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II Will Be Presented to the CES in Las Vegas ZTE Grand S

The Chinese Smartphone manufacturer will present on the from the coming Monday held CES tradeshow in Las Vegas, Nevada, including the new Grand S II. What technical data will have the new model in detail, is not yet certain at the moment. Its predecessor was a 5-inch Smartphone with a full HD resolution, a Snapdragon S4 Pro processor from Qualcomm, as well as a 13-megapixel sensor. At the flagship series of ZTE, experts with cutting edge hardware. Continue reading II Will Be Presented to the CES in Las Vegas ZTE Grand S

Alcatel Presented 6-Inch Smartphone Onetouch Hero

Now, the manufacturer Alcatel announced a new smartphone for the German market. These are the Alcatel OneTouch Hero, which is equipped with a 6-inch display and has also to offer a 13-megapixel camera. Starting next month, Alcatel offers the model in this country and trying to reach customers who are looking for a Phablet with pen. Continue reading Alcatel Presented 6-Inch Smartphone Onetouch Hero

CES 2016: JAQ Loads Smartphones Using Fuel Cell

The fuel loading system presented last year JAQ is ready with a few months delay. First, it is available with an operator in Sweden.

The Swedish company myFC CES his fuel loading system for mobile devices, announced last year showed. The system, called JAQ consists of a loading unit with fuel cell powered by cartridges in the form of cards.

Continue reading CES 2016: JAQ Loads Smartphones Using Fuel Cell

Samsung “Glasses” to Be on the Market before Google’s

Spokesperson with Samsung alludes to, that they will overtake Google on the right, and launch the smart glasses already in September.

Year, which is almost like being kicked off with CES in Las Vegas, has featured a wide range of “wearables gadgets”. So chic gadgets which can be worn on the body, and work together with our mobile phone.

You mention the word “Smartwatch” (smart clock), then there is due to the many options, none actually know which clock is referenced.

The case is a little different when instead mentions “Glasses” (glasses). Here, many will probably think of “Google Glasses”, which already has lots of media coverage on old, even if they are not put up for sale yet. Continue reading Samsung “Glasses” to Be on the Market before Google’s

BlackBerry Z30 Can Still Something Others Cannot

Not everything is bad sales figures and misery with BlackBerry, the keyboard and the BlackBerry Hub gets praise of Wired-journalist.

Not all BlackBerry stories is all necessarily about how they must find their place in the market again. BlackBerry launched a few phones last year, among other things, Z30 as was their top model. It was not the hoped for success, but nevertheless, there are some happy customers.

Four journalists from Wired spent no more than a smartphone to cover CES fair, here was the BlackBerry Z30 one as got the most praise when it mattered to take quick pictures and writing articles. Continue reading BlackBerry Z30 Can Still Something Others Cannot

Incipio “Cashwrap” Brings NFC for iPhone

For those customers who cannot do without the NFC technology in their Apple mobile, the wait may soon be over.

Apple has so far not brought the NFC technology (Near field communication) to the popular iPhone. Probably because that the company has big plans with their own iBeacon technology which we Danes are yet to see the use of.

Cover can solve the problem
At CES in Las Vegas could cover manufacturer Incipio in cooperation with American AT & T however, showcase their new iPhone cover, which has the NFC chip built-in. The cover utilizes “Isis Mobile Wallet”, which is an American payment solution. A solution which Android users have enjoyed since October.

Now is the cover appeared with price tag on, so there is some evidence that at & T prepares to throw them over the counter. The cover will cost around $ 70 dollars, and therefore be able to ensure the most recent iPhone models NFC. It writes our site.

There is no doubt that this cover is not a real solution to the mobile-payment for Apple, so we must wait and see whether the 2014 will be the year when Apple brings new to the area.