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Apple Patent: Will Install Magnets in the iPhone to the Camera-Accessories

Techgiganten is assigned the patent, which describes an iPhone with built-in magnets, so camera-equipment can easily be mounted.

Apple, with the iPhone, has the world’s most popular camera mobile, work continued on developing the possibilities, so customers will continue to blast away on the road.

Tech-company is also just been awarded 2 patents, which in the future could allow the user to replace the camera-lens. It writes Apple Insider.

U.s. Patent number 8, 638, 369 “Back panel for a portable electronic device with different camera lens options” describes an iPhone with a removable back cover. By removing this, one would be able to replace the lens with other options that could improve the zoom, stabilization, etc.

Since it has never been possible on the iPhone, to remove the back cover, so we should probably do not expect it to be something Apple has plans to introduce at the upcoming models. Continue reading Apple Patent: Will Install Magnets in the iPhone to the Camera-Accessories

Tip: Keynote Presentations Can Be Controlled Directly from Your iPhone

Forget about handwritten notes to the presentation that you want to sit right in the closet when you can use your iPhone instead.

Most presentations often consist of unimaginative PowerPoint slides and a stack of handwritten notes, which can get even interesting content to seem sleep-inducing.

Our site is instead poised to show how you can control it all from your iPhone or iPad, and even view your notes from the presentation directly on the screen.

The whole fuss requires, among other things, that you’re using Keynote app, there is, of course, is Apple’s answer to Microsoft’s PowerPoint. Also, you must be on the same Wifi as the device you want to control the presentation from. Continue reading Tip: Keynote Presentations Can Be Controlled Directly from Your iPhone

Developers: We Are Ready for a Larger Screen on iPhone

It does not seem to 3. -party developers fear a bigger screen on the iPhone 6, but they prefer to dwell briefly in place in good time.

The rumor mill buzzing about the upcoming iPhone, and all the indications are that Apple will follow the trend from the other mobile manufacturers, and provide iPhone with a larger screen.

It is not the first time it’s happened to the company, since the former brought the iPad Mini to its product portfolio, even though then-CEO Steve Jobs previously was against the idea of a smaller iPad.

The company has several times made a big deal out to advertise their 4 “Retina display, as being perfect to control with one hand, but it may therefore soon be thing of the past. Continue reading Developers: We Are Ready for a Larger Screen on iPhone

Tip: Your Personal Signature Handled Easily from Your Phone

When a pdf file on your phone requires your personal doodle, there is no need to either print or startup of the old PC.

In these digital times, there is a huge focus on productivity, particularly by both smartphones and tablets should take over the tasks that were reserved for the computer.

In this context, we cannot avoid our handwritten signature, which is used to confirm trades, rental property, appointments etc. The majority are flasket up with ball pen as a tool for this, but why, however, print out, when you can do it all from your smartphone or tablet.

That is precisely why our site ready to show how it can be done, even without a stylus. This time we use the app “Acrobat Reader”, which can be downloaded free for iOS here and for Android here.  Continue reading Tip: Your Personal Signature Handled Easily from Your Phone

How to Purchase a Tablet?

Tablets meet increasingly more successful. Practical, fun and interactive, they invite themselves everywhere thanks to their light weight, which does not make compromise on autonomy. In front of your television, on the plane or to care of the children on a trip: the tablets are unanimous.
You are considering buying a Tablet? Check out our guide to select the best touch tablet, and enjoy your purchase with peace!

Continue reading How to Purchase a Tablet?

Apple Showed off New Record

Yesterday Apple presented their latest sales figures and could impress competitors with nice figures.

Nordea was yesterday morning out and say that there were three key figures they would like to see Apple impress competitors and the stock market.

One of the key figures was of course the number of units sold and here could Apple display numbers and graphs that gets all competitors to feel envy.

At three months reached Apple to sell for US $ 32.5 billion, just on iPhones. To put it another way, Apple sold 51 million expensive smartphones. Also on the iPad since Apple can show great numbers with 26 million units sold and a turnover of 11.5 billion u.s. dollars. Both separately and together produce iPhone and iPad sales records. In short, it has been a record year for Apple. Continue reading Apple Showed off New Record

7 Days, 7: From The Apple Watch Release Up To The LG G4

The Apple watch is published at last and mastered of course also made the news in the past week. Except for Apple’s first wearable, but other new devices, apps and software updates provided for headlines. There was lots of news at CURVED to the current top Smartphones from Samsung and, of course, the introduction of the Sony Xperia Z4. That the coming weeks and months are hardly boring, the messages to the oncoming LG G4 and also to the suspected Apple smartphones iPhone 6 c, 6 s and even the iPhone 7 can be expected.

The Apple Watch Is Published Officially

7 Days, 7 From The Apple Watch Release Up To The LG G4-1

On Friday, it was finally so far: the Apple watch appeared in 9 countries, is also Germany belongs to. Stars like Beyoncé had already photographed in advance with particularly beautiful varieties of Apple watch Edition. When going to the app in other countries in the sale, has not been set. Rumors suggest that Apple has shifted one originally laid down 8 may start in Italy. A change of plan was apparently also in relation to the Bracelet Exchange. As well, but your wrist against another color variation of the same model can exchange customers under certain conditions within two weeks after the purchase.

Also on the app store, something seems to be. So, the message from an app rejected by Apple suggests that Apple pushes to no eye now when developers only mention other Smartwatch platforms in their descriptions. Suitable to start Apple explained once again in detail the functioning of the heart rate sensor, which makes some consumer advocates clearly very nervous.

