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What Equipment Against the Cold?

As any practice cycling in difficult conditions, biking when it’s cold requires some preparation. To be well equipped in the face of low temperatures, he must first protect the upper body: choose a shirt long-sleeved thermal material, in cotton, and in case of great cold underwear, a windproof jacket that will preserve you the frost. For the bottom, feel free to choose a good pants, both flexible and close to the body: leggings will do so very well. Finally, choose the comfort by wearing a good pair of tights or shorts that retain heat. Continue reading What Equipment Against the Cold?

UCI World Cycling Tour 2012

As of June 30, 2012 Pack to start in the Tour de France in 2012. It begins with a prologue in Liege, Belgium. Which teams competed in the 2011 Tour de France and will also be shown in 2012 at the start? What were the wildcard? Which riders in the law creating chances to win stages? And who will be the final victory to take? Cadel Evans is the weather like in 2011?

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Giro D’Italia 2012 Cycling News

Giro d?? Italia 2012 starts Saturday 5 May with a 8.7 km individual pace in Herning. On Sunday, May 27 put the package as a final stage individual time trial of 31.5 kilometers in the streets of Milan. Together peloton climbs the Alpe di Pampeago, Mortirolo and Stelvio choosing, making 2012 Giro d’Italia will likely be won by the strongest climbers.

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Best Bike Lights

In the following, I’m doing a cycling Test from the product Sigma lighting set Lightster K-set. This is available from Amazon and has a price of 36.80 euros including free delivery. During the test, I’m going up on different aspects, such as for example the luminous intensity, the accessories, the price and installation. Finally, there is a conclusion, whether one should the bicycle lighting set to buy , or not.

The brand

SIGMA is a company that was founded in 1981 and has the priorities of pulse monitor, bike lights and bike computers. The company is active in sales worldwide and allows no product from the warehouse before not a intensive cycling (Test) was carried out by the output control. The brand is not included in the cycling test, because the product is one. Still she an influence on the rating, as some brands have special features in the design, delivery, etc., which are then evaluated.
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The Bicycle Day: In Memory Of The First “Trip”

Today is April 19 is the World Day of the bicycle, a rare official celebration that has a peculiar origin. It has to do with chemistry, particularly with the discovery of the effects of lysergic acid diethylamide, LSD. Yes, yes.

The bicycle, in a cardboard to soak LSD. Image of YttriumOx in Wikipedia.

The relationship with the bike is entirely coincidental: it was riding a bike on April 19 when the discoverer of LSD confirmed its potent effects. A curious story.

In 1938, Albert Hofmann, a chemist at Sandoz in Basel, working with active components of medicinal plants, particularly of ergot (a parasite of this cereal fungus). Ergot, massively ingested in contaminated rye bread, in the Middle Ages caused the fire ergotismo or San Antón, that causes gangrene and hallucinations; It has also been linked to ritual uses in Greece, used for respiratory conditions, to induce abortions and to stop bleeding after childbirth. All this, of course, before the advent of modern medicine.

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Vitoria: An Institute Any

We arrived through Facebook to very interesting pictures of Jose Felix Basozábal . This is the IES Mendebaldea, Vitoria-Gasteiz. Jose Felix has given us very kindly photos for playback.


You see, the photos are March 2014. Vitoria already know that bike uses a lot of people, as in Seville and some other lucky town around here. In this case, we speak of an institute that teaches students of ESO and Bachiller, ie between 12 and 19 years or less.

From Friday May 9, 2014, an important part of students (those under 16 years) should begin to wear a helmet to keep going to school by bike, under threat of penalty to their parents. And we can not help ourselves a series of questions.

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Bikes Can Create At Least 76,600 Jobs And Save 10,000 Lives Each Year In Europe

The supertitular! And best of all is that the source is the European regional office of the World Health Organization, by press release (PDF).

Bikes, employment and life.

In a new proof that urban bike is subversive, hippie and radical left, WHOtoday launched a report entitled “Unlocking New Opportunities: Jobs in green and healthy transport” (PDF), in analyzing the transport situation in Europe and propose solutions to some problems that we suffer.

