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Sneakers: How to Use and Where to Buy

Sneakers–How To Use And Where To Buy The Models

The new craze in the world of fashion is tennis. The “Sneakers” evil emerged and have won thousands of fans. At first, some say that in your closet the new darling of the fashionistas have no spots, but after experiencing the comfort of this shoe a little flashy and unusual becomes everyday footwear. The brazilian designer Arezzo has four beautiful tennis models, see where to buy them online and how to match your clothes. Continue reading Sneakers: How to Use and Where to Buy

Men’s Country Hats Photos

Country fashion gained momentum in the 1990s. At first it was a style only worn by Americans, even though it was in the United States where such clothing was born. In the country, clothing is worn by people living in rural areas, such as the state of Texas. Here in Brazil, people who like the country style, use in rodeos and pawns parties, or even day-to-day on farms and sites. Continue reading Men’s Country Hats Photos

Achadões Of The Week: Special Jeans

When we spoke of camel (my favorite tone of this winter), we did a post from Achadões one piece dedicated to the theme. Therefore, as in I did find post on the trend of the total jeans, I thought it would be a good again and do a whole Achadões jeans! Let’s go? I loved thisjogger pants of C & A. The jogger model has a sport footprint that I love, the jeans give a casual touch soft and super comfortable and middle leaves stained pants with a new guy. Continue reading Achadões Of The Week: Special Jeans

Fashion Advice for Curvy Figures

Every body has his clothes that highlight the shapes and hide physical flaws. There are bosses who make dietary spells but only tricks to appear at its best. This guide will provide tips for curvy women, curvy girls!

Are increasingly fashion brands who are dedicated to clothing for sizes over 46 but maybe this still is not enough. Sure, it’s comforting to know that if you are a bit more “curvy” you can still make a seat d shopping at

Continue reading Fashion Advice for Curvy Figures

Pants and Shirt, the Easy Way to Not Be Boring

Without good honest? Some days it just has a combination able to save life: social shirt and slacks. That’s right. That classic that we won the right to use there when the first woman decided to wear the pants and shirt from her boyfriend to do the breakfast after a night’s sleep in his house (just kidding, but who do not identify?). Continue reading Pants and Shirt, the Easy Way to Not Be Boring

Latest Fashion Trends for Fall

You are not yet ready for fall fashion? We can change: As much as we want to hold on to even sweet Minis and crunchy Bermuda, make cool denim looks and patterns classics to the color trio of blue, gray and muddy colors fancy new smart particles in the autumn wardrobe. With the new Autumn-/Winter Collections, we usher in a restrained the late summer revival, without losing the freshness in the outfit.

It even vibrates a little summer: the deep blue of the Atlantic coast and the green lush pine forests. For many, the summer already hot memories added. Now Looks are prominent, which can carry men and women loose in the domestic pedestrian. Today we retain the coolness factor in two respects-namely with our Mixed Boys and girls shoot.

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5 Outfits in the Shirt with a Bow


The elegant clothes that you can wear in the most chic occasions and glamorous are really very many. Shirts, jackets, blazers,suits, skirts, dresses, are just some of the elements that a woman can not have in your wardrobe. One of the leaders of fashion in recent years, is the shirt with bow . The shirts with the jib, are a symbol of elegance par excellence, style andoriginality. In this guide to help you wear this singular leader, we will give you some advice and a few tips with 5outfits to fit in a shirt with a bow. Continue reading 5 Outfits in the Shirt with a Bow

How to Match Light Jeans

We thought some tips on how to match the light jeans. To be always at the top and flaunt a flawless outfit, we have to wear our beloved denim pants, paying attention to the combination. If you are unable to separate you from your beloved jeans, know that it can be interpreted in so many different ways, casual, easy, or more elegant, simply by playing out of sweaters, shirts and accessories. Curious to know what to pair with light jeans? Continue reading How to Match Light Jeans