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DIY:Candy Bar Sign For Self Printing

Barely a wedding without candy bar – the sweet trend is not only for the physical well, also in terms of wedding decoration is the candy bar a great highlight.In addition, bowls full of colorful sweets, plates with pretty cupcakes and glasses with funny Cakepops, one thing must not be missing: the Candy Bar Shield.But how can this look?

We have here a free template for your Candy Bar sign – in 16 different colors as PDF for printing. Simply put it in a frame that matches your wedding and is finished with your own Candy Bar sign as a decorative eyecatcher! Continue reading DIY:Candy Bar Sign For Self Printing

Sewing Your Own Apron

How to sew an Apron Itself

They say “practice makes perfect” and so it is with the sewing. Want to hone and expand your sewing skills, you should often put on the sewing machine. And in this sense we have a suitable Nähübung for you. A sewing apron is a great exercise for beginners and advanced students. Choose a model that matches your skills and get started … Do you want to bring your own but Nähfähigkeiten to a new level, then take the challenge and try to sew a complicated cooking apron.

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How to DIY Bra

Bras that are located in the shops of lingerie, do not always offer the comfort and the support a woman needs. In addition, the generic sizes often exclude certain categories of women, who have unique needs in this field. If you want to make a bra at home, you can customize the type of fabric, shape and amount of coverage you desire, but sew the opening one with their own hands requires some basic sewing skills and a good sewing machine. We see how to make a DIY bra!

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