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Restaurant Tip in Bonito

Galeraaa … yupppiii … just left another novelty warm from the oven of the Hunch of Luxury! Who will enjoy the 14th Winter Festival in Bonito (MS)??? The event starts this Wednesday (31/07) and runs until Sunday (04/08), and as every year promises to attract tourists from different corners of Brazil and also abroad. So, thinking of our beloved readers who are scheduled to travel there, have prepared a most precious tip, a delicioooso place that you should/need to know: the meeting of the waters Restaurant!!! The restaurant is located on the premises of the Hotel Pousada Aguas de Bonito (soon we’re going to do a post about the hotel!), but is available to not only the guests as well as the general public, simply make your reservation! People’s good d +++, super nice environment and with a refined regional menu, which we haven’t found anywhere else in the city. Palpitinho of gold for anyone looking for a nice restaurant in Beautiful!!! Continue reading Restaurant Tip in Bonito

Le Pain Quotidien Organic Workshop

In July 2012, Le Pain Quotidien, handmade Belgian bakery network, came to Brazil with a unique concept in offering products and organic breads made by hand, in an eco-friendly environment. The story began in the late 80, when the Belgian chef, Alain Coumont, was dissatisfied with the suppliers of bread for your restaurant in Brussels and decided to literally put his hand in the cookie jar. Continue reading Le Pain Quotidien Organic Workshop


The clock is ticking faster. This is a fact which can be observed readily at that moment when you say: “Wow, but it’s Christmas?” Yes, we’re entering the era of the festivities and, of course, we have the impression that the days, months and years are flying. With that, we mature too, at the speed of light, and we started to like things never before thought that someday we could like. Type.. “Mom, what are you going to spend in the store, where only sells stuff to the kitchen?” (I, in adolescence) or “what a beautiful pan! Will match a lot with my new game ” (to 24). Continue reading #TorradaTorrada

Be Vegan

First, I want to make one caveat: with this text, I don’t want to convince anyone to be vegetarian or vegan. I just want to share my experience, my difficulties and discoveries, so who knows who is trying to help or would like to follow this path and make you less lonely. Continue reading Be Vegan

Salad of Smoked Salmon and Mango Flavored

This session I did with the View More to experience the delight of salmon that Rick Berlink produces, Haikala, Finnish traditional recipe made with his family. 1error was a fan of salmon with mango spiced with pepper and lemon. Barely finished shooting she cleaned the plate! It’s not enough to be a photographer, have to participate, isn’t it? Continue reading Salad of Smoked Salmon and Mango Flavored