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Tips on Changing Camera Cameras in the CCTV Security System

Hello, it seems like no, but this is something we should pay attention to because we have to renew the security system, let’s talk about why we should do this, when we are going to maintain a security system of a company or commercial building if it is Some six years ago we can see that its security system has not kept pace with the evolution of the security market segment. Continue reading Tips on Changing Camera Cameras in the CCTV Security System

How to Choose Wireless Security Camera

Without the CCTV wireless camera

Install a wireless security camera for your home or your business is the perfect way to effectively monitor your property. Wireless cameras are very practical but also  economical, more wireless cameras are easy to install inside and outside. They also help to monitor your home or business in real-time full and therefore to act quickly in case of intrusion or problem facing malicious people.

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Apple Patent: Will Install Magnets in the iPhone to the Camera-Accessories

Techgiganten is assigned the patent, which describes an iPhone with built-in magnets, so camera-equipment can easily be mounted.

Apple, with the iPhone, has the world’s most popular camera mobile, work continued on developing the possibilities, so customers will continue to blast away on the road.

Tech-company is also just been awarded 2 patents, which in the future could allow the user to replace the camera-lens. It writes Apple Insider.

U.s. Patent number 8, 638, 369 “Back panel for a portable electronic device with different camera lens options” describes an iPhone with a removable back cover. By removing this, one would be able to replace the lens with other options that could improve the zoom, stabilization, etc.

Since it has never been possible on the iPhone, to remove the back cover, so we should probably do not expect it to be something Apple has plans to introduce at the upcoming models. Continue reading Apple Patent: Will Install Magnets in the iPhone to the Camera-Accessories

Samsung Smartwatch Galaxy Gear 1

The Update That Samsung has Released for the first Generation Galaxy Gear is a Complete Disaster

Samsung and this takes some time in the smartwatch market and wearables devices, and the proof is irrefutable that dominates 78% of the current industry. So far, we have seen how l to 3 devices company has released to the market: the Galaxy Gear 1 and 2 on the Gear Fit. The first two would come more in the classification of smart watch, while the latter would be placed in the category of sports bracelet.

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Greedy Giants or Floppende Scientists?

Why your mobile battery just isn’t good enough.

Some mobile phone owners have tried it. After a full charge overnight-for both the phone and the owner-skips we gaily out of bed, as a white-tailed eagle on happiness pills, but when not much more than just out the front door, before it discovers that 20% of the flow on the cell phone has already been used.

It kind of drains, no matter how close a relationship you have to your handheld electronic companion. Even hardcore old school users who live by the mantra: “my mobile is only for calls” feel the energy level valleys, when the prospect of being run out of power before you when work is a reality.

The question you have put themselves in the situation is, whether it’s just because one’s battery purely developmental only has a life span, which can expand the mayflies to consider pension schemes, or whether it is caused by a greedy attitude of cell producers, flowing in that no phone should live more than two years, as new models, of course, do not sell themselves … Continue reading Greedy Giants or Floppende Scientists?

Samsung Galaxy S5-What We Know So Far

Samsung’s upcoming flagship, Galaxy S5, is probably imminent. Here is what we know–or think we know.

Samsung stated that their new top model will be “back to basics”, and that there will be a focus on the screen and the feeling of the model. What exactly does it cover, can be difficult to speculate about.

About the design have Samsung stated that their new top model will be “back to basics”, and that there will be a focus on the screen and the feeling of the model. What exactly does it cover, can be difficult to speculate about.

Nothing is certain, but the rumors about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 are many and (for the most part) persistent. We have assembled the most talked about rumors.  Continue reading Samsung Galaxy S5-What We Know So Far

Leaked: New HTC-mobile in Fresh Colors. See the Pictures Here

Here are the pictures of the new HTC-mobile, in four fresh colors and with all eight cores in the engine room.

There are just leaked images of a 5 “HTC-mobile in four fresh colors on the Web. The phone appears to be mid-range in terms of both specifications and price. It writes our site.

There are reportedly talking about a mysterious HTC Desire-model, which will be powered by a Mediatek octacore processor. In addition, it is reported that the phone houses a 5 “display with resolution of 720 p and an 8 megapixel camera.

The colorful mobile look also out to come up with 1.5 GB of RAM and Android 4.3 Jelly Bean with HTC Sense 5.5 upstairs.

Prices we will be careful in writing, when the phone is turned on on the Chinese site ePrice. Here is the price however, 2000 yuan, which translates to about 1800 kr.

Nothing has been officially announced by HTC, so we are awaiting further information.


Samsung Galaxy 3 Neo: See the Leaked Press Photos Here

Then there’s the leaked official press photos of the anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo, who is approaching an official launch.

In the past we have seen Leaked picture of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 Neo, next to the big brother Galaxy Note 3.

Now there are sprung stunning high-resolution photos up of the awaited mobile, which once again confirms that the design will be exactly as we know it from Galaxy Note 3. It writes Sammobile.

There are no updates on the specifications, but we also know them already. The phone gets a 5.55.3″ 720 p Super AMOLED display, 8-megapixel camera, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB of internal memory with the possibility of expansion via microSD.

In addition, it comes with a 3.100 mAh battery, 4 g, Android 4.3 Jelly Bean pre-loaded, and with S Pen functions, as we know it from Galaxy Note 3.

It is reported also that the price for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo will land at 599 euros, which is equivalent to almost 4500 us. We also expect that Samsung will probably present the phone officially on the upcoming MWC exhibition in Barcelona.


iPhone 5S and 5 C Sold in Denmark from 25.October

Official: date of the Danish sales start of iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 c has just announced. View when you officially can buy the new iPhone models.

Apple has just issued a press release which announces the sale of the two new iPhone models, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 c, in Denmark.

iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 c will be able to be purchased in Denmark, as well as more than 25 more countries from Friday the 25th. October 2013. Again the 1.November comes more than 12 other countries on, among other things, India and Mexico.

The two new iPhone models come with iOS 7 from the sales box.

iPhone 5S come with Apple’s 64-bit A7-processor, 8 megapixel iSight camera with True tones-blitz and Touch ID, while iPhone 5 comes with A6-processor and 8 megapixels iSight camera.

iPhone 5S come in colors of gold, silver and gray and in versions with 16, 32 or 64 GB of internal memory.

iPhone 5 c comes in the colors Blue, green, pink, yellow and white in versions with 16 or 32 GB of internal memory.