes. The best way to follow is to stay on the delay in trends when they are still coming, when stores are organizing the work with window dressers. The sooner you start thinking about the best shopping, so we have some early hints of what will be on the agenda in the evangelical fashion 2016. Continue reading Evangelical Fashion Women 2016: Photos, Looks, Models

Citrus Colors Fashion

The colors and citrus shades were highlights on the catwalks of Fashion Rio and São Paulo Fashion Week. Citrus colors are featured in women’s clothing, in plays such as shoes, bikinis, skirts, dresses, accessories and even in summer makeup. The tendency of citrus colors has what it takes to conquer the female audience, is a perfect match for our Brazilian summer, since they transmit energy, joy and freshness that the station loses.

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Style Tips for Thick Legs

If there’s one thing a lot of brazilian have in common are the thick legs. This is the desire of many women and it is not by chance that we see many gyms killing each other every day to increase some centimeters on thighs. But the owners of the legs turned face some small problems when it’s time to get dressed.

Fashion’s increasingly democratic and there’s not so many “disclaimers” when it comes to find a look that is inside of the trends. What they used to just fit in skinny girls, today we have styles to suit all tastes and sizes and you can take advantage of it. Continue reading Style Tips for Thick Legs

Perfect Outfit to Meet His Parents

What is the perfect outfit to meet for the first time the in-laws? Here are the tips to avoid mistakes outfit at first met with his parents and many examples of looks that inspire you for this important event. Skirt, dress, pants, shirt, high heels or flats? Follow our tips to conquer the in-laws at first meeting.

It is precisely at times like these that the saying “clothes do not make the man” leaves the time it finds, because, you know, don’t mess with the mother-in-law. Give a good impression at first glance is very important and a good starting point in understanding with his parents. Continue reading Perfect Outfit to Meet His Parents

Navajo Style Fashion

Have you ever heard in this style? He is an ethnic look that undoubtedly here to stay.This style is inspired by the clothes and accessories of Indian tribes of North America, especially the Navajo tribe, hence the name. This style comes up a lot on the streets, but not always on the catwalks and yet has been seen in parades of the São Paulo Fashion Week and Fashion Rio in 2011.

Also check out our special article on African Clothing, they are also super trendy.

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Black Tights 4x Otherwise

Tights-some women are already doing measles from mere words and childhood experiences they evoke unpleasant tingling sensation and limited mobility due to downed somewhere groin to the knee. Most women with them, but the problem is not, and most importantly – what winter skirt or dress?! Today will talk about black tights and their variants. Get inspired!

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How to Choose Right Tights

Here we Have Gathered All Our Knowledge And Tips And Tricks When it Comes to Tights And Socks.

WHAT TIGHTS should I choose?

…To the party? Then we suggest pantyhose in the 10-12, in black if you wear black, otherwise light or colored.

…The black dress or skirt? Then fits most; color, patterned or black. Select thickness for the opportunity.

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Derby Shoes Review

By slightly british taste, clean, shiny, tiratissime and touch so serious and elegant. The derby model shoe is really a must for this winter, but also one of those things that’s always been there and always resists, despite everything. Like those friends who want well even if you do not call every day. You know you are there and when you need, there are. Here, all we should have a pair of shoes derby model in our closet… always. But let’s start from the base, from what we should know and we need above all to know to recognize and choose our “perfect derby.”

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Straight out of the Ritual: Suede

A fashion that arose around the years 60 and 70 and super well with the pockets of Franklin, the velvety-looking pieces came back with everything in this season.

It can be found in various kinds of parts, both in pants, skirts and dresses like in boots and jackets. Just choose what most suits your style and rock this autumn.

And of course the Ritual wouldn’t be out of wonderful suede fashion delivers. But, with a little detail, the super brand sticks this fashion however uses the suede, a synthetic fabric.

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How to Dress for Festivals?

In recent years, to discover new trends in fashion and accessories for the summer, has his eyes on the US festival Coachella.  Kendall Jenner, Vanessa Hudgens, Rihanna … all the biggest stars are making notable appearances in this music festival which takes place every year since 1999 to the end of April. And where style battles rage. The festival look is inspired many style hippie chic 70s. Long dresses, playsuits psychedelic printed liberty, big flower in her hair … well, this look is decidedly summery.

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How to Dress When You Are Short?

How to satisfy her fashion cravings when you’re far from having long legs? A short guide to highlight his (small) morphology.

Dress when one is small, a galley? Not necessarily. Just follow some tips and common sense rules that summarizes you right here.

1. Wear Heels 

A board that seems simple and obvious, but still deserves its place at the top of the list. Do not hesitate to get high since winning a few centimeters, you also refine your silhouette. Be careful with too high heels, which can quickly become vulgar. The anti-heels can fall back on derbies to platforms.

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How to Wear Sequins Casually

This fashion winter can be found again sequins everywhere. I really do not follow every trend. But this small, shimmering flakes have made my heart beat times higher again. Sequins stand for glamor, elegance and femininity. And they remind me of my time as a costume designer at the State Theatre in Darmstadt.

That sequins can be combined casually also, and what there sont to note yet that I want to show in this post.

As always my motto: “Never buy what you can not combine versatile.” And that also includes a skirt or a dress, fully sequined not. Of course, can be combined easily a white T-shirt. But with a little creativity, is a combination of talent out of the glitter particles.

Simpel and elegant occasions: A sequined cocktail dress, a couple of high heels, an elegant clutch. Even one is ready for the cocktail evening or Christmas.

If that is too much, or if it does not allow the occasion; then has to be played with opposites. Here are a few styling ideas:

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Tips for Rocking the Daisies

The flowers have turned the trend for a long time, but recently the daisies have won a good space in our closet, stamping t-shirts, dresses, shorts, skirts and everything. The fine print is that it goes with everything, letting you mount a look more simple, but without excluding the possibility of mounting a ballad. Check out some of the best looks and tips for combining the ideas.


It is very easy to find these rings of Daisy to sell, they are mostly very simple and super sensitive, usually very cheap. Some even have anything written on the inside, for example, “I pick you” (I choose you). This is because the Daisy flower is commonly used for the game “he loves me, he loves me not”, which leaves the cutest yet.

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What to Wear for a Social Event

Choosing the one outfit to a more event social can lead some women to error. You need to know compose a style that is often completely different from that used on the day and the pieces combinations may seem strange, but they are not. It is in any doubt about what the best clothes of female social fashion? Get some tips on how to dress up in this style and raze in any event.

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How to Wear Big Floral Prints?

This spring summer fashion gives way to the floral trend but not just any large colorful flowers. Discover without delay our selection shopping.

The spring-summer 2016 is the season of big flowers. Many laid in the 1970s by hippies, flower XL are now present in almost all the summer collections.

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How to Dress When You Have Big Hips?

When you have strong hips, it faces a number of things: first find clothes that make us value but also where we feel good.

Indeed, comfort is paramount and may well be coupled with style! For example, nothing worse than pants selected in a size that will accommodate the strong hips but yawn at the waist and will continue to fall.

A Highlight Your Figure

When you have strong hips, it is rare that the shoulders are also all square. The morphology corresponding to generous hips is most of the time a morphology A.

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How to Wear Leggings With Boots

Leggings and boots are both staples of fashion in their own way. Each of them can be worn in many different styles and can have a variety of looks. When choosing the best combination of leggings and boots you the first look at the shape of your body to pick the perfect fit. For example, long slim legs look fabulous with calf length leggings, and wider legs are better filled by dark, solid color for leggings. Play around with different combinations until you find the styles that suit you best.

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