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Exams Your Baby Must Do

What Exams Does the Baby Need to Do?

When the baby is born it is necessary that the same one does several different exams, but the moms, most of the first trip end up not knowing which Exams the baby needs to do and to clarify these doubts we came to bring some information.First let’s understand what the main ones are, even though some changes have been made in recent times and new exams have been added. Continue reading Exams Your Baby Must Do

Special Maternity Clothes (II), Brands and Stores

Promise is a debt. There goes the second article about brands and maternity clothes stores. I recommend you read the first part in which I give you some tidbits. I forgot to tell you that while I was preparing this extensive article I discovered some stores that had been closed by the crisis. What a pity. I’d like to know how much clothing prepamama comprasteis? during your pregnancy Before answering I write here all the information and pictures of the collections fall and winter 2012 2013. Keep reading friends. Continue reading Special Maternity Clothes (II), Brands and Stores

Last Month of Pregnancy: 7 Tips To Relieve The Symptoms

Last Month, All Ready For The Baby’s Arrival. Now Is Remain Quiet For Arrival Of The Newest Member Of The Family.

Last month of GravidezQuando pregnancy is heading for the last month, perhaps for pregnant women is the longest gestation period. The belly this big, causing discomfort to even simple movements: lower, sleep and others. Continue reading Last Month of Pregnancy: 7 Tips To Relieve The Symptoms

I’m Pregnant: How to Choose the Best Wedding Dress?

Without a doubt, if you are pregnant, the dress ideal search criteria must conform to your changing Anatomy. This does not mean for a moment that you’ll look less spectacular, only that you should take the right decisions to get you more beautiful make you see. Here are our tips so that you find the perfect wedding dress. Continue reading I’m Pregnant: How to Choose the Best Wedding Dress?

Lose Weight after Pregnancy

The advice of nutritionist Alva Sandhu Malik that will help.

Anabela Correia had, like many women, the dream of being a mother but during pregnancy the first daughter, Magdalene, gained almost 30 pounds, a weight gain that caught by surprise. «Was mom for about five months and during pregnancy increased 27 pounds, 20 of which still keep’ vents.

At first glance, the solution may seem simple, once sufficient diet and ready. However my pounds are not fat, because my problem is fluid retention. I talked to the family doctor and the solution wouldn’t dream of taking a diuretic. Turns out I’m breast-feeding and the diuretic, in addition to the milk, could even dry it», stresses Anabela Correia. Continue reading Lose Weight after Pregnancy

Adequate Nutrition of Nutrients During Pregnancy

The advice of a biomedical.

The biological clock, sooner or later, awake for most women.

It’s time to generate a new life. Proper nutrition of micronutrients is therefore critical to ensure a good breast development and provide the power for the baby’s growth.

According to the study conducted by Lecerf Lille, while a balanced diet, the mother does not receive the recommended daily amount of vitamins B1 (90%), B2 (62 percent), C (58%) and magnesium (78 percent). The shortage of folic acid (vitamin B9), vitamin C, magnesium and zinc, in the early months of pregnancy, is involved in the reduction of cells of the uterus and fetal malformation.

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Maternity Wear in Paris

You are looking for clothes for expectant mother cheap in paris?

Since Saturday, October 1, 2016 the MammaFashion of Paris Pont Neuf shop became the 1st Paris maternity wear Outlet store !
You can find permanents of their collection at prices as well as purposes of series and old collections up to 60% throughout the year!
A real opportunity for the pregnant woman or the mother who is breastfeeding who doesn’t want to invest too much for pregnancy and breastfeeding or even seeking not expensive pieces to complement her wardrobe of mother-to-be.

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How to Dress at the Beginning of Pregnancy

I’m lucky, I’m part of women who love being pregnant, as I’m never sick, and I like that everyone is caring for me. What I like also is to have new clothes. With a few girlfriends, we exchange our clothing as it does for a few months. It’s nice because it allows for a nice wardrobe by buying only a few coins. In addition, there are nice surprises because we don’t necessarily frequent the same stores and we would have can be not dared to buy some clothes.

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When to Start Wearing Maternity Bras

After childbirth and during lactation, it is necessary to feel your best in her body and in her head. If you are pregnant or if you are a young mom and you are breastfeeding your baby, know that the maternity lingerie deserves special attention. Since each woman develops differently, the Lingerie pregnancy and breastfeeding lingerie that is a scalable, thanks to its technical materials will allow to adapt to every change in your body.

Lemon Curve gives you today a few tips on choosing and wearing your maternity bra.

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