How to Pass the Eyeliner Correctly

The eyeliner is a pretty makeup item used in makes more elaborate as the simplest. The stroke may be thin or thicker; start at the inside corner or in the middle of the eye; finish along with the Cilia or pull the tip type “look of Kitty”. Anyway, the important thing is to use the […]


8 Killer Tips on Makeup for Maid of Honor

When we find out that we will be bridesmaids, then comes that cold in the belly and anxiety for the special day, does not it? But what most disturbs women is production. What dress do I go to? And the shoe, should it match the dress? And worst of all, and the makeup?


Makeup for Black-Photos, Tips, Footsteps

Makeup Photos and Models for black The black skin combines with various shades of makeup, but not always people know how to combine and what to wear, and thinking about it we decided to bring some models of Makeup to black to serve as a base, because through the models women can choose what to wear and […]


Makeup Red Lips and Eyeliner

The red lipstick is coloring many mouths… Hollywood and the most famous celebrities all over the world are wearing red lipsticks. Therefore, be aware that red mouth is a classic in makeup. It’s sexy, glamorous and chic. There is a need to remember the great heroine of the movies, Marilyn Monroe. And what about the iconic pin-ups with red […]


Eye Blur Rocker

A makeup style that never goes out of style and of which I am a fan’s eye smoky look. If that ain’t just black/grey, well borradinho, rockertype, he is more timeless yet. I would say it is always modern.


Top 5 Products from Nars

A few days ago, we went to Stoneridge Christy, official NARS makeup artist in Brazil, for a lot of talk and makeup! The Rafa was a super sweet and gave us several nice tips, we know some products, releases and rolled up a walkthrough with the Bia, which you will see soon here at Found!


NARS By Rafaella Christy: Make Work for Happy Hour

In our encounter with the dear Rafa Christy, makeup NARS official in Brazil, we were able to get several nice tips. In addition, Rafa makeup still Bia for two occasions, but turning a make in two:Make something more casual during the day, and make for the night, with a smoky look chic, perfect for a […]


5 Ideas for the Weekend

I miss that I was this tag here: 5 ideas for the weekend. Hooray! I decided to hang Friday and I’m going up the saw for a weekend 100% relax in the company of my parents. Delight! Only this time, dying to be spoiled. The plan is to put into practice some of the ideas that […]