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Autumn Lipsticks

After the top three autumn nail polishes, we just stay with the theme of autumn.

This has finally just begun. After I raked you in the last round of the golden autumn, it is slowly becoming uncomfortable. The rainfall and little daylight also belong to the autumn. How nice that you can defy the dreary weather with some color. Berry tones, bright red, warm green, mustard yellow…the autumn colors, which are inspired by nature, make the mood a lot better. Whether it’s clothes, nail polish or…lipsticks! Continue reading Autumn Lipsticks

Make Up with Lifting Effect Disciples

Times among us – the older we are, the more nagging points there in the mirror or when you see photos of herself, BB´s right? It can really spoil a mood – unless you know the right tricks to paint a couple of years.Sure, everyone cheats when it comes to the look – all celebs & models! And because I like to share my favorite tricks for Flash great looks come here. Continue reading Make Up with Lifting Effect Disciples

Citrus Colors Fashion

The colors and citrus shades were highlights on the catwalks of Fashion Rio and São Paulo Fashion Week. Citrus colors are featured in women’s clothing, in plays such as shoes, bikinis, skirts, dresses, accessories and even in summer makeup. The tendency of citrus colors has what it takes to conquer the female audience, is a perfect match for our Brazilian summer, since they transmit energy, joy and freshness that the station loses.

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Tips for Winter Fashion

For those women very female, even in winter, prefer dresses, marks and brands of all karats invested thousands of models of dresses for autumn and winter, showing that this piece of women’s clothing will make beautiful also in these days when the Sun’s been lazy.

The collections fall-winter 2013 among other bet in delicate, very elegant dresses or full of charm, with many details and sparkles to the coldest season of the year.

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Perfect Outfit to Meet His Parents

What is the perfect outfit to meet for the first time the in-laws? Here are the tips to avoid mistakes outfit at first met with his parents and many examples of looks that inspire you for this important event. Skirt, dress, pants, shirt, high heels or flats? Follow our tips to conquer the in-laws at first meeting.

It is precisely at times like these that the saying “clothes do not make the man” leaves the time it finds, because, you know, don’t mess with the mother-in-law. Give a good impression at first glance is very important and a good starting point in understanding with his parents. Continue reading Perfect Outfit to Meet His Parents

How to Have Perfect Eyebrows for Your Wedding

Months before their wedding, brides begin an extensive beauty routine. This includes spa sessions, Reductor massages, exfoliations, waxing, treatments, hair, manicure, pedicure…However, many often forget their eyebrows. The truth is that if you don’t take care of this natural face frame, even the best of the makeup may not look spectacular. Continue reading How to Have Perfect Eyebrows for Your Wedding

Beauty Blender for Mineral Makeup

What is the Beauty Blender and how is it used? The Beauty Blender is a sponge shaped egg, used in backstage to apply liquid foundation and powder, or illuminating concealers, then slipping on the skin for an ultra natural effect. Thanks its soft ultra comfortable texture, perfectly adapted to the contours of the face and delicate as a caress each side, in fact, is not the same, but has a different function, able to change the application of make-up from home. The result? A more even-toned, radiant and smooth for hours. Continue reading Beauty Blender for Mineral Makeup

The History Of Makeup In The 50s

When one thinks of the colorful make up in the 50s, then a now famous women such as Grace Kelly, Sophia Loreen, Audrey Hepburn, and a host of other Hollywood stars invade, which have perfected their make up and used as its very own trademark.These women of the rockin’ 50s were and are featured not only victims, but also popular beauty icons for several generations of women around the world. Their seductive make up looks defined the 1950s, which were no doubt the age of glamour! Holy sanctuaries for all the glamorous ladies of the world were beauty salons and powder rooms. Today we want to give you a little insight into the wonderful world of make-up in the 50s. Continue reading The History Of Makeup In The 50s

High Fashion Makeup Trends

The makeup is a way to exalt the beauty at any time.

Everyone is keeping an eye on fashion trends in 2016 autumn/winter, including makeup. The parades of SPFW reveal a little about the makeup for the chilly period of the year.

Do you think you should choose a dark lipstick in autumn and winter, then you are wrong. There is no longer a single prevailing style.

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10 Fierce Halloween Cat Makeup Ideas Tutorial

Good Morning Divas!!!

Since today is Friday, I decided to  write a tutorial on very easy makeup and DIVA for you to glorify this weekend!

