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Sneakers: How to Use and Where to Buy

Sneakers–How To Use And Where To Buy The Models

The new craze in the world of fashion is tennis. The “Sneakers” evil emerged and have won thousands of fans. At first, some say that in your closet the new darling of the fashionistas have no spots, but after experiencing the comfort of this shoe a little flashy and unusual becomes everyday footwear. The brazilian designer Arezzo has four beautiful tennis models, see where to buy them online and how to match your clothes. Continue reading Sneakers: How to Use and Where to Buy

What to Wear Blue Shorts with

Thanks to French fashion designer Gabrielle Chanel wardrobe women added this flexible and practical sort of shorts. Then they had a lot of changes and additions. Today, designers have created a wide range of different styles and colors of boxers to Bermuda. The new season is blue shorts of different styles.
Summer blue shorts are very practical and comfortable, they can be worn with the shirt and light cotton shirt. In addition, they are fully in tune with heels and without. Continue reading What to Wear Blue Shorts with

Pants and Shirt, the Easy Way to Not Be Boring

Without good honest? Some days it just has a combination able to save life: social shirt and slacks. That’s right. That classic that we won the right to use there when the first woman decided to wear the pants and shirt from her boyfriend to do the breakfast after a night’s sleep in his house (just kidding, but who do not identify?). Continue reading Pants and Shirt, the Easy Way to Not Be Boring

How to Travel in Style and Comfort

There are moments and occasions of our lives where comfort is paramount, for example, when making a trip is very important to choose pieces that you provide comfort above all, especially when it comes to a long journey, where you will have to spend hours and hours sitting, is on the bench of a car, bus or plane. However, many people relate the word comfort with relaxation, on the contrary, it is possible to be comfortable and stylish at the same time. Do you know how? Check out the tips!

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Citrus Colors Fashion

The colors and citrus shades were highlights on the catwalks of Fashion Rio and São Paulo Fashion Week. Citrus colors are featured in women’s clothing, in plays such as shoes, bikinis, skirts, dresses, accessories and even in summer makeup. The tendency of citrus colors has what it takes to conquer the female audience, is a perfect match for our Brazilian summer, since they transmit energy, joy and freshness that the station loses.

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How to Wear Shorts in Different Ways

1. At Work

Heat presses and just want to wear a pair of shorts, but is in doubt because it goes to the Office? The shorts – as long as you opt for a longer model, elegant, discreet and a darker tone – can be used at the Office, provided that the whole outfit is sober. Combine the shorts with a blazer and a pair of shoes or sandals medium heel and have a suit perfect for the summer. Continue reading How to Wear Shorts in Different Ways

Fashion Trends Women 70s and 80s Punk

England. The 70s. Starts a cultural movement that don’t limit yourself to music: incorporates a peculiar fashion, a politics and a lifestyle. Bands like The Clash, the Sex Pistols and Ramones popularized the so-called punk rock for the whole world. Along with punk ideology, the youth went on to adopt a style of clothing, hair and accessories of a cultural identity. Continue reading Fashion Trends Women 70s and 80s Punk

Shorts Saia Jeans Plus Size

This post is dedicated to the readers who complain that there’s only “well-behaved and long” for large women. The shorts plus size denim skirt I’m wearing is short, let toooda the leg to the shows and is the face of the summer. I enjoyed the piece even more because she’s cool, with torn and shredded bar details. Shorts skirt is sooo love because you don’t need to be worrying about “periquitation” and is super comfortable because we run the risk of not paying “panties”, then you have the grace of the skirt with the comfort of shorts. This model is of Cambos, I found on Liló Plus Size Fashion. He has a modeling a little smaller, so if you buy, choose a number that is greater than what you normally use.

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How to Wear Shorts with Leggings in Summer

Women who wear the shorts have to face some annoying problems, however, can be solved in a few moves here is how!

Since a few years, in the summer to make the bosses are the shorts , shorts, sometimes very short, which are worn by women of all ages.

