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Good Thing Wants To Have Time

There was another fire under the stove in the rumored kitchen! Ever since my first attempts at blogging, I had noticed that when Mr. Jobs makes a burp, the Internet is shaking. With any statement from the Apple boss, especially when it comes to the subject of netbooks , triples the number of messages, which ends up in my e-mail account. In the last few days there was a new food in this respect, because the always well-informed Digitimes reported on a planned collaboration between Apple and the touch screen manufacturer Wintek. Not only did the Commercial Times confirm the rumor with its own report Day later also the economic news service Dow Jones after. Continue reading Good Thing Wants To Have Time

LG G Flex-First Meeting

Web TV: We’ve bent and twisted in LG’s upcoming high-tech gem.

LG’s fleksende topmobil is no secret anymore, but we’ve got a little sneak peak at the upcoming flagship model from LG.

It is in many ways a landmark mobile LG has created here, where three new technologies meet: a screen with curves, a self-healing back and LG’s own OLED display technology.

We have taken hold of LG’s new high-tech gem. Continue reading LG G Flex-First Meeting

Now Comes LG G Flex for Europe

After the launch in both Asia and the United States, it is finally time for that Europeans get the contentious, and self-healing mobile in your hands.

We have heard a lot of time in a room to the curvy smartphone from mobile manufacturer LG. Mobile which, moreover, has already been launched in Asia, and presented to the CES on upcoming availability in the United States.

Now is the time for us in Europe. In a press release from tech-giant, it appears that they begin rollout starting next month. LG G Flex will be available in more than 20 European countries, including the major such as: England, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden and Austria. Continue reading Now Comes LG G Flex for Europe