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What does RAM Stand for

For many years now, choosing a new device no longer relies only on the design or functionality as it has become increasingly important to have a powerful smartphone to run well all I can offer.

The main factor that can help us in this choice, in addition to the processor, you definitely have the Random Access Memory (RAM).


Well, this “random access memory” is responsible for running multiple applications. He keeps them open in “background” multitasking, then start although physically we were not on them.

If you have not understood completely that definition, I’m sure this example will help you!

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Samsung’s Path to the Throne on the Smartphone Market

Nokia and Sony Ericsson prevailed on the mobile market, until Apple and Samsung overtook from behind. Read the analyst explanation.

Samsung is now the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer, but this did not come from one day to the next. Mobile Analyst Horace Dediu estimates that Samsung’s role as a supplier to Apple and their large production muscle has been crucial to the in a few years, could grow from 0 to 30 percent of smartphone market. It writes our site.

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