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Fishing Equipment that Interfere with Success of the Fishery

Every activity has its secrets and its techniques. The professional must know to handle your equipment well and identify common problems in them, as well as learn to avoid them. So there is good fishing compete many factors, being that most of them can be controlled by the fisherman. Continue reading Fishing Equipment that Interfere with Success of the Fishery

The Best Baits for Fishing

What attracts we use fish for Pike and Pike-perch?? There are in the tackle shop a wide selection of Twisters, plugs, turn signals etc. …

The best baits.

Spiders allowed..
Spinners are fairly easy to fish inside. The spoon around the rotating metal axle while fishing and seduces the robbers of the light reflections and vibrations. The best models have been working with the smallest speed what can feel good at the bar. Many people tend spinners quick rotation inside but generally they are more efficient at lower speeds. Unfortunately allows traditional spinners themselves but badly put and sinking slowly. The spinners with a leading Manager this is a great addition. Small spinners are successful for trout and perch, medium-sized and big Pikes. Keep in mind that if you do not turn!

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How to Make a Bucktail Fishing Lure

Bucktail lures have the natural ability to catch fish, partly because of the way the hair undulates in the water mimics the minnow and other fish. The lure is actually a jig with a lead head dressed with real or synthetic hair deer. Bucktail devices are available at most bait and tackle shops, but some anglers prefer to build their own. Thus, they can customize baits to meet their requirements. And many anglers find bucktail making templates is a good way to pass the time while waiting for another fishing season to begin.

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Predator Fishing Tips

As good predators, these fish are hiding when they hunt in the places where their chances of success. If you can identify these areas, it will be easier to fish predators. Lomo! Perch? Black bass? Pike? In this article you will learn where find predators




In lakes, you’ll find the best positions for fishing Pikes. Like these fish to hide in the lagos to await their prey. Its environment preferred are them forests submerged, that can identify is with ease by the branches that stand out to the surface. Don’t hesitate to be thrown around there to provoke the attack of a Pike lurk. A spinnerbait is a lure that is excellent for this type of position. The palette of the decoy emits powerful visual signals that cause the attack from predators. In addition, the specific shape of the lure reduces the risk that engages.

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Fishing in Winter

Sure that already you have given has of that the temperatures fall gradually. The colors of autumn and mild temperatures come to an end. Discover how to go fishing during the winter.


During the autumn the digestion of the CARP becomes increasingly slower. The tents Sate your appetite with less food and is completely unproductive stuffing them. With a precise and effective priming you can stoke the appetite of carps without stuffing them, and at the same time avoid that the best specimens, since who they don’t like massive baited flee.

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