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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Reviews

Since 19 September, the exchange action for the allegedly defective Galaxy Note 7 devices at the house Samsung. All those who have a particular model at home, which is endangered because of a faulty battery, should send it and receive a new and error-free device free of charge. This caused the sales start for the Galaxy Note 7 of course delayed and according to current reports now begin at the end of October. Continue reading Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Reviews

What does RAM Stand for

For many years now, choosing a new device no longer relies only on the design or functionality as it has become increasingly important to have a powerful smartphone to run well all I can offer.

The main factor that can help us in this choice, in addition to the processor, you definitely have the Random Access Memory (RAM).


Well, this “random access memory” is responsible for running multiple applications. He keeps them open in “background” multitasking, then start although physically we were not on them.

If you have not understood completely that definition, I’m sure this example will help you!

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Samsung “Glasses” to Be on the Market before Google’s

Spokesperson with Samsung alludes to, that they will overtake Google on the right, and launch the smart glasses already in September.

Year, which is almost like being kicked off with CES in Las Vegas, has featured a wide range of “wearables gadgets”. So chic gadgets which can be worn on the body, and work together with our mobile phone.

You mention the word “Smartwatch” (smart clock), then there is due to the many options, none actually know which clock is referenced.

The case is a little different when instead mentions “Glasses” (glasses). Here, many will probably think of “Google Glasses”, which already has lots of media coverage on old, even if they are not put up for sale yet. Continue reading Samsung “Glasses” to Be on the Market before Google’s

Samsung Smartwatch Galaxy Gear 1

The Update That Samsung has Released for the first Generation Galaxy Gear is a Complete Disaster

Samsung and this takes some time in the smartwatch market and wearables devices, and the proof is irrefutable that dominates 78% of the current industry. So far, we have seen how l to 3 devices company has released to the market: the Galaxy Gear 1 and 2 on the Gear Fit. The first two would come more in the classification of smart watch, while the latter would be placed in the category of sports bracelet.

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Sony Xperia Z1 Compact Review: Muscle Cell in the Compact Class [Mobile Test]

Sony creates a new niche in the smartphone world single-handedly with Xperia Z1 Compact.

With restaurant Nimb as luxurious backdrop, invited Sony Denmark, the Danish world press for a presentation of the Sony Z1 Compact. At first sight, left it to be plenty of pomp and circumstance, in order to introduce a mini version of the Sony’s current flagship Xperia Z1. But Sony’s new creation should prove to be much more.

Sony’s North European Marketing Manager, Ola Lilja Molén, pointed out namely by the apartment how Empire mode is in Android land-and noted, in particular, a gap in the market. For here are either myriads of small affordable cell phones, or a good handful of big, muscle bulging phones, but there is a noisy group of segment for small, but high-performance, Android phones.
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Samsung Leads The Smartwatch Market

Samsung appears as the undisputed leader in a market that grew by 250% last year

The market for smart watches is growing incredibly in recent years. Not surprisingly, most large technology firms are focusing their efforts on launching new wearables devices that can exploit the full potential of this new market can offer. The data are on the table: the smartwatch market grew 250% last year, becoming the highest growth rate in its history.

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Greedy Giants or Floppende Scientists?

Why your mobile battery just isn’t good enough.

Some mobile phone owners have tried it. After a full charge overnight-for both the phone and the owner-skips we gaily out of bed, as a white-tailed eagle on happiness pills, but when not much more than just out the front door, before it discovers that 20% of the flow on the cell phone has already been used.

It kind of drains, no matter how close a relationship you have to your handheld electronic companion. Even hardcore old school users who live by the mantra: “my mobile is only for calls” feel the energy level valleys, when the prospect of being run out of power before you when work is a reality.

The question you have put themselves in the situation is, whether it’s just because one’s battery purely developmental only has a life span, which can expand the mayflies to consider pension schemes, or whether it is caused by a greedy attitude of cell producers, flowing in that no phone should live more than two years, as new models, of course, do not sell themselves … Continue reading Greedy Giants or Floppende Scientists?

Samsung Galaxy S5-What We Know So Far

Samsung’s upcoming flagship, Galaxy S5, is probably imminent. Here is what we know–or think we know.

Samsung stated that their new top model will be “back to basics”, and that there will be a focus on the screen and the feeling of the model. What exactly does it cover, can be difficult to speculate about.

