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Sneakers: How to Use and Where to Buy

Sneakers–How To Use And Where To Buy The Models

The new craze in the world of fashion is tennis. The “Sneakers” evil emerged and have won thousands of fans. At first, some say that in your closet the new darling of the fashionistas have no spots, but after experiencing the comfort of this shoe a little flashy and unusual becomes everyday footwear. The brazilian designer Arezzo has four beautiful tennis models, see where to buy them online and how to match your clothes. Continue reading Sneakers: How to Use and Where to Buy

How to Wear: Band T-Shirts

Hard to imagine that girl ever had a band as inspiration. It is also difficult to imagine that the girl never felt like expressing this enormous feeling for her heart band. Some, like me, have found a way to show this love through the shirts.By the way, every girl I know has at least one in the wardrobe, whether it’s recent or teenage time. Continue reading How to Wear: Band T-Shirts

How to Travel in Style and Comfort

There are moments and occasions of our lives where comfort is paramount, for example, when making a trip is very important to choose pieces that you provide comfort above all, especially when it comes to a long journey, where you will have to spend hours and hours sitting, is on the bench of a car, bus or plane. However, many people relate the word comfort with relaxation, on the contrary, it is possible to be comfortable and stylish at the same time. Do you know how? Check out the tips!

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Trends in Urban Fashion

The urban fashion is nothing more than a style inspired on how to dress people everywhere several streets bustling around the world. They do not follow trends, but cherish the comfort and well-being with yourself. You can see amazing combinations in the streets, the human being is very creative and loves to compose your own style without being dictated by some fashionistas how he should dress. Usually hit on the look if you stop to watch, you can find models and perfect combinations. Continue reading Trends in Urban Fashion

Best Dresses for Curvy Ladies

The look of Adele to copy: here are the best suited for curvy women! Adele is the famous British singer known and appreciated throughout the world for his talent but also for her curvy physique which manages to enhance her beauty and femininity. Although today we find very thin, his curvy look are always really hit the spot and up to any situation. Therefore, if you have a few extra pounds, you can take a cue from the best outfit of the curvy star to look thinner and beautiful!

As always, the famous singer Adele sporting a curvy look really hit the spot for his physique not really rangy. Her wardrobe is full of elegant and feminine leaders able to hide the extra pounds with some ease. But what are the look of Adele to be copied and the most suitable outfit for curvy women? Let’s discover them together! Continue reading Best Dresses for Curvy Ladies

Why I Love Wearing Tights

I have to explain my approach sticky.

I’m 31 and it Straight 11 years that I wear tights.

The first reason is a thermal carrier I suffer from muscle hypersensitivity due to cold. Hence the use of wool tights recommended by a physiotherapist.

I took taste and I have started m ‘interest in this garment by going to stores like Wolford, Printemps, Galeries Lafayette, trying and I found it very enjoyable. Continue reading Why I Love Wearing Tights

How to Wear Tights and Socks

Tights and socks in the daily lives of ordinary women are simply irreplaceable!

Tights and socks – it’s a sign of femininity. A small but extremely integral part of the female image. What do you think lies behind the phrases: “I do not wear tights !”, “Buy pack of 5 pairs for 4.50 lev!” or “I wear tights only on holidays” or “stockings – it’s terribly inconvenient?”

Answer: the dominance of substandard goods and otsatstvie information for women on how to choose quality tights. Packaging, the material, shape and layout of the package can be any – it’s only advertising ploy by the manufacturer. For every woman is important as follows:

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Men in Tights

This man donned a pair of leggings to trap men in the street fronts those who watched her ass a little too closely in thinking he was a woman. That they are shocked, amused or even under the spell, their reactions are pretty hilarious.

Yourself he Erakat is originally a Youtube Channel specialized in hidden cameras. For his latest video, he decided to take the place of the girls. She’s a friend of him who gave him the idea: “a friend recently told me that I had no idea the difficulty that there is to be a girl, because when they put leggings, everyone fixed their buttocks. So today, I realize how difficult it is”. Our Youtuber is therefore on a parking lot and gate of the leggings, black necessarily very tight. His plan is simple: look in the trunk of his car to hide his head and put his butt prominently, then to say two words to a little too insistent voyeurs. A ploy that worked well because in the video since many people are caught hand in the bag. But the most interesting in this video, these are obviously the reactions of “consumers”. Continue reading Men in Tights

Mens Tights Trend

Tights for men on the line

Wear tights seems to become a synonym for “cross-dressing” for men today. Yet, the sticky is, initially, a typically male clothing accessory.

In the history of fashion, women have often usurped, or diverted, the clothes and the underside usually dedicated to men. The Levi’s jeans is an illustrious example since it aims exclusively for its creation, gold miners and loggers who wear it mainly as work clothing.
So be for the sticky: it belongs to the men as well as women, who used it, only, to enlarge their wardrobe. Continue reading Mens Tights Trend

Black Tights 4x Otherwise

Tights-some women are already doing measles from mere words and childhood experiences they evoke unpleasant tingling sensation and limited mobility due to downed somewhere groin to the knee. Most women with them, but the problem is not, and most importantly – what winter skirt or dress?! Today will talk about black tights and their variants. Get inspired!

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How to Wear Shorts with Leggings in Summer

Women who wear the shorts have to face some annoying problems, however, can be solved in a few moves here is how!

Since a few years, in the summer to make the bosses are the shorts , shorts, sometimes very short, which are worn by women of all ages.

It will be because they are versatile leggings, as depending on the model allow you to have a look gritty or casual or romantic, it will be because they are comfortable, the fact is that all we have at least a couple in our closet .

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