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How to Design the Garden for Beginners

Buying a property is always a milestone and it is sometimes difficult to project in his new home, both inside and outside. If the redevelopment of the House is often based on fixed criteria such as the surface of the pieces, the color of the walls, materials on the ground, the rearrangement of the garden requires any thought, since it depends on factors that are sometimes difficult to control. The methods are simple to identify it quickly! Here’s a roundup of the criteria to be taken into account to enjoy all the splendor of your new outdoor space and make your new green paradise.

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Easy to Maintain Front Gardens

Real link between water and Earth, the mare is a full-fledged intermediate ecosystem.The rain and the weather make a space defined by its water level fluctuations. Its biodiversity often very rich in fact also an exciting environment, both for fans and experts in the field.


But to enjoy the attractions of this landscaped area in constant evolution, some action!Don’t panic: owning a pool is not reserved to connoisseurs. Its maintenance is accessible to all and can be very playful! So places essential care to preserve your wet area and enjoy its charm all year round!

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DÉCor for Those Renting

Who knows how renting can be hard to let the decor with your guy. There are usually several limitations, such as no paint or Pierce the walls, do not remove doors, not Exchange taps and metal fittings. Well, but also you can’t get discouraged and give up, right? The tips below proves that it is possible, have a nice space even when your nominho is not on the deed of the property. Check it out: Continue reading DÉCor for Those Renting

How to Cultivate Plants and Flowers in Small Spaces

We know that they bring life and good energy in the house. But, sometimes, the tight space limits our willingness to have a mini garden, right no more. The people shows that it is possible to bring the plants into the house, in any environment. Continue reading How to Cultivate Plants and Flowers in Small Spaces

Balconies Full of Charm

Get home, grab a glass of wine and take a rest on the porch looking at the city down, there is one of the best ways to finish a day’s work. Even more in summer. Want to know how to make this most beautiful and cozy corner, despite the small space available? Separated some legal and tips that can be put into practice soon, in time to enjoy the best season of the year. Continue reading Balconies Full of Charm

Boho Decro in 5 Steps

It seems that the world suddenly decided to turn boho – and that’s great! Outside this weather means gypsy, half ethnic is already high for some time, but now finally the national brands are joining! And it’s not just trendy, not … If you see the word bohemian look out of this world, now you can take this style home. And in just 5 steps, look! Continue reading Boho Decro in 5 Steps