About the design have Samsung stated that their new top model will be “back to basics”, and that there will be a focus on the screen and the feeling of the model. What exactly does it cover, can be difficult to speculate about.

Nothing is certain, but the rumors about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 are many and (for the most part) persistent. We have assembled the most talked about rumors.  Continue reading Samsung Galaxy S5-What We Know So Far

Leaked: Check out the Cool Features in Sony Sirius

On top of the leak of specifications on the upcoming flagship mobile from Sony, there is now a list of the many new features.

Yesterday we could on our site tell that more specifications on the Sony Sirius leaked, and now is the same source ready to tell, what are the cool features we can look forward to from your mobile. It can be seen at Xperiablog.

The images that page shows, is taken from the device, which admittedly is running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. However, it is expected that Sony Sirius, as mentioned earlier, will come pre-loaded with Android KitKat.

4 k video and Timeshift
Your phone will be able to shoot in 4 k quality, which for the time being, it is quite large in screen resolution.In addition, you will be able to record with the “Timeshift Video” with many images per second, and subsequently be able to add slow motion effect, which we already know this from iPhone 5S. Continue reading Leaked: Check out the Cool Features in Sony Sirius

Four Things the iPhone 6 Must Contain in Order to Keep up with Competitors

Four bids on the things iPhone 6 must contain, if Apple needs to keep up with its competitors.

Let me start by noting that the latest iPhone 5S is a fantastic good phone that meets most people’s requirements for a modern smartphone.

Nevertheless, the iPhone 5 and later iPhone 5S/C a bit of a disappointment when they were presented-Which lacked a little in order to trigger the wauw effect totally.

Several sites on the Web given that bids on the specifications and features that iPhone 6 should contain, if users and reviewers must have fulfilled their most fervent dream. Some realistic, others just flighty futuristic thoughts. Continue reading Four Things the iPhone 6 Must Contain in Order to Keep up with Competitors

How to Purchase a Tablet?

Tablets meet increasingly more successful. Practical, fun and interactive, they invite themselves everywhere thanks to their light weight, which does not make compromise on autonomy. In front of your television, on the plane or to care of the children on a trip: the tablets are unanimous.
You are considering buying a Tablet? Check out our guide to select the best touch tablet, and enjoy your purchase with peace!

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Samsung Dishes into-Now the Android Look Like Android

Samsung and Google’s agreement helps not only in court cases, but will lead to greater cooperation on the look of Android.

The other day we could write that Google and Samsung have teamed up for a 10-year agreement, but it was the few who knew of the scope of the agreement and now begins to sprinkle more information forward.

Many indications as to the fact that the two giants will cooperate on how Android should look like in the future. That they will go together on the design comes on the back of many who came with enough during CES where Samsung presented the new Android tablets, which had not Samsung’s TouchWiz, but Magazine UX, which most of all looks like a mix between Windows 8 and lifestyle magazines. Continue reading Samsung Dishes into-Now the Android Look Like Android

Samsung Opens 60 Shops in Europe

Tech-giant has signed an agreement with major retail, about to open 60 dedicated Samsung stores in Europe over the next 3 months.

When you buy a product, so one gets as a general rule, always the best customer experience in dedicated stores, to the mærekevarer to act. With mobile manufacturers sold the units often with telcos, and particularly in Europe, there are few and far between manufacturers ‘ dedicated stores.

Apple makes it already
However, we also see that the dedicated shops will be integrated into other businesses, because customer flow is simply not big enough to drive a separate store.
To take one example, so are there many Danish Fona stores, which houses separate Apple stores. Continue reading Samsung Opens 60 Shops in Europe

Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Presented

Tech giant Samsung has now presented their Galaxy Grand Neo, there is a 5 “mobile in the middle class.

Prior to the anticipated Mobile World Congress Exhibition in Barcelona, has now introduced the world for their Samsung GALAXY GRAND Neo, who must steal customers in the middle class.

The screen reads at 5 “with a WVGA resolution of 480 x 800 pixels, which is ready to show pictures from the phone 5MP camera on the back or the VGA version on the front.

Under the hood we find a moderate 1.2 GHz quad-core processor along with 1 GB of RAM, to run the Android version, which has not yet shown by the website. Continue reading Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo Presented

Samsung: We Work on 2 k and 4 K Screens for Mobile

Tech-company confirms that is being worked on to bring both 2 k and 4 k screens for upcoming Samsung mobiles.

