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Meet Big Island and Trekking Pico Do Papagaio Dawn (RJ)

Ilha grande is one of the most beautiful adventure destinations of brazil. and we went down there to produce a very cool video to show you what i find on this islandparadise. watch the video. further down you will also be able to check various tipsto make the most of it. Continue reading Meet Big Island and Trekking Pico Do Papagaio Dawn (RJ)

How to Compress a Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags have been around since man began to explore and travel the world, but while our ancestors were forced to carry blankets and cushions bulky and heavy, we have been blessed with convenient, compressible sleeping bags. Modern sleeping bags are made of lightweight, compressible and abrasion-resistant nylon and are specifically designed to be packaged in compact tubes. As in the vacuum, a sleeping bag compression packaging removes air, which eliminates unnecessary volume. When you are hiking or travel, it is important to minimize the space of their belongings they occupy; This can be done by the compression of a sleeping bag. Continue reading How to Compress a Sleeping Bag

All About The Sobreteto Camping Tent

The tent is sobreteto the external cover which protects the area of the room. He gets stuck to Rails and espeques, which have the function of keeping it tight. Generally, he has one or two Windows for ventilation and some attachment points where they’re stuck the stretchers (strings), that help give stability and keep the tent more stabilized. Continue reading All About The Sobreteto Camping Tent

Secur Waterproof Solar/Dynamo LED Flashlight

The Flashlight Dynamo and Solar, Solar Flashlight is a robust and waterproof lamp that can be submerged up to 5 m in water. Totally autonomous, you can recharge your torch by the solar panel, and in case of insufficient solar gain or intensive use by the dynamo. These three LEDs assuront you a real good solar lighting power 1W LED. The integrated solar panel on the lamp collects energy from the sun the day, stores it in the built-in battery to power 3 LED solar torch and dynamo as needed. If sunlight or intensive use failure, few minutes dynamo will recharge the battery for immediate use.

Ideal in the car, at home, camping, for the standalone solar lighting dynamo relief in all circumstances.

Continue reading Secur Waterproof Solar/Dynamo LED Flashlight