According to WHO, on average every European lost 9 months of life by exposure to diesel particles (excluding other pollution). Every year 120,000 people die prematurely because of accidents, and the costs of these treatments doctors – including low and may represent up to 3% of GDP according to Newvilleoutdoor. And these are only the costs directly resulting from transport problems.

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Collaboration: Defense Manifest In Car

We release section collaborations with text Màrius Navazo of GEA21,originally published in Catalan in the number 59 of the magazine Sustainable Mobility of the Catalan association PTP (PROMOCIO Public Transport)  and then expanded and translated into Castilian in the magazine City Live.

Do not be alarmed by the title, we have not gone mad …


Màrius Navazo

1. A very slow urban vehicle

The car in town is a very slow car. Just follow the results of urban racing transportation organized by the Association for the Promotion of Public Transport of Barcelona annually, where shows that the car often is slower than the most other modes  [1. Race sustainable mobility, PTP] . In fact, on certain routes is classified in last place, which means that reaches’ behind the pedestrian !!! And this does not just happen in Barcelona city (2,000,000 inhabitants) but is worse in smaller cities like Hospitalet de Llobregat (400,000) or Sabadell (200,000 inhabitants). Therefore, it  is urgent toimplement solutions to this landmark invention of the twentieth century to become competitive in our contemporary urban reality.

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Bike News

Zaragoza City Council included in its rider ordinance the possibility that bicycles could circulate on the sidewalks “exceptionally”, a measure that has proved controversial as has the opposition from the Aragonese society (in particular the Pedestrian Sidewalk association arising on account of this issue). Pedal cyclists ‘ association, meanwhile, did not seem to be excited about this possibility, and has been shown against sometimes. You know that this blog we feel that the bike is better on the road, by many factors.

In any case, the judgment is based on the current traffic law still specifies that the bike is a vehicle and therefore your site is on the road. The rules of a municipality, whatever, can not contradict other laws or regulations of higher rank, and therefore certain points of the zaragozana ordinance declared void.

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Get Me Out of Here

Originally published in The Journal  and written by David Estal, of Estal Klouman Architects  and collaborator  in the study L’Ambaixada, in this piece thinking -written in the city of Valencia we talk about the need for good parking to encourage bike use .


David Estal

Get me out of here! Image Source.

The architects have the strange habit of looking up when we walk around the city. This gesture, confused appearance, protects us from pigeon droppings while allowing us to observe certain details. It is one of those watchful eyes when I find something disturbing … a bike on a balcony! The poor girl is engaged so that a wheel that protrudes over the railing seems desperately begging me: “get me out of here.”

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Policy And Bikes: European Parliament Elections 2014 (I)

On May 25 held elections for the European Parliament in 2014. In these elections will the composition of Parliament, which in turn elect the President of the European Commission.

In Spain these elections are living with a certain distance; in 2009 there was an abstention rate of 55%, indicating that the population should not be very interested and convinced of its importance. However, in Europe the European Parliament and the Commission written European standards which then determine the laws of each country, and have much power.European directives leaving the Parliament set standards for the laws of each country, and have influence on the regulations governing our daily lives.  It is estimated that between 10% and 80% of the legislation of the countries of the Union is marked by transposition of European directives:what is decided in the European Parliament matter much.

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Policy And Bikes: Pp Program For European Parliament Elections 2014 (Ii)

The Popular Party has presented this program to the European elections in 2014. The PP makes explicit reference to “means non – motorized transport” reference in your program:

It does not explain how exactly these transport “use will be enhanced , ” but something is. Interestingly, they speak of “efficient public transport”, something whose definition is not very clear. Is efficient transport is subsidized, or paying the user fees? Do you mean to energy efficiency? What is the criterion of PP about it ?

Moreover, it also makes explicit reference to the automotive industry, saying it will have to pay “special attention” because it has “faced numerous difficulties in recent years.”

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Policy And Bikes: Psoe Program For European Parliament Elections 2014 (Iii)

PSOE page for the European elections abounds in dozens of individual measures, each with its paginita, making it difficult to know the proposals at a glance. Yes there is a summary in its policy statement, but so brief, does not expose anything concrete. The proposals of the declaration relating to transport and infrastructure are tangential, abstract and not very promising.

