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Corset: Tips, How to Use

The corset is a piece that leaves any woman more sensual, because it lowers the waist, outlining the female body well. Originally, it was created to be an intimate piece, but as time went on, women began to dare and it is often left completely on display, mainly because it is a beautiful, elegant and sensual piece.So here are some tips on how to wear a corset. Continue reading Corset: Tips, How to Use

Emma Watson Has Transformed Bela

If you go to the cinema from Thursday, 16, check out the live-action version of Beauty and the Beast will notice some news – and they go beyond the performances of Emma Watson and  Dan Stevens. As a feminist and spokeswoman for the UN’s He for She campaign , for example, the 26-year-old actress made it a point, along with director  Bill Condon , to make Bella’s character more real . Continue reading Emma Watson Has Transformed Bela

Lingerie for the Bride: Which Lead to the Honeymoon?

I still don’t know what the ideal lingerie to take for your honeymoon? We have some tips!

The honeymoon is long-awaited as the marriage, agree? Might not even be the first trip of the couple, but it certainly will be very special and romantic for it needs to be planned in advance. If you are planning your honeymoon, one of your questions should be:”what lingerie should I bring?”. The underwear need special attention and need to be well chosen. Continue reading Lingerie for the Bride: Which Lead to the Honeymoon?

How to Match a Black Bodice


The black bodice, is something that can never be lacking in the wardrobe of a woman. Sensual, elegant, seductive and chic, the bodice if well combined, become a leader truly unique and irresistible. If you have in the closet a black bodice for years and have never had occasion to wear it because you have no idea how to pair it, here are some ideas on how to create some really chic combinations, unique and extremely sexy. Continue reading How to Match a Black Bodice