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China’s Third Best-Selling Smart Watch Created by Former Google Employees

Wearable devices are becoming more and more popular in the technology market, although they are still expensive devices and little exploited, the sector should increase more in the coming years. Apple has released its smart watch and many believe that it was one of the culprits for popularizing these devices, even if other manufacturers had already released their versions. Continue reading China’s Third Best-Selling Smart Watch Created by Former Google Employees

How to Wear Red Blazer

Red Blazer! A good choice to make decisions.

As you probably already noticed, I have somewhat retired in recent weeks. Somehow I after a year blogging time for me hand. And of course I also made ​​me in this out many thoughts, otherwise I would not be a real woman. I’ve been thinking a lot about my life in the social media world. And also about how I will spread my priorities in the future.

Red Blazer And The Power to Make Enscheidungen!

Somehow I realized that is going on all my life only in the virtual world and my loved ones miss out around me. Of course, this especially my husband, my child, my dog, friends, family and home and garden. And to myself I have noticed changes. No spontaneous meetings with friends was more possible.My joy, my life’s joy, my ease-everything there. In short, I felt empty and exhausted. My blog and all other social media channels to bring me joy and not be a burden.

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Samsung “Glasses” to Be on the Market before Google’s

Spokesperson with Samsung alludes to, that they will overtake Google on the right, and launch the smart glasses already in September.

Year, which is almost like being kicked off with CES in Las Vegas, has featured a wide range of “wearables gadgets”. So chic gadgets which can be worn on the body, and work together with our mobile phone.

You mention the word “Smartwatch” (smart clock), then there is due to the many options, none actually know which clock is referenced.

The case is a little different when instead mentions “Glasses” (glasses). Here, many will probably think of “Google Glasses”, which already has lots of media coverage on old, even if they are not put up for sale yet. Continue reading Samsung “Glasses” to Be on the Market before Google’s

How to Purchase a Tablet?

Tablets meet increasingly more successful. Practical, fun and interactive, they invite themselves everywhere thanks to their light weight, which does not make compromise on autonomy. In front of your television, on the plane or to care of the children on a trip: the tablets are unanimous.
You are considering buying a Tablet? Check out our guide to select the best touch tablet, and enjoy your purchase with peace!

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Google (Sort of) Gives New Life to Wave

Finally some good news for fans of Google Wave, revolutionary service – and perhaps, misunderstood – collaborative communications had his death scheduled for the end of the year about a month for its parent company. Yesterday the official blog of Wave announced that all the source code of the service will be available for developers to run it as an application from their own servers or enjoy some of their resources in their own services, a project called Wave in a Box. Continue reading Google (Sort of) Gives New Life to Wave

All the News That Google Presented Today (May 2016)

During the Google I / O developer event which takes place on Wednesday (18), Google introduced some interesting news in its diversity of products. They signaled a huge appreciation for artificial intelligence, especially on the ad Google Assistant and at the end of the keynote.


Google Home, a gadget to stay in your home and answer your questions, plus two messaging applications, called Allo and Duo. Below you can see our complete coverage Also announced.

Summary for lazy

You sure do not want to read this textão full of useful information about the I / O? Oh, so you have little time? No problem, I’ll be your guide. Below are the main points of the event to read in less than a minute:

  • Google Assistant: a virtual assistant very inspired Now that uses natural language and conversation with the user to deliver useful information. She understands questions in context. It is available for Android and also the Home, internet gadget of things.
  • Allo and Duo: two applications of messages that the search engine announced. They are kind of complements: Allo is used for text; your system recognize the messages (including images!) you receive and suggests answers. Duo serves for video calls.
  • Daydream: virtual reality platform in Android N, which brings together all the optimized content.
  • Instant Apps: modular applications (which come complete apps) that start in seconds – is how to run any app without installing it. It works from Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.
  • Android Wear: updated to version 2.0 with more ways to talk and application independence. Preview now available for developers.

Assistant Google and Google Home

Pichai began the presentation talking about the research – 60% now come from mobile devices. It details the Knowledge Graph, which shows information on research, not just links. If you are looking for Beyoncé, for example, show information of the singer, and the option to listen to the most popular songs of the artist. All this was enough to incrementing Google officially a virtual assistant, called … Google Assistant. It apparently creativity is not one of her resources.

The purpose of Google Assistant is to do exactly what the name implies – a wizard that uses natural language and conversation to deliver information that the user needs. It is the direct competitor of Siri and Cortana, which uses many of the functions that Google Now already offered as the contextualization of questions. If you ask a question and then want to talk about something related, the assistant will understand.