For example, it promises to promote industrial restructuring and increase the weight of industry in the European economy. And with regard to the environment, it is mentioned continuos support for “clean technologies” (without saying what they are) and the “increased use of renewable energy” will be sought. Very clear, the truth, do not leave.

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Policy And Bikes: Izquierda Unida Program For European Parliament Elections 2014 (Iv)

The program for the European United Left is easy to find, and with 80 pages, a level of detail that we did not find programs allowed the PP or the PSOE. It has a complete chapter on transport.


IU asks that there is a comprehensive service transport. multimodal, in which modes on foot, bicycle and rail are major, leaving the rest as complementary. And to achieve this goal, these proposals.

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Policy And Bikes: Upyd Program For European Parliament Elections 2014 (V)

The program of Union, Progress and Democracy for Europe is quite extensive, but, again, includes few references to transport  generically and not specifically mention bicycles, pedestrians or issues related to road safety. Nothing is said transport urban.  UPyD informs us that these issues the usually treated in local programs and in the Spanish Parliament.


There is talk of a “change in the transport model” to reduce dependence on imported energy sector without defining the method and policies used to achieve it. Being generous, we can interpret that we must reduce fossil fuel consumption. implicitly mentioning that biofuels pose food safety problems with bike lights, but they are not too clear.

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Policy And Bikes: Coalition For Europe Programs For The European Parliament Elections 2014 (Vi)

Coalition for Europe is an electoral coalition that includes several regional parties (or national, preferred definition for some of them): PNV, CiU, Canary Coalition and Commitment Galicia. This coalition does not have a single program; not having, has no own website, and you have to resort to every match to find programs. More than a coalition, seems a kind of co -branding to gain critical mass and add seats. And the programs are, in some respects, very contradictory, both with themselves and with other coalition members.

After obtaining the seats, the deputies of Coalition for Europe will respond to the interests of the party for which militate and integrated into the European political groups that best fit. The current European parliamentary PNV and candidate Izaskun Bilbao is in the group of the Alliance for Liberals and Democrats, who also belongs Uniò Convergència … But not affiliated with the European People ‘s Party.

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Policy And Bikes: Erc Program For European Parliament Elections 2014 (Vii)

In these elections Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya presents a program  rather wordy, in that guidelines for action in many areas are given, but in which the most striking are the claims of national character.

Perhaps as a result of this, propose measures “cross-border” cooperation (read, Elche to Perpignan, which called Mediterranean arc).

a single concrete proposal infrastructure, creating a high-speed rail, but at least, unlike CiU propose no more roads is presented. The other objectives include all verbs: promote, promote, promote, equip themselves …

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Folding Bikes Were Not Born Yesterday

In the middle of the last century the writer Ignacio Agustí echoes the emergence of a new folding bike in Liverpool was made, that “fits in the trunk of the car.”

The article appeared on November 9, 1963 in the magazine Triunfo, and we found in the archives of Digital, Triunfo who have kindly allowed us toreproduce. If someone wants to play elsewhere, you should ask prior permission.

The author anticipates in 1963 around the bike to cities: folding bike, intermodality your choice for health reasons and its adoption by more affluent people. And also lets us glimpse the recent past that urban cycling seems more common, less own brave and valiant, today.

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In Spain, Urban Modal Split Is Already Sustainable …

… Although it could be more. Perhaps they missed this statement, and more on this blog, but in Spain the predominant type of very sustainable urban transport, the contaminant unless there: the feet.

People transported sustainably London (source image).

We have located a database created by the European mobility EPOMM platform, called TEMS, encoding modal shares in some 300 cities, mainly European, and the results are surprisingly good for the Spanish cities that have sent their data.

Should be taken with caution, since supervision is minimal and this information may not include transfers from metropolitan areas around towards the center of the big city (to be clear, Leganes to Madrid, for example). The data also correspond to the same years, so there may be some outdated (notably, that of Seville, which has greatly improved in recent years). Still, the absence of data with identical criteria, serves as an indicator.

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