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How to Avoid 5 Most Common Smart phone Issues

Smart phones were a major breakthrough in cell phone usage. With a technology that allows connections, constant access to the Internet, these devices have changed people’s lifestyles and today it is impossible to go to a restaurant or public transport and not see the most diverse types of individuals attentive to their devices.  However, all this advancement comes at a price and it is not uncommon for them to present common and extremely annoying defects to their owners. Whether it is due to physical problems or malfunctions of the mobile operating system, it is commonplace to see someone almost losing their head with some failure that the device presents. Want to find out what are the most feared defects of smart phone addicts? Check the text below: Continue reading How to Avoid 5 Most Common Smart phone Issues

Westwing Guide for Wood Cell Phone Case

Nowadays, no one can imagine a life without a cell phone. With them we communicate, inform ourselves, have fun, find and record moments from anywhere we are.  As mobile handsets have become significant investments, they need to be protected against risks and damages caused by drops and recurring usage. And if the subject is to protect your device, a wooden cell phone cover gives the message with tranquility and style. Continue reading Westwing Guide for Wood Cell Phone Case