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Wireless Charging for Mobile

Release for broken or bent socket and charge your mobile wireless.

One of irritation risks of owning raw amounts of consumer electronics is that the whole thing must be left up once in a while. The challenge is not as great if you only have themselves and get covered its needs using a tablet and a phone.

It immediately becomes more unmanageable for the families in which all 2-3 children are equipped with their own brand and model, resulting in ‘charging stations’ where the extension leads with six adapters summer merrily around the clock.

Combine that with the fact that the lifetime of the adapter plug or the phone connection, usually does not defeat the intended life span, if you only have one time or two connecting or disconnecting a little too heavy-handed. Continue reading Wireless Charging for Mobile

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg as Keynote Speaker at MWC 2014

Mobile World Congress is a major event, also for Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg will speak on the opening day.

In a few weeks we will be as well as the entire mobile world be interested in Barcelona by one of the year’s biggest events, Mobile World Congress.

Also, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg will participate in the event, he’s just been announced as one of the keynote speakers at the close on the first day.

Facebook has previously presented plans to deliver cheap internet for the whole group of people who today do not have access to 5 billion people. An initiative that will be brought out in the world of an association by, among other things, Facebook, Samsung, Nokia, Opera and Qualcomm.

Part of the speech is expected to act on this project, but just it to Mark participate as keynote speaker, shows how important the mobile industry is for Facebook in these times.

LG Nexus 5 Can Be on the Road in More Colors

Nexus 5 from LG is available in black and white, but maybe will Google and LG Launches more colors.

Nexus 5 is critically acclaimed and popular of the many good reasons, however, one thing that is a little boring, color choice as right now is only black or white.

Colors in smartphones has in some time been mainly reserved for Nokia Lumia, but many are gradually hopped on the bandwagon, even conservative Apple with their “cheap” iPhone 5 c series. LG and Google will also be included in the game and there are indications that LG Nexus 5 will come in up to eight colors. Two of them are, of course, black and white, but the new colors would be yellow, red, blue, green, orange and purple. Then there is shown a little for everyone. Continue reading LG Nexus 5 Can Be on the Road in More Colors

Motorola Will Make Ultrabillige Smartphones

Motorola may get new growth under Google’s wings, and will outperform all competitors in the completely affordable end of the market.

Here on the Editorial Board, we were excited about one of the least expensive smartphones, Motorola’s Moto G, which costs 1300 DKK and not directly can be bought in Denmark.

But in an interview with the Trusted Reveiws told Motorola’s CEO, Dennis Woodside, that they in the future hope to be able to make smartphones only costs US $ 50, or the equivalent of about 300 Dane crowns. No, there is no lack of a number. 300kr for a smartphone, is incredibly cheap and will therefore be directed towards developing countries. Continue reading Motorola Will Make Ultrabillige Smartphones

Nokia Asha 503-New Revelation from Our Site

Our site has done it again-unveiled a new device that has not yet been officially-this time a feature phone from Nokia, Asha 503.

Yet another detection from our site have appeared on Twitter, and this time it’s a feature phone, Asha 503 from Nokia.

Evleaks has previously revealed Asha 502, a dualsim phone with LED flash, WiFi and a little different wrapping than Asha 501, is has been on the market for a while.

The latest disclosure is the twin to Asha 502, 503, there will be an Asha for single-sim phone that is otherwise identical to Asha 502.

The new Asha phones 502 and 503 are expected to be revealed at Nokia World in Abu Dhabi on September 22. October, where there also is expected to be a showcase of Nokia Lumia 1520 and Lumia 2520 Windows RT.

Microsoft Wants Windows Phone on Android Phones

Microsoft must have asked HTC, Samsung and Huawei, though they can put Windows Phone on their Android phones.

Microsoft will stretch far to make their mobile platform Windows Phone to a success.

Until now, the range of phones with Windows Phone will be limited, and the probability that you end up with a Nokia if you choose Windows Phone is fairly large.

Therefore, Microsoft has supposedly requested manufacturers such as HTC, Samsung and Huawei, about the possibility of putting Windows Phone on carriers ‘ existing Android phones, writes our site.

According to Mobile Reviews Eldar Murtazin, Microsoft has even requested the possibility of dual-boot, so that the units can boot with both Android and Windows Phone.

Probably easier said than done, but it just goes to show that Microsoft will stretch far to make Windows Phone to a success.

Windows Phone with Dual-SIM on the Way from Nokia and HTC

The latest Windows Phone rumor has it that both Nokia and HTC are working on dual-SIM models.

Rumors have long circulated about Nokia and Windows Phones, but particularly in the past towards Nokia World in Abu Dhabi on September 22. October taking the rumors.

We had heard rumors about Lumia phones with dual-SIM, but now believe WPDangs sources to know that both Nokia and HTC are working on Windows Phones with space for two SIM cards, writes our site.

The phones are expected to be dual-SIM, dual Standby, and will be targeted developing countries.

The sources inform nothing about release dates, but speculation in that Nokia will be able to send the devices on the market at the earliest at the end of the year.

MOLOME for Windows Phone-Even a Social Photo App

MOLOME is now also ready for Windows Phone, and makes it possible to share pictures on several different social media.

If you are a big fan of Instagram, can MOLOME be for you-yet another photo sharing app are you thinking? But molome makes it easy to share pictures across multiple social networks.

Shoot a selfie, your friends or something else, and add effects to the image, as you are used to from other similar apps.

You can add various filters, frame the picture in or attach stickers for a fun effect.

When you are satisfied, you can quickly and easily share image across multiple different platforms, as you already have linked to MOLOME.

MOLOME may not be wildly innovative, but everything is taste, and are you into social media, you should maybe give MOLOME a try.

MOLOME has 1.4 million registered users and over 100,000 active users per month, writes Nokia News.

Download MOLOME for free in Windows Phone Store for Windows Phone 8.

Nokia Breathes Life into New Rumors

With a commercial for live streaming from Nokia World teaser Nokia maybe for their new devices.

Granted, this may be a shot in the dark, or a very well-designed mark tings stunt.

Nokia is organizing the 22. October Nokia World in Abu Dhabi, where new products true to form will be presented.

The rumors have been many, and we’ve heard about everything from multiple phones in Asha’s series, a phablet telephone, for a 1520 Lumia Lumia 2520 tablet. Continue reading Nokia Breathes Life into New Rumors