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Westwing Guide to Art Nouveau Table Lamp

A good design of decoration needs to contemplate several aspects, from the circulation in the room, airing, coziness and, mainly, the illumination, that must be thought in the smallest details to give the appearance desired by the resident of the house. For more romantic, inviting and delicious environments, the lamp is an item that can not be lacking in lighting. When choosing a piece like this, the art nouveau lampshade is an item that stands out. Continue reading Westwing Guide to Art Nouveau Table Lamp

Lighting with Style

Long before the invention of the lamp and the beginning of the electricity age, when the only source of light at dusk came from the flames of the candles, keeping the house lit was a matter of necessity … And even today it is like this, but as we love to unite The useful to the pleasant, the chandeliers, lamps and modern lamps have learned with their ancestors candelabras and candlesticks to make double journey:to illuminate the spaces and to decorate them at the same time. Continue reading Lighting with Style

Classic Ceiling Lights

Classic furnishes and chic makes your rooms with wooden furniture and accessories in retro glass. Luxury characterize the classic ceiling lights and sconces here illuminate the rooms, living room and kitchen and hardwood furniture furnish with class. Register for free: daily online many proposals of furniture and accessories to furnish your home in style. Be inspired by recommendations of Dalani and make your home even more beautiful. Love your home!

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I Would Like To Save Energy With LED, But …

But LEDs do not replace light bulbs at all!

However, the new LEDs can replace light bulbs one by one. However, LEDs have more than one equivalent to the old light bulb. This is due to the technical possibilities. With LEDs, many technical subtleties are variable, such as the light color, the color temperature, the angle of radiation or the wattage. This has the effect, on the one hand, that there is more choice on the other, but it is also more difficult to look through the supply jungle. Continue reading I Would Like To Save Energy With LED, But …

Interior Design Shops in Berlin

With our carefully compiled selection of designer lamps we are currently managed in the selection of the book series “Berlin’s Finest”. “50 inspirational design shops” was authoress Annemone contactor aka AnneLiWest together in the same name, this month’s issue and we are absolutely thrilled that also design place light + lights Berlin was included in the hand-picked selection of the best Berlin design shops. With this paper we would like to thank both of design place the author and the publisher and invite you to a small tour of the book!

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As LED Causes Damage and Ways of Prevention

If you are concerned about the negative implications of the use of LED lamps and want to know some ways to prevent their harmful effects, continue reading this article!

Here we will talk about a current issue, which was not our ancestors, since they followed the routine of the Sun, which respected the biological cycle of the hormones (circadian cycle). At the annual Congress of the American Medical Associations held more recently have been highlighted solutions to decrease the effects, both human and environmental, public lighting LED lamps. Continue reading As LED Causes Damage and Ways of Prevention

6 Tips for Decorating Wedding Party Night

See 6 tips for decorating wedding party night. The Union, when celebrated at night, has a more glamorous and sophisticated. In general, the bride and groom can bet on stylish looks and adopting sumptuous décor.The great advantage of night party is that it also opens up a lot of space to work with. Continue reading 6 Tips for Decorating Wedding Party Night

DÉCor for Those Renting

Who knows how renting can be hard to let the decor with your guy. There are usually several limitations, such as no paint or Pierce the walls, do not remove doors, not Exchange taps and metal fittings. Well, but also you can’t get discouraged and give up, right? The tips below proves that it is possible, have a nice space even when your nominho is not on the deed of the property. Check it out: Continue reading DÉCor for Those Renting

Do It Yourself

The room is our particular universe, the only environment where we can really slow down and enjoy some time alone. But when we hate his decoration? Even if you know exactly what you want to do in your space, most of the time prices do not help, then we end up embracing and pushing with the belly. Is it or isn’t it? Good, but as decoration has everything to do with welfare, I decided to take a nice room for inspiration. Continue reading Do It Yourself