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Maxi Earrings – Photos

Pictures and Models of Maxi Earrings

The Maxi Earrings fashion is with everything, and just like the maxi necklaces these earrings are also large and have beautiful stones and very modern design.But first you need to know how to use, and do not think that the two trends combine, ie the maxi necklace with the maxi earring, they should be used separately, even more because they are great and you will not want to overload your look. Continue reading Maxi Earrings – Photos

To Take Care of Your Jewelry and Accessories

At the end of year is common good organized trips to reconnect with family and friends and we can sin in choosing, arrange and care for jewelry on these occasions. With that in mind, we’ve put together tips on how to care for and transport your favorite pieces for their holiday trips. Also check out the list of suggestions of jewels to take on your trip. Continue reading To Take Care of Your Jewelry and Accessories

Tips of Looks for Women with Big Breasts

Unlike some time ago, the boobs, today, are at an all-time high, with women filling offices in search of surgeries in which may give a turbocharged in this region.

So, only boobs require some attention at the time of production, unlike average breasts, tired, if there is a certain criteria in time to choose the clothes, the result does not harmonious. With that in mind, we decided to show through here options of looks for women with large breasts, as well as hints of what should or should not be part of your wardrobe: Continue reading Tips of Looks for Women with Big Breasts

Marsala Accessories: Fashion Color in 2016

When the Pantone, North American Technology Center that dictates the colors that will be used, announced the color that will be trend in many were with the foot behind.

Marsala is the color this year, a wine with brownish tints that touches on the company’s own words: “enrich the mind, body and soul, exuding confidence and stability.” Continue reading Marsala Accessories: Fashion Color in 2016