The Assistant to replace the voice search on various mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, watches, cars, TVs and even at home – by Google Home , another device for your home manufactured by the company.

Mario Queiroz, vice president of products, details the Home, which will have customization options from the base to blend into your home. Within this gray box, there is a high quality speaker to play music and to inform you of daily tasks and talk to you when you call it. As expected, it works as a kind of Chromecast Audio too.

I see Google Home as a Chromecast with Google Assistant – it also connects with other electronics in your home, like other speakers and TVs. So, can you control what you watch on TV talking just “play Game of Thrones on TV,” for example.

The management Home tasks not only functions as alarm and task list, but also functions as the center of the internet of things, such as smart lamps, thermostats and more. Queiroz says that in the future will give up to order food for delivery.

With your permission, it will also analyze the information that the delivery already Now, as flight data, tracking orders, traffic and others. In the video presentation also gives to use the home as a “know it all”, you ask questions about space, stars and other curious things that he says.

Google Home will be available by the end of the year. It integrates with Uber, Spotify, WhatsApp, TuneIn, Pandora and many other services, which had already cool partnerships with the company.

Allo, messaging application

The company decided to use all its interesting technologists artificial intelligence to create Allo, a simple messaging application. Another?! Yeah. But Allo is different: it identifies the messages you receive and suggests answers. This also works with images: to receive a picture of a cuddly dog, Allo suggests “Awww,” “How cute!” And the like.

The Assistant also has integration with Allo, and joins the team bots chat that the tech giants are developing. Microsoft has introduced Bot Framework, Facebook includedrobots Messenger and to the Telegram already entered the wave.

This Allo assistant is also fun. You write “let’s play a game,” for example, and he suggests a game called Emoji Movies. The wizard sends emoji and you have to guess the movie. All this with a robot! Exhilarating.

Not to mention that it can also be useful in fact sometimes as part of the conversation of his friends in a group. You can ask them to make a reservation with OpenTable, for example. The image above shows how this is possible.

Finally, the app also has a private mode, where all messages are encrypted in E2E and notifications you receive has the censored content. If you delete a conversation, it vanishes forever, as the secret chats Telegram.


If that was not enough, the seeker decided to invent another application, called Duo, but one that integrates with Allo. It serves for video calls and works even on slow connections – all are encrypted by QUIC protocol, developed by Google. People who participated in the development of WebRTC, a platform that serves as the basis for most of today’s video calls, also collaborated in developing the Duo.

In addition to a high-quality video calling, the Duo also offers some cool features. Erik Kay, who was presenting the application’s new features, said the application starts to transmit the video who is calling you before you answer, so you can see how the person is. The Kay’s daughters were eager to talk to him in the middle of the presentation – so he decided to attend.

Android N

Dave Burke, vice president of Android at Google, was on stage to talk about the latest version of Android. It seems that the search engine did not have many ideas for the name, so users can make suggestions in android.com/n.

Have you seen the news the previous N here. Burke details some of the main highlights of the release, such as performance and timelessness. Security, encryption phone is now the file level. In addition, the updates of this version will be like in Chrome: two software files, where one is automatically updated without you doing anything. And the best one screen “Android is starting” will no longer appear. Yay!

A very interesting novelty is the Safety Net system, which analyzes the malicious applications and automatically uninstalls them if it finds an irregularity, without allowing the user to be damaged. The company says it checks 8 billion apps per day.

In performance, he spoke of Vulkan API, which should improve performance in games from 30 to 60% (!). In addition, the company made ​​some magic for the applications to be installed more Raido, called JIT. The facilities are 75% faster and the applications, 50% lower.

Good news for those who love close all apps in the multitasking menu: N is becoming more intelligent – and helps you in productivity, which is the third point made by Burke. The multi-task menu now will have applications you use little automatically closed, as well as a button to close everything is open up apps.

Other aspects that Burke pointed to productivity include multi-window feature on mobile devices and the picture-in-picture (PIP) on TV. The new system of notifications on smartphones also allows you to answer direct messages from the bar (for various applications!) Without leaving the app you are.

Google releases on Wednesday (18) the beta Android N, which can be installed on your primary device, according to Burke. Just enter android.com/beta .

Virtual Reality on the Android N – Daydream

Clay Bavor, virtual reality vice president, took the stage to talk about how the company is investing in this area. Despite the Cardboard be an interesting alternative, they wanted a more comfortable and immersive experience.

Therefore, the company announced a virtual reality platform for all these mobile devices, called Daydream. She makes several optimizations to run on smartphones, but also works with VR gadgets, which Google calls headsets. They created a model of headset (with a control!) To help control this whole new world.

