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Men’s Sapatenis: Low Price and Where to Buy

If you are looking for cheap men’s sneakers 2018, throughout this article you will find several different models and styles with the best prices on the market. Regarding where and how to buy men’s sneakers 2018, I will also give you tips in between the lines of this article. Do not worry, then, you will not leave here without your sneakers, and besides with that price that every man is satisfied, is that not true? First of all, check out also  MALE CHILDHOOD SHEET 2018: tips and trends Continue reading Men’s Sapatenis: Low Price and Where to Buy

How to Wear The White Shirt?

Why choose to linger this week on our guard the most basic shirt dress? Because the answer to the question, is just not so basic that it looks!

Many women tell me they wear finally pretty little white shirt… and they are surprised they same by adding: ‘but it’s a Basic…». When I ask them what’s holding them, say they do not have any other idea than to wear it with a black jacket and they eventually get tired of this too “conventional” combination

We will see that the white shirt is a real asset mode and not a basic boring that makes us service two to three times per year (interview, great opportunity, communion of the niece, meeting with the Mayor, discount graduation…). No and no, its role is not only to be able to make an ‘impression’ when I don’t know what ceremony, wedding or business meeting.

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Non Woven Fleece Wallpaper

There are different types of wallpaper “ready to install”

  • the wall wallpaper traditional,
  • the non-woven wallpaper,
  • the vinyl wallpaper ,
  • the painted expanded vinyl paper,
  • other types of paper ready to be less prevalent are also possible for its decor: the painted velvet flocked wallpaper, the Japanese straw , the metallic wallpaper, the painted paper imitation stone, leather, wood … Continue reading Non Woven Fleece Wallpaper

Straight out of the Ritual: Suede

A fashion that arose around the years 60 and 70 and super well with the pockets of Franklin, the velvety-looking pieces came back with everything in this season.

It can be found in various kinds of parts, both in pants, skirts and dresses like in boots and jackets. Just choose what most suits your style and rock this autumn.

And of course the Ritual wouldn’t be out of wonderful suede fashion delivers. But, with a little detail, the super brand sticks this fashion however uses the suede, a synthetic fabric.

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The Perfect Outfit for a First Date

Finally it’s done: he asked you if you want to go out with him. For their first date no letdown is, there are a few styling tips so nothing goes wrong.

Nothing is worse than sitting underdressed in a fancy restaurant, or overdressed with a walk through the park. Therefore it is very important at the first meeting after the planned location to ask.

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How to Wear Big Floral Prints?

This spring summer fashion gives way to the floral trend but not just any large colorful flowers. Discover without delay our selection shopping.

The spring-summer 2016 is the season of big flowers. Many laid in the 1970s by hippies, flower XL are now present in almost all the summer collections.

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Glam Rock Fashion Style

We loooooove Glamour and we loooooove rock. So why not combine the two with the trendy glam rock look? Hot details like studs or leather can be integrated into everyday outfits or the Weekend Style without it looks like too much. The nice thing is: almost nothing is forbidden. It Girls like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner are leading with casual combinations and also the great designers present us on the catwalks their funky combinations.

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How to Wear Pencil Skirts

When we talk about secretary we always thought about an elegant woman with a straight cut skirt at the knees, also elegant. As it is, it’s not just we that think that way, so much so that this skirt is called secretary skirt, also known as pencil skirt.
This skirt has more or less the features mentioned above, say more or less because there are many variations, some are low, other high waist, and some are no longer the straight cut, being evasês or having the court and rounded front and rear pockets.
But that doesn’t take away the charm and elegance of skirt, which is always linked to executive and powerful women and so today we’ll talk a little bit about the types of skirts, how to use and with which women combine parts.
With skirt fabric, you can find denim, linen, knitwear, leather, cirrê, spandex, matelasse, and so on.
There are various sizes, but what really sets up the secretary skirt is the knee length.
They can be combined with more sophisticated social shirts or blouses, depending on their more basic needs. It doesn’t mean that skirt should be used only for work, but is better suited for this.
They go great with blazer and pumps. The pumps also have everything to do with the office, but you can use with half foot sandals without problem, just avoid the finger out, shoes should be closed, at least in front.
If you do not use it for the work environment, avoid combining black and white secretary skirts with blouses too closed and button, choose strap tops, because this type of skirt is made to match a more elegant look.
To match that kind of shirt without looking like you’re going to the office, choose more colorful or patterned skirts, you can find them with animal prints.
But if what you seek is the elegance for formal work environment or for a business dinner , the shirt , the blazer or tights complete the visual in this sense .
And regardless of your goal, their tops should always go inside of the skirt, even though they are in a fluffy fabric, and these are even more suitable because the office is usually well adjusted to the body, this combination will balance the look.
Another important detail of secretary skirts is slit. As it is a skirt that fits well to the body, if there is a breach, regardless of fabric chosen, the movement is a bit tied up. Then choose the slit according to your taste.
The bags are in relation to the main accessories. It can be a maxi clutch, an averageside or a tow. If your secretary skirt has a more sober look, more colorful bag can break the seriousness of the visual a little.

Hammer Pants: Men’s Fashion Tips

The sarouel pants is already part of the feminine universe for quite some time and is present in all seasons with adaptations on models and fabrics, being lighter for summer and more full-bodied in winter. The new trend however, pointing to the creation of the male models and has won a growing number of fans. However the hammer to fashion men still need to face some cultural barriers in Brazil for the sets to reach the same level. To use the templates in addition to modern and hip is also needed a dose of boldness, since fashion is not fully accepted by here. Check out some tips on how to match the pants saruel men with other pieces of clothing, shoes and accessories and use without fear of making mistakes. Continue reading Hammer Pants: Men’s Fashion Tips

Sarouel Pants: How to Combine and Use Women

There are various styles and types of pants: jeans, leggings, silk, lycra, leather, with various patterns, linen, fabric, elastic, etc.

A pair that has done quite successfully in the male and female world are hammer pants that has all these patterns and styles included in the model itself. Continue reading Sarouel Pants: How to Combine and Use Women

My Findings on Fashions

You may have already heard of the neighborhood of Bom Retiro in São Paulo, right? The neighborhood is a reference in affordable fashion in the country, attracting tenants of the whole Brazil to buy the confections and showrooms there installed, always at the best price and amazing pieces, full of information sets and not to anything in terms of quality for many stores. Continue reading My Findings on Fashions

Christmas Wishlist

Christmas coming up and that will to win all the gifts for which sigh all year, right?

Thinking about it, I selected some items to my Christmas wishlist and invited Bia Costa and Cris Girardi, both my arms here in the findings to also share with us your choices.

Curious to see the style of each well marked on your selections! I’m sure with some of us you will relate. Come on? Continue reading Christmas Wishlist

Collection LouLou-Bia Perotti to Bitri

Time/day promotion self-realization!

I am here to present my first collection in partnership with the São Paulo accessories brand Bitri, Fabiana and sisters Patricia Cyon.

Named LouLou, the collection brings necklaces, earrings, bracelets and belts, all developed for four hands, and me and Patricia, Bitri’s Creative Director. Continue reading Collection LouLou-Bia Perotti to Bitri

Top 10 SPFW-Winter Trends

After a long week filled with amazing shows (37!) and a lot of interesting people gathered, we did a roundup of what we saw on the runway, and in the body of people sooo influential. Here, the team FOUND bet – has several other, but we chose to list what more has to do with our style and our beliefs be different and nicer.

We present now the top trends of the SPFW-winter 2015. Ready? Note and good camp! Continue reading Top 10 SPFW-Winter Trends