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How to Compress a Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags have been around since man began to explore and travel the world, but while our ancestors were forced to carry blankets and cushions bulky and heavy, we have been blessed with convenient, compressible sleeping bags. Modern sleeping bags are made of lightweight, compressible and abrasion-resistant nylon and are specifically designed to be packaged in compact tubes. As in the vacuum, a sleeping bag compression packaging removes air, which eliminates unnecessary volume. When you are hiking or travel, it is important to minimize the space of their belongings they occupy; This can be done by the compression of a sleeping bag. Continue reading How to Compress a Sleeping Bag

Quechua Women's Shoes

How many of you are starting out or is about to pack your bags? What is the first thing a woman carefully selected before they choose clothes and accessories? Just shoes. Heels, ballet flats, sandals, summer poses several alternatives. But, as we all know, every time we can not bring the whole shoe together with us, to keep us company in the summer holidays and he always takes the horrible choice of the best pairs, comfortable, practical and casual, easily match the jeans and the elegant dress for sundowners on the seashore.

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Best Lightweight Jacket for Concealed Carry

Whatever the season, you want to enjoy the outdoors with your baby: porting offers the simplest way to keep a family “all terrain” and carrying jacket allows to carry your baby with all time. The porting jacket protects one stone, you and your child. For fans of hiking and mountain trips, it is important to know which port jacket choose from depending on the activity and climate. Here is an overview of the offer to holders parents.

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How to Buy Hiking Shoes


The choice of equipment and clothing is always a personal one, derived from the experience accumulated during the tours in the different paths that are typical of the areas to which they belong. The main purpose of the whole equipment is to ensure safety and comfort. For hikers (beginner or experienced) a key aspect is the adaptability of the bootie to toe. A wrong model can cause ugly sores, cramps and painful blisters and also may not perform properly the function of ankle protection, exposing distortions. So here’s a guide that will help you to buy shoes for trekking more suited to you.

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Hot Spots: Ten Volcanoes that Are Worth the Trip

Feared and admired, the volcanoes inhabit the imaginary and the legends of peoples and civilizations throughout history. Nowadays, they don’t lost the charm and continue attracting attention – is the recent case of the unpronounceable Eyjafjallajökull, Iceland to world headlines in 2010, when your cloud of ash canceled flights throughout Europe and attracted the spotlight to the Scandinavian island. Continue reading Hot Spots: Ten Volcanoes that Are Worth the Trip