We have spoken in this interview that the smartphone is one of the best devices to display content in RV. N on the Android, Google created the VR mode, with self -explanatory name, to optimize all sensors and components of the smartphone to provide a good experience. Companies like Samsung, LG and Asus have partnered with Google to support the Daydream.

And the applications? Also ready. Companies like Netflix, Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, CNN, Hulu, IMAX and USA Today already have applications that support the VR. EA games, Ubisoft, Climax, minorityVR and NetEase Games too. Google itself is adapting its applications, such as Play Movies, Street View, photos and even YouTube – whose RV platform has been completely rewritten to support DayDream.

interested developers can develop applications for Daydream, but he comes to the final public only until the end of the year.

Instant Android Apps

To save users from installing applications to only one function, Google created this as Instant Apps for developers to adapt their work to be opened in just a touch – without the need for installation.

It works like this: when searching on the Internet (or receive a link to a video of BuzzFeed, as in the image above), you need to open the company’s app to view the content. No more: developers can divide your applications into modules and Google Play will download in seconds just the part that is needed to run that action.

Another interesting example is the search for a backpack in B & H, renowned American photo shop. When looking for the product on Google and click the link on the site, the user receives only a suggestion to install their application. With Instant Apps store app will be automatically loaded with product information – and gives to add it to the cart and to buy it, including the Android Pay. Very cool!

It’s the same API and the same source that run, the difference is that Google will give the option for developers to divide the applications into small sections that can be loaded. It will not be a difficult job: according to the company, in less than one day they can adapt their work. And the best is not unique to Android N; on the contrary, it works to the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean (!) or higher.

But do not celebrate too soon: although developers can test this functionality soon, Google wants a certain calm to oversee how each app will be adapted. So expect this feature working only a few months.

Android Wear 2.0

Finally! The Android Wear platform has been updated to version 2.0 – after two years of the first final version (!). The clock faces can now display more information – from any application – the user considers useful.

Features such as Smart Reply, Inbox and Allo will also be available in this second version. To improve typing, Google also included a keyboard (!) And a handwriting mode for you to handwrite.

Another interesting point is that applications made ​​for the Android Wear 2.0 does not depend more on your smartphone. According to the sensors of your watch, the application can connect to the internet by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and deliver information without depending on another device.

Thus, the experience of going out to run, for example, is much better. All Google Fit API, Google activity app, is now embedded in the second version of the system. This includes the recognition of activities and the exchange of data between applications of this type, to synchronize all your workouts. To give to stream Spotify without taking the smartphone to the race!

Developers can access the preview of this second version g.co/wearpreview.

Advances in artificial intelligence

Pichai ended the conference talking about the progress that Google has done in artificial intelligence. Both the opening of APIs machine learning libraries like TensorFlow, which encourages developers, as in systems that they themselves build. Google president signals that the company will continue to open space for developers fumbling with these tools.

An interesting curiosity about AlphaGo match against world champion Lee SEDOL, whose importance has been highlighted in this post, is that a used movement – specifically, the number 32 in the second game – served as a reference to the Go community, considering it as very creative and innovative. It’s funny to say it was a robot that used creativity.

Another demonstration was the coordination robotic arms are getting to pick up objects. Google trained them with deep learning for them to go “learning” to take things as knowing away another object helps you become more accessible, for example.

Finally, a very nice health example, Pichai demonstrated that IA is being used, although early, for diagnosing diabetic retinopathy, a disease that may even cause total loss of vision. It is very difficult for physicians to diagnose the condition of readiness, since it requires a specialist ophthalmologist retina.

But, from patterns detected in eye scans, machines may be trained to assist in the diagnosis. This test is still very early, but it’s a very interesting development. Maybe in the future we will have robots that corroborate medical diagnosis? It would be an excellent evolution of AI.


Lenovo Buys Motorola for Much Less Than What Google Paid

Quite unexpectedly søgiganten Google has now sold the American mobile phone manufacturer for Lenovo, but container, however, most of the patents.

Completely out of the blue air informs Google now in a press release that søgegigaten has signed an agreement to sell Motorola to Lenovo for 2.91 billion dollars. It writes our site.

Apparently it seems that Lenovo has done a good deal, given that Google previously paid 12.5 billion dollars for the limping mobile manufacturer. After their previously acquired by IBM’s PC business in 2005, Chinese Lenovo could boast of being the world’s largest PC manufacturer, and so on, there are indications that they will also put their stamp on the mobile market. Continue reading Lenovo Buys Motorola for Much Less Than What Google Paid

Android Device Administrator Updated with “Key-Feature”

The search giant has now finally updated their “Android Device administrator”, so kids can’t delete your content.