You already know that the expert in blog Rajiv’s makes, but as she’s too wrapped up lately, I decided to risk it to not leave you orphaned for much longer!

The video was a little long because I’m sooo slow and talk too much! But I promise to make is simple and quick to do for anyone who has that natural gift!

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Makeup Trend Spring Summer 2016

The appearance of the hottest season in the year always comes with different colors to brighten up the clothes, makeup and decorations. And, the multicolor combines with summer in Brazil.

Which “tone” will be given to the fashion makeup of summer 2016?  Techniques, style and colors of makeup?

Classic style? Bold makeup? Focusing on the eyes? Light makeup?

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Is BB Cream Makeup or Skin Care

The makeup industry has brought about innovative products.

There is a search for a lighter, more natural and less exaggerated makeup.

The BB cream (Blemish Balm Cream) is a part of this kind of products for a light makeup that makes you look like wearing makeup. And, at the same time, it provides a remarkable beautification for skin.

There are many reasons to use the BB cream, but people who use the product point out its practicability and correctness for the skin (similar to what the base does) as the main reason.

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Makeup Red Lips and Eyeliner

The red lipstick is coloring many mouths…

Hollywood and the most famous celebrities all over the world are wearing red lipsticks. Therefore, be aware that red mouth is a classic in makeup.

It’s sexy, glamorous and chic.

There is a need to remember the great heroine of the movies, Marilyn Monroe. And what about the iconic pin-ups with red mouths? Don’t forget the famous burlesque actress Dita von Teese and the singer Gwen Stefani. It’s probable to think of many other celebrities if you are given more time to recall.

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Makeup Tips: My Current Top 5 Lipsticks

That woman is in love with lipstick, isn’t she?!

When I started the blog, I always opted for lighter shades, as natural as possible. Because as I have plumper lips, I was scared to dare a little in the colors and look like the Joker!

But as you started asking me to try darker shades, I ended up proving and loving! Today my little collection of lipsticks rules out of all nude and has colors ranging from Orange to wine, and use all, whether day or night.

So. .. How do you always ask me what color I’m using in a particular photo, I decided to choose my top 5!

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Bridal Makeup with Glasses

The wedding day with eyeglasses. It should not be a problem, especially if you take them normally usual. If you feel more beautiful for the occasion you could wear contact lenses or buy yourself a suitable frame. If not, what matters is to study a suitable facial makeup and the lens. I recommend it if you choose to keep them should be: beautiful clean, not scratched and not with lenses that darken with light. These three elements are seen in photographs and are horrible. Let’s talk about makeup and hair. Continue reading Bridal Makeup with Glasses

How to Do Halloween Cat Makeup

Looking for a last minute make-up for Halloween? Here are two cat’s tricks very simple and quick to create and inspire you to be beautiful and special Halloween makeup without spending too much to dress up!

Halloween is the most eccentric costumes that door and we women think about that trick achieve.

Today we see two options to a cat’s trick, the first prettiest and sexy, the second a little ‘more frightening.

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How to Apply Makeup Blush Properly

We love a blush, is to give that healthy coradinho, to fine tune the face or even to simulate a summer Tan, the fact is that, for one or the other end, we don’t dismiss this produtinho, isn’t it?

So, did you know apply blush in their day to day of these 3 different ways? Each application has its purpose, and that’s what we’ll show now, three different techniques to apply blush using tricks of makeup, to make your face more sexy, thin and happy.

Learn How to Apply Blush for 3 Different Effects

Well, after prepared skin, because as I’ve shown here, the finish is always more beautiful with the face properly prepared. Before or after make-up the eyes as you prefer, it’s time to apply blush.

Healthy effect

As we speak here on the Site of beauty and fashion, make smooth is on the rise, and of course, the blush just following that line, super healthy, looking like you just exercise and was coradinha.

So it ends up being called to make fresh, healthy, or to the natural, that is a little more subtle, follows this line, lending the woman a healthier air, however, natural, almost no one realizes that she’s blush and, believe me, despite the tone of pink blush on the cheeks, be he ends up raising the look and leaving your face healthy and happy.

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The Beauty of Being a Woman Through the Eyes

“If you can’t love yourself how in the hell are you going to love somebody else. Can I get an Amen up in here?”, they say, Rupaul Charles, in every end of episode of your reality show Rupaul’s Drag Race. Your translation-“If you can’t love yourself, that way you’re going to love someone else? Amen? ” – is the idea of this text: talk about love of self . Continue reading The Beauty of Being a Woman Through the Eyes