6 Secrets of Professional Make-Up People

The cosmetic industry is in permanent evolution, featuring releases increasingly innovative and complex. So, it is not always easy to keep track of the news and incorporate them into your daily routine. However, many women still continue to make the same mistakes of makeup and not knowing how to take advantage of products that exist […]

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Paris Style Week, Here I Come!

As I said earlier today, in our Mood of the week, I’m bags (almost) ready for Paris. I’m super excited, not only for visiting this beautiful city that I love so much, but because my trip has the best of reasons: I’m doing a course on fashion. But it’s not a traditional course, inside the […]


Bareskin, the New Base of Bare Minerals

Last week there was a super release of makeup. The bare Minerals brought your international team for launching your first net basis, the Pure Brightening Serum Bare Skin Foundation, a foundation in serum, with several properties that take care of the skin, as usual in all products of the brand.


Beauty Blogs to Follow Now!

If you’re like us that we’re constantly searching the web to find the best tutorials of beauty-the best way to settle the “kitten eye”, the reviews of the products more hypados and everything that surrounds the world of beauty-we’re here to share this addiction and indicate some sites for you.