Continue reading 7 Days, 7: From The Apple Watch Release Up To The LG G4

Google Photos Live Receives For iOS Photos And iPad Pro Support

Feature update for iOS: Google has extended its app Google photos to various functions specifically for owners of an Apple device. So now live can thus look at photos plus incurred with the iPhone 6 s or iPhone 6 s. The resolution on large screens such as the iPad Pro has been improved also.

Google Photos Live Receives For Ios Photos And iPad Pro Support

Owner of an iPhone 6s or 6s iPhone plus can watch with Google photos for iOS will also live photos, organize, and categorize. The partially animated pictures are a speciality of the two top models of the Apple: A Live Photo stores a short moment before and after the pressure on the trigger to better capture the moment. You look at the snapshot, the live can be optionally as a short reminder video play back photo.

Split View And Native Resolution On Tablets

Owners of Apple tablets may prepare themselves even more features. Photos from now also split view on an iPad Pro supports the iOS version of Google iPad 2, iPad mini air. Thus you can see side by side at the same time two images – in full resolution. So far the app for smartphones was designed and scaled up only on larger screens.

So, Google ran photos even on tablets, but led the blown-up image of to more diffuse playback. That has now changed, and Google is now displayed photos in the native resolution of a device, the iPad Pro in 2732 x 2048 pixels. Moreover, developers have revised the operation, which is why you now less often must – draw according to the change log on the so-called “Hamburger”button that button with three horizontal strokes between them that calls up the menu.

Analyst: iPhone 6 with 4.8 Inch Screen and Fast WiFi

Wall Street analyst claims that Apple have already committed themselves to a part of the design for the iPhone 6.

Although we do not expect a new iPhone the next couple of months, then claimed the Wall Street analyst Timothy Arcuri, that Apple have already committed themselves to a part of the design for the iPhone 6, writes our site.

Timothy Arcuri has Wednesday sent message out to investors in which he claims that Apple has identified a part of the design, based on information from subcontractors.

He believes to know that Apple has decided that the iPhone 6 must have a larger screen at 4.8 inch and fast Wi-Fi 802 .11ac, which allows for significantly faster data transfer via WiFi, than has been possible with earlier iPhones.

Arcuri expects that Apple will follow their traditional cycle, with the presentation of the iPhone 6 in September, but a source has opposite Arcuri expressed that a June presentation is not completely excluded.

Also think Arcuri to know that Apple has a 13 inch iPad in the pipeline, which is also very well could see the light of day during 2014.

Apple Keeps iPad Event on 22 May. October

On Tuesday, 22. October 2013 is perhaps the date of the next iPad event. New iPad and iPad Mini with A7-processor on the way.

Apple has apparently little more up his sleeve, as they’d like to share with the outside world, and perhaps be in the shops before Christmas trade really sets in.

People who are familiar with Apple’s plans, telling to our site being sent invitations out to the press, about an event on 22. October.

There will be talk about news from Apple’s iPad product line, but also the Mac Pro and OS X Mavericks will be seated at the event. Continue reading Apple Keeps iPad Event on 22 May. October

Modern Combat 4-Download the Game Free for iPhone and iPad

Download one of the wildest action game for iPhone and iPad totally free for the rest of January.

One of the most action-packed games, is for a limited period of time been free to download if you have one of the following iOS devices: iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

Modern Combat 4-Zero Hour can now be downloaded for free through the App Store, if you download our site.

The game is a first-person-shooter, and through the fast-paced courses, you will be taken with all over the world, from Antarctica to Barcelona to fight in wild battles.

Modern Combat 4-Zero Hour is also available for Android via Google Play to 45 dollars and for Windows Phone in Windows Phone Great for 46 kroner.

IOS 7.1 out of Beta Version 4-Final Version Approaching

Apple has released the fourth beta version of iOS 7.1 for developers-the final version approaching.

It’s only two weeks since Apple released iOS 7.1 beta 3 to test among developers, but already now is the next release, iOS 7.1 beta 4 available for installation.

With this fourth beta (build 11D5134c) is probably a big Apple step closer to the final version of iOS 7.1, who will be the next major software update for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Beta 4 includes the usual bug fixes and adjustments, and has, among other things, redressed a notorious nuisance, where an error message appear when sending messages, writes our site.

How long before iOS 7.1 comes to ordinary consumers?
It’s not quite so easy to predict, but typically there will be five to seven beta versions before the final version.

Another small indication could be that iOS 6 was published in september 2012, iOS 6.1 in January 2013, while iOS 7 came in september 2013.

Adobe Delicious Lightroom Mobile

Photo geeks sea credit card ready, for now comes Adobe Lightroom in a mobile version.

Have you heard about image editing, so you’ve probably also heard about Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. As with many other great brands a la Jacuzzi, Kleenex and iPad has Adobe been depicted that when someone is talking about image editing, so there will be often said “Photoshopped” due to Photoshop’s great product package. Lightroom is a younger brother of the full Photoshop.
Adobe Photoshop is, however, not only the undisputed king of image editing, but also gradually expands with cloud service and it comes also to Lightroom Mobile.

The chic by Lightroom in the cloud/cloud is, of course, that you can edit on multiple devices and when you’re on the road, and there is an obvious potential for why not make Lightroom in a mobile version? Adobe rallied in the fall with a beta version of Lightroom Mobile and now it seems to be close to a launch, because yesterday came Adobe to show Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Mobile in their webshop. Continue reading Adobe Delicious Lightroom Mobile