Mobile World Congress Exhibition in Barcelona is approaching rapidly, and so far it seems to appear that 2014 offers wild screen resolutions for mobile.

Tech giant Samsung seems to want to keep “the lead” on, and upcoming flag ship mobile Galaxy S5 is expected also to be crammed for thereby the trench with the market’s latest hardware.

Now, the company has, for The Semiconductor and Display Technology Roadmap Seminar 2014, even confirmed that they are working on an AMOLED QHD (2 k) smartphone. It writes our site. Continue reading Samsung: We Work on 2 k and 4 K Screens for Mobile

Samsung Is Worst: the Amount of Storage Space Can Be Misleading

A Samsung Galaxy S4 swallows itself, about half of the space being advertised with.

When mobile producers lures with specifications on internal memory, so there is never talk of real space, which you can fill up with music, video, apps, etc.

There must also be room for the phone operating system, and possibly the overlying skin and pre-installed apps from the manufacturer.

Samsung is worst
It is English Which? there is behind a study of 8 popular phones being advertised that houses 16 GB of internal memory. They have to mark the occasion created a manageable list that provides vision for the job. Continue reading Samsung Is Worst: the Amount of Storage Space Can Be Misleading

Samsung and Google Join Forces in New Patent-Agreement

Tech giant Samsung is now a 10 year old patent-agreement with Google to ensure the Android platform against competitors.

Although it seems that Apple and Samsung will bury the hatchet, so there is no guarantee that it is actually going to happen when the parties meet in mid February.

Until now it is Apple, which must be said to have been the winning party, but that may soon change. Samsung has just announced in a press release that they have entered into a Global Patent-licensing deal with search giant Google. It writes our site. Continue reading Samsung and Google Join Forces in New Patent-Agreement

7 Days, 7: From The Apple Watch Release Up To The LG G4

The Apple watch is published at last and mastered of course also made the news in the past week. Except for Apple’s first wearable, but other new devices, apps and software updates provided for headlines. There was lots of news at CURVED to the current top Smartphones from Samsung and, of course, the introduction of the Sony Xperia Z4. That the coming weeks and months are hardly boring, the messages to the oncoming LG G4 and also to the suspected Apple smartphones iPhone 6 c, 6 s and even the iPhone 7 can be expected.

The Apple Watch Is Published Officially

7 Days, 7 From The Apple Watch Release Up To The LG G4-1

On Friday, it was finally so far: the Apple watch appeared in 9 countries, is also Germany belongs to. Stars like Beyoncé had already photographed in advance with particularly beautiful varieties of Apple watch Edition. When going to the app in other countries in the sale, has not been set. Rumors suggest that Apple has shifted one originally laid down 8 may start in Italy. A change of plan was apparently also in relation to the Bracelet Exchange. As well, but your wrist against another color variation of the same model can exchange customers under certain conditions within two weeks after the purchase.

Also on the app store, something seems to be. So, the message from an app rejected by Apple suggests that Apple pushes to no eye now when developers only mention other Smartwatch platforms in their descriptions. Suitable to start Apple explained once again in detail the functioning of the heart rate sensor, which makes some consumer advocates clearly very nervous.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Review: Tips For Better Photos

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is edge a top smart phone with a great camera, but that alone is no guarantee of decent photos. While only a few basics are necessary for your snapshots. Here edge will receive your an introduction to the camera menu of the Galaxy S6, the setting options, as well as some tips away from hardware and software; about, as you the Smartphone the best hold, what you should consider when the composition or how do you recognize a good motive for photos.

The Camera Menu: Settings Of À La Carte

Samsung has launched an unusual Smartphone on the market with the Galaxy S6 edge that is striking at first glance through the screen with two bent page corners. The changes in contrast to previous models but extends to below the surface. So also the user guide for the camera in a new light shines, so also the owner of older Samsung devices on some changes must reckon.

Five menu items are placed at the top of the preview screen: left the gear for the camera settings, LED Flash, shutter lag and HDR mode and right the magic wand icon for filter effects follow in order. Click on the settings icon brings you to the Galaxy S6 edge in a menu. Here you can resize, video stabilization and co. and turn off and display a grid, which we enter again later.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Tips For Better Photos

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