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Westwing Guide to Art Nouveau Table Lamp

A good design of decoration needs to contemplate several aspects, from the circulation in the room, airing, coziness and, mainly, the illumination, that must be thought in the smallest details to give the appearance desired by the resident of the house. For more romantic, inviting and delicious environments, the lamp is an item that can not be lacking in lighting. When choosing a piece like this, the art nouveau lampshade is an item that stands out. Continue reading Westwing Guide to Art Nouveau Table Lamp

Lighting with Style

Long before the invention of the lamp and the beginning of the electricity age, when the only source of light at dusk came from the flames of the candles, keeping the house lit was a matter of necessity … And even today it is like this, but as we love to unite The useful to the pleasant, the chandeliers, lamps and modern lamps have learned with their ancestors candelabras and candlesticks to make double journey:to illuminate the spaces and to decorate them at the same time. Continue reading Lighting with Style

Dining Room Decorating Ideas

What to take for a snack? And on hot? And if dessert is needed? Lovers of good food regularly have to make fateful decisions, and the breadth of their choice not to frighten.Therefore, the design dossier of the dining rooms, we do not recommend and do not impose-just show what are the options.


Most designers the question, what is most important in the interior of the dining room, are responsible: the interior is generally not important, the main thing-it’s a good company.Traditional surroundings with a lot of wooden parts without frills and frills in this sense perfect-provides comfort and does not interfere with chat. Plates on a wall or on a nearby book shelf might be a good complication to talk, but not much else. Naturally, there are also possible variations on the theme: white painted furniture or things in the American colonial style more appropriate anywhere in the country, and boiserie in the wall and crystal chandeliers with carpets more suitable for the city. Most neutral options also should not be afraid-the holiday spirit in them can always be set using the servings.

Continue reading Dining Room Decorating Ideas