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Wedding Jewelry Tips

Already know which jewels will use at the wedding? Check out the tips of the jewelry design Carol Bassi not to err on the big day

It’s not just a wedding dress. The accessories are very important part of the composition of the look. Earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets and garlands are elements that leave the most beautiful brides! But how do you know which jewelry for wedding wear on the big day? Continue reading Wedding Jewelry Tips

Tip: Give Some Time For Jeans

The jeans have become so common in our life that is almost unthinkable to delete it from our wardrobe, especially after he became a piece accepted, even on the desktop, but once in a while is a good exercise in style and creativity give a break to the old denim and try the options in tailoring you are beautiful , elegant and comfortable. Continue reading Tip: Give Some Time For Jeans

Cheap vs Expensive Fashion

Haute Couture from head to toe? By due! The motto of the celebrities is likely: Smart pimping is half the battle! If the Stilettos cost is several hundred dollars, suddenly how tailored looks even the cheap dress! Or: a day is in the Haute Couture gown at the event, the next time the star-style ranges from the rod. With this clever fashion rules, the VIP ladies protect your fashion budget.

A fan of clever mixing is also actress Elizabeth Olsen (23). But see which of the two leather looks comes from the chain and for which outfit she had to invest several thousand euros? After the jump, there are the resolution of…

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Spring/Summer 2016 on Maria’s Closet

Girls, you guys still have a hard time being heard in spring/summer 2016? We’re already warning that the issue is not going to end any time soon … kkkkkk … calm down because there are still many fashion editorials coming around. It’s not our fault that appear every day news, releases, invitations to cocktail parties, at last, the shops are miiilll per hour and we just follow the rhythm. Therefore, continuing to our posts, today is the time to present you the new collection of MARIA’s CLOSET, shop fooofa of Campo Grande (MS), which we love. Focused on attending the female audience with quality clothing and cheap, the MARIA’s CLOSET is the type of “Fast Fashion” store where you can find options for the day-to-day as well as for parties. Continue reading Spring/Summer 2016 on Maria’s Closet

Fashion for Grandma

Decide what to wear in everyday life is an exercise in creativity to any woman. And, for those who have more than 50, is an interesting challenge: how to get out of your wardrobe basics, respecting your own biotype and getting comfortable? On the eve of the grandparents ‘ day, celebrated on July 26, invite a blogger superligada in fashion, the Gaucho Mireia Borges, 59 years old, to be our model for a day and show that it is always possible to dare us everyday looks. Continue reading Fashion for Grandma

Fashion Editorial: Lace, White and Transparency

We’re with the feet in Paris, but with the little head in Brazil! It’s not easy to plan the vacation, we count the seconds to rest, dream of the days when we could sleep without time to wake up, but who says we can do? Give to go out of my mind just thinking of getting stops. But when we do what we love nothing tired, aren’t you? So dear readers stay quiet because of vacation we will continue keeping you updated of all the hits that are rolling around. As the popular saying, in Luxury guess is thus: we whistle and suck sugar cane at the same time! We love to share the news with you, today we prepare another fashion editorial maaaravilhoso, stuffed with looks, trends and inspirations, with arrivals on GARPY, multi-brand store of Campo Grande (MS). Continue reading Fashion Editorial: Lace, White and Transparency

Dresses to the Ankle

Dress code individual each person goes according to a style that pleases uses it to who, whether it be formal nothing better than a dress but also the has casual fun and fresh fabrics giving comfort and beauty to who use it, it is also the same lengths, ranging from short above the knee under it, to pull to the ankles, and others depending on the occasion and pass that point. Continue reading Dresses to the Ankle

How to Have Tomboy Style

One of the great fashion trends autumn/winter 2012 is the Tomboy fashion. It is not today that the ideal of androgyny passes through the walkways of fashion weeks across the world, blending of fun way the feminine and the masculine shirts, blazers, jeans among other pieces characteristically masculine tailoring.

In addition to being a very comfortable style, perfect for little formal occasions and more casual encounters, glamour and beauty back to visual, for who knows to combine styles without transforming your wardrobe

Continue reading How to Have Tomboy Style

Evangelical Fashion Women 2016: Photos, Looks, Models

Walking in fashion is not an easy task. When you are upgrading the closet, comes another trend, new shows, visual bets from fashionistas renowned middle and everything changes. The best way to follow is to stay on the delay in trends when they are still coming, when stores are organizing the work with window dressers. The sooner you start thinking about the best shopping, so we have some early hints of what will be on the agenda in the evangelical fashion 2016. Continue reading Evangelical Fashion Women 2016: Photos, Looks, Models

Maison Bais Campo Grande Ms

Light on the catwalk because there are so many luxurious, wealthy and lohan brightness to our eyes, in another editorial mega baphônico we prepared with the jewels to wear the top Mining Designer PATRICIA BONALDI. Guess where we ended up? Of course, at the MAISON BAIS, a good shop partner of Luxury hunch, which is always opening doors for our blog, showing first-hand news that gets into fashion party! Girls, there is no words can describe this post and wonderful dreams of consumption of any mere mortal. We are increasingly taradinhas, and we are climbing the walls! Hahahahaha …. All woman can understand us!!! Continue reading Maison Bais Campo Grande Ms

Citrus Colors Fashion

The colors and citrus shades were highlights on the catwalks of Fashion Rio and São Paulo Fashion Week. Citrus colors are featured in women’s clothing, in plays such as shoes, bikinis, skirts, dresses, accessories and even in summer makeup. The tendency of citrus colors has what it takes to conquer the female audience, is a perfect match for our Brazilian summer, since they transmit energy, joy and freshness that the station loses.

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Tips for Winter Fashion

For those women very female, even in winter, prefer dresses, marks and brands of all karats invested thousands of models of dresses for autumn and winter, showing that this piece of women’s clothing will make beautiful also in these days when the Sun’s been lazy.

The collections fall-winter 2013 among other bet in delicate, very elegant dresses or full of charm, with many details and sparkles to the coldest season of the year.

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7 Looks to Rock on Valentine’s Day

When we think of Valentine’s Day, always comes to mind to buy something special for someone you love, aren’t you?

However, this date so special is not made only of present, since it also includes the date of the couple.

Therefore, it is worthwhile to perfect the look, depending on the place of celebration. So, your love will be even more delighted with you. Check out some tips to rock the day 12: Continue reading 7 Looks to Rock on Valentine’s Day

Style Tips for Thick Legs

If there’s one thing a lot of brazilian have in common are the thick legs. This is the desire of many women and it is not by chance that we see many gyms killing each other every day to increase some centimeters on thighs. But the owners of the legs turned face some small problems when it’s time to get dressed.

Fashion’s increasingly democratic and there’s not so many “disclaimers” when it comes to find a look that is inside of the trends. What they used to just fit in skinny girls, today we have styles to suit all tastes and sizes and you can take advantage of it. Continue reading Style Tips for Thick Legs