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Classic Ceiling Lights

Classic furnishes and chic makes your rooms with wooden furniture and accessories in retro glass. Luxury characterize the classic ceiling lights and sconces here illuminate the rooms, living room and kitchen and hardwood furniture furnish with class. Register for free: daily online many proposals of furniture and accessories to furnish your home in style. Be inspired by recommendations of Dalani and make your home even more beautiful. Love your home!

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I Would Like To Save Energy With LED, But …

But LEDs do not replace light bulbs at all!

However, the new LEDs can replace light bulbs one by one. However, LEDs have more than one equivalent to the old light bulb. This is due to the technical possibilities. With LEDs, many technical subtleties are variable, such as the light color, the color temperature, the angle of radiation or the wattage. This has the effect, on the one hand, that there is more choice on the other, but it is also more difficult to look through the supply jungle. Continue reading I Would Like To Save Energy With LED, But …

Interior Design Shops in Berlin

With our carefully compiled selection of designer lamps we are currently managed in the selection of the book series “Berlin’s Finest”. “50 inspirational design shops” was authoress Annemone contactor aka AnneLiWest together in the same name, this month’s issue and we are absolutely thrilled that also design place light + lights Berlin was included in the hand-picked selection of the best Berlin design shops. With this paper we would like to thank both of design place the author and the publisher and invite you to a small tour of the book!

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