For one and a half month ago, search giant Google ready with a dedicated app for their Web-based “Android Device administrator” who can find your cell when it is gone.

In addition to being able to find lost Android-powered devices, so the app is also able to remotely erase all content, if your beloved smartphone ends up in the wrong hands.

Thus, it is also fairly important that only you have access to the app. However, until now, there has not been a requirement for entering your password when you open the app on your phone.

It has Google now finally directed, and released version 1.1.7, which in addition to require password, featuring various bug fixes and performance improvements. It writes our site.

You have not yet activated “Unit administrators” function on your Android mobile, so jump on this Tip: become the family’s “Sherlock Holmes” when the cases are missing, that shows how easy it is.


Google Glasses Now Come with Titanium in 4 Variants

Search giant Google launches 4 stylish eyeglass frames in titanium for their “Google Glasses”, which have not yet been publicly released.

If you follow slightly with the development on the so-called “wearables”, there are gadgets we can wear on the body, and usually works in conjunction with the mobile phone, so you’ve probably also heard of “Google Glass”.

The glasses are the search giant remains undisturbed bids on the smart glasses, and above you can see what they are capable of. Until now, there has been a lot of skepticism around the glasses being tested on life and loose by the so-called “Google Explorers”.

Now, Google has, prior to the public launch of “Google Glass”, launched eyeglass frames in titanium, and implemented which comes in four great flavors. It writes our site.  Continue reading Google Glasses Now Come with Titanium in 4 Variants

Tip: Google Chrome Is Your Personal Translator to Foreign Websites

Once you get past a foreign website on your phone, Google stands ready to help, with a digital dictionary that works.

When you surf on the cell phone, it is probably not unthinkable that it also takes place on websites, which are not always ends in “.com”. Precisely for this reason there may be a need for a dictionary, which stands ready to help with the difficult words, when no content makes sense.

Our site shows today how to in a jiffy translates entire websites from your mobile and tablet. Day tip deals with Google’s Chrome Browser, which can be downloaded for both iOS and Android for free. Continue reading Tip: Google Chrome Is Your Personal Translator to Foreign Websites

Samsung and Google Join Forces in New Patent-Agreement

Tech giant Samsung is now a 10 year old patent-agreement with Google to ensure the Android platform against competitors.

Although it seems that Apple and Samsung will bury the hatchet, so there is no guarantee that it is actually going to happen when the parties meet in mid February.

Until now it is Apple, which must be said to have been the winning party, but that may soon change. Samsung has just announced in a press release that they have entered into a Global Patent-licensing deal with search giant Google. It writes our site. Continue reading Samsung and Google Join Forces in New Patent-Agreement

Google Chrome Is Vulnerable to Espionage

Voice recognition in the search giant remains undisturbed browser allows the allegedly malicious websites, in hearing with on line.

If you are well versed in the Google universe, you are probably also on first name with “Google Now”, there is the search giant remains undisturbed personal assistant. Google Now has a voice recognition feature, as we know it from Siri on Apple devices. Unlike Siri then works “Google Now” actually also in Chrome browser for your computer, if you have set its language to English.

Now it is reported, however, that function is vulnerable to attack by malicious websites that through your computer’s built-in microphone, want to follow along in your life. It writes our site.

Continue reading Google Chrome Is Vulnerable to Espionage

LG Nexus 5 Can Be on the Road in More Colors

Nexus 5 from LG is available in black and white, but maybe will Google and LG Launches more colors.

Nexus 5 is critically acclaimed and popular of the many good reasons, however, one thing that is a little boring, color choice as right now is only black or white.

Colors in smartphones has in some time been mainly reserved for Nokia Lumia, but many are gradually hopped on the bandwagon, even conservative Apple with their “cheap” iPhone 5 c series. LG and Google will also be included in the game and there are indications that LG Nexus 5 will come in up to eight colors. Two of them are, of course, black and white, but the new colors would be yellow, red, blue, green, orange and purple. Then there is shown a little for everyone. Continue reading LG Nexus 5 Can Be on the Road in More Colors

Google Will Compete with TeamViewer

Troubleshooting data reveals that the search giant is working on clients for both iOS and Android, who must be able to control other devices remotely.

There are probably not particularly many private users who control the old stationary on the go with your phone or tablet. However, it can easily be done with applications such as: Team viewer, Log me in, etc.

The market has the search giant Google since 2011 shown interest in, and have for a period worked for a solution to their Android-powered devices, which also goes by the name ‘Chromoting’. Now it is reported even, to troubleshooting data from Chromium shows signs that are also working on a version for iOS. It writes our site. Continue reading Google Will Compete with TeamViewer