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Stylish Dressing Table Designs

If the answer to the question only the functional aspect of a Schminktischs is considered, then I am sorry to say: woman actually does not require a dressing. Theoretically, the styling and makeup in the bathroom or other location can be done with mirrors.

BUT: The dressing is a small, fine place for you. And so he falls into the category of furniture that are not necessarily needed, but enrich the lives immensely. Because the dressing is the place where you have your own order. May sit on the only you or your friend. And where the little time that is left in everyday life, only you alone heard. That’s why women need a dressing table!

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Project of My Apartment with Juliana Daidone

You asked here it is! The video with my apartment before and after decorated. Hooray!

I moved in February to the new house, but it was only in July that started the decoration project of my room. After all, who drops everything and build another apartment that knows the expenses and headaches. Auch! Continue reading Project of My Apartment with Juliana Daidone