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What to Wear Blue Shorts with

Thanks to French fashion designer Gabrielle Chanel wardrobe women added this flexible and practical sort of shorts. Then they had a lot of changes and additions. Today, designers have created a wide range of different styles and colors of boxers to Bermuda. The new season is blue shorts of different styles.
Summer blue shorts are very practical and comfortable, they can be worn with the shirt and light cotton shirt. In addition, they are fully in tune with heels and without. Continue reading What to Wear Blue Shorts with

How to Wear a Business Suit

Today we live in a world where appearance is ranked first among the conditions for success in his career. Maybe some of you would argue that, but to have education and professional skills, unfortunately not enough. The clothing is very important – it has the ability to attach weight to persuade.

Businesslike attire – both men and ladies play an important role in our daily lives. And if you do not know enough specifics him, we could not take advantage of its benefits. That is why in this article I propose to meet with the composition and elements of male business attire. Continue reading How to Wear a Business Suit

How to Wear a Bomber Jacket

The Bomber jackets have returned and with more force with never, overflowing style and creativity, and that is why we are going to dedicate this article to propose garments that perfectly combine with these exclusive and modern winter jackets. Do not miss it and write it down, because here we leave you some ideas both economical and simple to combine with the greatest glamor possible your bombers. Continue reading How to Wear a Bomber Jacket

How to Wear a Bolero Jacket


The eye, you know, wants its share, in fact, our first business card is ourselves. Treat your own look and stay fashionable is an important aspect to be integrated into society, the working environment in the purely comic fashion. For example, in this guide we will see how to combine a bolero style jacket, a very versatile for us women, ranging from elegant to casual. Continue reading How to Wear a Bolero Jacket

Different Types of Collars

Today I present you the abundance of different collar forms in women’s fashion. In the 13th century, the first collar was attached to a jacket, then came the shirt with a collar. Already at that time, the collar was regarded as effective component to clothing.

Collar are the focal point of a garment and complete this by they adorn the neckline. Today, there really are some variants of collars. Continue reading Different Types of Collars

How to Travel in Style and Comfort

There are moments and occasions of our lives where comfort is paramount, for example, when making a trip is very important to choose pieces that you provide comfort above all, especially when it comes to a long journey, where you will have to spend hours and hours sitting, is on the bench of a car, bus or plane. However, many people relate the word comfort with relaxation, on the contrary, it is possible to be comfortable and stylish at the same time. Do you know how? Check out the tips!

Continue reading How to Travel in Style and Comfort

Cooler Than Winter: the Right Outfit For Cold Days

Do you sometimes feel that time is passing by?In September, we had presented you with an “outfit ” with which you were perfectly prepared for the autumn.Today, we have to go a step further and, above all, to wear one more layer so that we can adjust to the upcoming temperatures.But do not worry, we also have the right clothes for the winter – once you have taken a look at this selection, the first minus degrees can not come soon enough. Continue reading Cooler Than Winter: the Right Outfit For Cold Days

French Style Fashion

Because there is not that Coachella in life, back on the very “french touch” style of the female spotted this weekend at We Love Green.

Coachella phenomenon requires, the frenchies have tended often to blithely copy the style of starlets invited to the music festival the more hype on the planet, if there is no power to pay the

Continue reading French Style Fashion

Trends in Urban Fashion

The urban fashion is nothing more than a style inspired on how to dress people everywhere several streets bustling around the world. They do not follow trends, but cherish the comfort and well-being with yourself. You can see amazing combinations in the streets, the human being is very creative and loves to compose your own style without being dictated by some fashionistas how he should dress. Usually hit on the look if you stop to watch, you can find models and perfect combinations. Continue reading Trends in Urban Fashion

Cesare Attolini Tailor

It’s very tailored look for the moment at the Manolo. A week ago we wrote about the traveling tailors NapoliSuMisura and today we look at one of the leading jacket-and kostymtillverkarna in the world. When it comes to clothing, few if any manufacturers that turn neapelbaserade Cesare Attolini on your fingers. What can top the Attolinis Ready to Wear? Well, possibly, their Made to Measure service. We had the opportunity to participate when Gabucci in Stockholm had representatives of Attolini in place for measuring.

Continue reading Cesare Attolini Tailor

How to Wear The White Shirt?

Why choose to linger this week on our guard the most basic shirt dress? Because the answer to the question, is just not so basic that it looks!

Many women tell me they wear finally pretty little white shirt… and they are surprised they same by adding: ‘but it’s a Basic…». When I ask them what’s holding them, say they do not have any other idea than to wear it with a black jacket and they eventually get tired of this too “conventional” combination

We will see that the white shirt is a real asset mode and not a basic boring that makes us service two to three times per year (interview, great opportunity, communion of the niece, meeting with the Mayor, discount graduation…). No and no, its role is not only to be able to make an ‘impression’ when I don’t know what ceremony, wedding or business meeting.

Continue reading How to Wear The White Shirt?