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Trends in Jewelry for the Summer

Every woman vain beyond worrying about the beauty, clothing and footwear, also does not relieve the use of accessories that are essential to complete the looks of each day. Of the most basic to the most daring, earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets can not miss in the women’s locker. So, see what are the trends in bijoux for summer 2015: Continue reading Trends in Jewelry for the Summer

Check Out the Best Selling Profession Necklaces of Frances Jewelry

Today I got a new awesome to tell you. Know our profession necklaces? So, in addition to the templates that we have and that are the most successful, now has news on our site. Other professions and models arrived in our shop and you’ll love every one. In addition, you can combine with some necklaces[…] Continue reading Check Out the Best Selling Profession Necklaces of Frances Jewelry

Necklaces Are in Evidence

The website WWD (Women’s Wear Daily), considered “the Bible of fashion”, pointed out the collar necklaces – the necklaces that are closer to the neck – as a strong trend for next season. From minimalist models, to romantic plays and impact, these pieces perfectly match the visual spring-summer, full of ultrafemininos and looks with necklines that make the lap. Continue reading Necklaces Are in Evidence

Tips of Looks for Women with Big Breasts

Unlike some time ago, the boobs, today, are at an all-time high, with women filling offices in search of surgeries in which may give a turbocharged in this region.

So, only boobs require some attention at the time of production, unlike average breasts, tired, if there is a certain criteria in time to choose the clothes, the result does not harmonious. With that in mind, we decided to show through here options of looks for women with large breasts, as well as hints of what should or should not be part of your wardrobe: Continue reading Tips of Looks for Women with Big Breasts

Navajo Style Fashion

Have you ever heard in this style? He is an ethnic look that undoubtedly here to stay.This style is inspired by the clothes and accessories of Indian tribes of North America, especially the Navajo tribe, hence the name. This style comes up a lot on the streets, but not always on the catwalks and yet has been seen in parades of the São Paulo Fashion Week and Fashion Rio in 2011.

Also check out our special article on African Clothing, they are also super trendy.

Continue reading Navajo Style Fashion

90 ‘s Fashion Looks

90 ‘s Look, the ideas so save and forget for a decade that featured a permanent and unique the fashion system. Many hairstyles, makeup and the special style of those years: from mini hair crocchie to code in fontana, to sunstroke, passing for thin eyebrows and lipstick Brown, brilliant eyes and mouth until finish and glitter everywhere.

Some are beauty look to follow even today, others are absolutely to be avoided. The Spice Girls, the most famous girl band of that period, dictated fashion: they made crop top, wedges, and more real catchy! Continue reading 90 ‘s Fashion Looks

Pants Boyfriend: How to Use and Combine

Boyfriend style pants are one of the major trends of fashion and look good in any season.
Are a very versatile garment and are very comfortable due to your cut loose and you mean, a page giving a relaxed and slightly masculine style. Continue reading Pants Boyfriend: How to Use and Combine

Sarouel Pants: How to Combine and Use Women

There are various styles and types of pants: jeans, leggings, silk, lycra, leather, with various patterns, linen, fabric, elastic, etc.

A pair that has done quite successfully in the male and female world are hammer pants that has all these patterns and styles included in the model itself. Continue reading Sarouel Pants: How to Combine and Use Women

Fashion Rio: Totem, Lenny and Redley Shook the Second Day

Blazers, sequins, colorful prints and marked the parades


The geometric shapes invade parts of the summer 2011 collection of Redley. Whether in long vestidões, in shorts or dresses in Bermuda of the boys, they adorn many of the clothes, which come in shades of yellow, lemon, Khaki, beige, pink, salmon, green, mustard, blue water and eggplant. The floral prints also appeared, but with one catch: they came accompanied by citrus tones fabrics. Continue reading Fashion Rio: Totem, Lenny and Redley Shook the Second Day

My Findings on Fashions

You may have already heard of the neighborhood of Bom Retiro in São Paulo, right? The neighborhood is a reference in affordable fashion in the country, attracting tenants of the whole Brazil to buy the confections and showrooms there installed, always at the best price and amazing pieces, full of information sets and not to anything in terms of quality for many stores. Continue reading My Findings on Fashions

We Love Pandora

Who follows me in urges know my partnership with jewelry brand Pandora – recently produced a Christmas table for the press day of the presentation of the collection, I was at the inauguration of the shopping Morumbi and store in an action at the shopping Eldorado, in the company of Lia Calderon and Ana Barroso, with make-up classes for the new year with the Sisley. Continue reading We Love Pandora

Collection Jungle Dream with Bia Perotti + MUMI

After my accessories partnerships with Dolores Iguacel and Bitri and scholarship with Mylene Sanches, it is with great joy that I present today my capsule collection of swimwear Jungle Dream, developed in partnership with  MUMI. Continue reading Collection Jungle Dream with Bia Perotti + MUMI