It will be because they are versatile leggings, as depending on the model allow you to have a look gritty or casual or romantic, it will be because they are comfortable, the fact is that all we have at least a couple in our closet .

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5 Trends to Bet in the Summer

Summer’s almost here and yet the time you keep an eye on a few more trends that are coming with everything.

Candy Colors- The pastel shades are back with all this season in more fluid parts, t-shirts, skirts rounds, facing a very romantic style. And goes beyond pieces as well as accessories. Invest in these shades that look very harmonious and delicate.

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Fashion Tips for Women Low

Hi Hi my loves! HAPPY 2016! People of the sky, how fast the year 2015 is not it? I was a little stop because I was on the beach with the family and from there I couldn’t do post but now I’m back and I’m the  with tips MARAS for my beautiful little ones!

Recently did a post giving fashion tips for tall women (post here), but now it is the turn of our dear little ones, who like me, suffer to find a look that enhances your figure and you don’t flatten more doesn’t it? But now his problems are over because with these tips you will never suffer because of the time and on the contrary will love being the way it is, we’re going to the tips

Monochromatic looks

This type of production helps to grow a few centimetres (those that lack to be perfect you know?) plus you can dare in total look black because I lose weight and also in strong tones and neutrals. Remember to choose pieces of straight cut to keep the silhouette.

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Tips for Rocking the Daisies

The flowers have turned the trend for a long time, but recently the daisies have won a good space in our closet, stamping t-shirts, dresses, shorts, skirts and everything. The fine print is that it goes with everything, letting you mount a look more simple, but without excluding the possibility of mounting a ballad. Check out some of the best looks and tips for combining the ideas.


It is very easy to find these rings of Daisy to sell, they are mostly very simple and super sensitive, usually very cheap. Some even have anything written on the inside, for example, “I pick you” (I choose you). This is because the Daisy flower is commonly used for the game “he loves me, he loves me not”, which leaves the cutest yet.

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Summer Outfit Ideas 2016

Finally, summer 2016 is really in motion and we would like with this “all-over-white look” kidnap prefer holidays. Informal, delicate looks with Romantic character fit perfectly on this so eagerly awaited summer days! We cases in a light robe in white and dream of strolling in style on the beach promenade of St. Tropez, Ibiza or Mykonos.

Ladies, even far away from the beach and sea, you can in this outfit your favorite gelato served in the new In-Eiscafé or invite your girls for brunch. Here our styling tip is finally warm summer days:

When styling restraint is called for: An All-White Summer Combination of Blüschen and shorts emphasizes the modern understatement. The blouse by René Lezard (the fashion house available) makes the material mix for an airy feeling fresh and keeps us on hot days like these cool.

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Fashion Rio: Totem, Lenny and Redley Shook the Second Day

Blazers, sequins, colorful prints and marked the parades


The geometric shapes invade parts of the summer 2011 collection of Redley. Whether in long vestidões, in shorts or dresses in Bermuda of the boys, they adorn many of the clothes, which come in shades of yellow, lemon, Khaki, beige, pink, salmon, green, mustard, blue water and eggplant. The floral prints also appeared, but with one catch: they came accompanied by citrus tones fabrics. Continue reading Fashion Rio: Totem, Lenny and Redley Shook the Second Day

Style Guide

Secrets and valuable tips for you to apply in everyday life and destroy in looks

Style, more than being fashionable, is to translate what we truly are. Style is something that is conquered with exercise, observation and boldness. So how about some tips to give a turbocharged in your? The personal stylist Manu Chadha account which is the ideal time to shop and how to dress according to the shape of your body. Continue reading Style Guide

Tyrol Features Your New Collection Autumn-Winter

Designer clothing fashion collection mounts to please the little ones and let moms jaw dropped the essay the Tyrol has developed the collection autumn-winter 2009 especially for kids tuned to the fashion world. For girls, retro trends, with many details of appliques with fabrics in plaid and delicate prints in coordinated […] Continue reading Tyrol Features Your New Collection Autumn-Winter