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DÉCor for Those Renting

Who knows how renting can be hard to let the decor with your guy. There are usually several limitations, such as no paint or Pierce the walls, do not remove doors, not Exchange taps and metal fittings. Well, but also you can’t get discouraged and give up, right? The tips below proves that it is possible, have a nice space even when your nominho is not on the deed of the property. Check it out: Continue reading DÉCor for Those Renting

Project of My Apartment with Juliana Daidone

You asked here it is! The video with my apartment before and after decorated. Hooray!

I moved in February to the new house, but it was only in July that started the decoration project of my room. After all, who drops everything and build another apartment that knows the expenses and headaches. Auch! Continue reading Project of My Apartment with Juliana Daidone

Balconies Full of Charm

Get home, grab a glass of wine and take a rest on the porch looking at the city down, there is one of the best ways to finish a day’s work. Even more in summer. Want to know how to make this most beautiful and cozy corner, despite the small space available? Separated some legal and tips that can be put into practice soon, in time to enjoy the best season of the year. Continue reading Balconies Full of Charm

Do It Yourself

The room is our particular universe, the only environment where we can really slow down and enjoy some time alone. But when we hate his decoration? Even if you know exactly what you want to do in your space, most of the time prices do not help, then we end up embracing and pushing with the belly. Is it or isn’t it? Good, but as decoration has everything to do with welfare, I decided to take a nice room for inspiration. Continue reading Do It Yourself

5 Tips to Escape the Blue and Pink Baby Rooms

Has baby coming in the family? His friend, asked on her baby room decor? It’s going to be a dad or mom? A child always brings joy home, that feeling of renewal right? And on days when we see so many discussions about what is boy and what a girl, it’s only natural that things kind of scrambled on our head. Continue reading 5 Tips to Escape the Blue and Pink Baby Rooms