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Jewelry with Marcassitas

Jewelry with marcassitas: you’re a lover of these types of plays?a

Brass-yellow stone, has darker or black variations – the latter more popular in the world of jewelry. Use your records were found in the 16th century in England, later widely used in the 18th century and also fashionable at the beginning of the 20th century, during periods of art nouveau and Deco. Continue reading Jewelry with Marcassitas

Necklaces Are in Evidence

The website WWD (Women’s Wear Daily), considered “the Bible of fashion”, pointed out the collar necklaces – the necklaces that are closer to the neck – as a strong trend for next season. From minimalist models, to romantic plays and impact, these pieces perfectly match the visual spring-summer, full of ultrafemininos and looks with necklines that make the lap. Continue reading Necklaces Are in Evidence

Sensual Jewellery Career y Career

The style of Career y Career inimitably transported the Spanish heat. Here: The model of gardenias.

Not only the Spanish Royal family knows that the power of a piece of jewellery Career Y Career symbolizes the temperament of the wearer. Privateers and museums collect both the products of the jewellery company, which has its own distinct style despite their elderly age of 128, which could be hardly vital. Continue reading Sensual Jewellery Career y Career