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Decorative Doors: Tips, Photos

Sometimes, walls painted with only one color are cloying and insipid. However, if you have a lot of information, can cause stress. Therefore, the best way to get a color to your home is by pasting stickers on the doors, they’re going to be cheerful, fun and beautiful. Besides, the stickers can be easily glued and detached at any time. So, here are some tips and pictures of decorative stickers on doors.

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Doors of refrigerators

Just to relax a little, paste stickers fun and funny on your refrigerator door to leave your kitchen more warm and cozy. The chicken and the Penguin will make many people fall in love with them and the pattern zebrada will cause an impression of elegance and sophistication.

Wooden door

Wooden door makes a lot more charm with this beautiful sticker stylized white. In this way, the room, which had cool colors, gained some life and relaxation.

Fun Stickers

For those who like games, this adhesive that resembles a safe says: “explosives, stay away.” With it, you can keep the unpleasant people well away from the your room.

This adhesive for doors with a picture of a number of books piled up will cause a lot of people try to fix this mess, so real that he is.

Stickers with Landscapes

Now, how about imagine that could pass for a beautiful garden through the door of the room? It would be great if the landscape were not a sticker for doors.

Images with depth

With these stickers for doors, people have the impression that can go up the escalator or that will go through a long and profound Renaissance beamed Hall.

For Children

And the kids won’t be out of this joke. There are stickers for doors designed exclusively for them, with children’s motifs and funny. Here at uptonstyles you can get more different models and styles.

With the decorative stickers on doors, to your House will be delighted with fun, cheerful and beautiful ports. To do so, choose the stickers according to your personal tastes and with pre-existing decoration of its rooms to the House comfortable and good sense.

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