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Lingerie for the Bride: Which Lead to the Honeymoon?

I still don’t know what the ideal lingerie to take for your honeymoon? We have some tips!

The honeymoon is long-awaited as the marriage, agree? Might not even be the first trip of the couple, but it certainly will be very special and romantic for it needs to be planned in advance. If you are planning your honeymoon, one of your questions should be:”what lingerie should I bring?”. The underwear need special attention and need to be well chosen. Continue reading Lingerie for the Bride: Which Lead to the Honeymoon?

Sleep Bra Is Okay?

Clarify your doubts about sleep bra

Sleep bra is a habit for some people, but always a doubt in people’s minds if there is any problem in doing this for a long time. Even more than ever received a lot of information, and from a variety of sources (reliable or not) and in the end you never know what decision to take. If you are one of those who grew up listening to your mother’s sleep bra is bad then read this post to help clarify your questions! Continue reading Sleep Bra Is Okay?

How to Dress Well for Woman

This is no longer a list of type “throw your white boot out”. What we want to show here is: your style counts, which is worth much more than any fashion trend that you see around. Do not miss the tips which are worth knowing, accept the body and play the following tips.

If we learn anything in this world, we know that fashion is fleeting.  Trends come and go on the catwalks of each season. And there is no crystal ball to predict what the next piece must-have of the season.  Meanwhile, the style is something that has more to do with personality and with the way of interpreting the creations of designers. If you want or not to follow the latest fashion, here is for you. Bring useful advice for those who do not want to do ugly ever.

1. Know your limit for the high jump

First, the risk of falling is great. If the idea is to elongate the silhouette and be sexy, take the test and try to walk a straight line. Staggered a bit, it seemed a penguin walking or with broken ankle? You can cut a few centimeters of that jump. Trust me, you will feel more comfortable and you know that comfort means confidence.

2. The bra should not appear (unless planned)

Unless it’s part of your look to show lingerie (a little), via transparency or combining with the straps of bra, avoid make the bra appear. Wondering if her panties or bra can be visible? Make a series of pilates poses and see how the look behaves. Joke, but pull over there and pin here to avoid breaks of your lingerie. Silicone strap is uncomfortable and, let’s face it. No charming.

3. Wear your size

We know, it’s hard to have to face that jeans 36 five years ago in the closet. Many people go after it but finally the jeans wear out quicklyThe panties and butt scored at the muffin top (when the extra flab extrapolate the waistband of the pants) denounce that size is not for you.

And you know what? Who’s going to find out if you are using 36, 38 or 44? We can’t go out showing the size of the pants around for anyone. Trying to fit in a smaller outfit is just a kind of self deception, which will make you would like to hide something in more ways. So, friend, let go of that number.

4. Go easy on the trends

Just paste in any festival of music to understand. A number of people with flower crowns, vintage denim shorts or anything that has fringes will leave you wondering if there was a dress code for the shows. Although we are always subject to trends, avoid being a fashion victim. Dress up like everybody else is not synonymous with dressing well!

Adopt a trend here, another there, ok. But put it all together in only one thing? No, No… Your future is up to you.

5. Meet the band on your shirt

“Gee, that’s nice, you enjoy [insert band name here]! The first album is awesome! ” … [crickets singing and you are trying to think how to get a chat with Katy Perry].

If this situation is possible in front of any band T-shirt you have, you have two options: to memorize at least the chorus of the more famous song or don’t use. Point. Oh, and the same goes for any iconic figure to make a print from Che Guevara to Kate Moss.

6. Be yourself

Sorry for the cliche. But if you want to dress well, be yourself without a lot of frills or ctrl c + ctrl v from a celebrity. If you don’t feel comfortable or  if you recognize don’t yourself in your clothes in front of the mirror,  it will probably seem uncomfortable and all your pose goes away (remember the 4 item!).

7. Avoid extremely short parts

Before you scream a “whoa!” and come out in defense of tops and shorts, we explain: use a shorter piece since it doesn’t get vulgar and that doesn’t show what you would not like to reveal (such as privates). The top is tight or low-cut. Combine with a more well-behaved piece to balance the look. Cropped top with short bandage skirt? Transparencies with short Daisy Dukes? Better not to risk.

It is important to weigh the situations too. Mini skirt or bras at work? No way… unless you have those super liberal and creative jobs.

8. Pass away from provolone effect

And speaking of tops and shorts … We love a cropped style but if you want to let your abdomen upper, avoid any piece squeezing waist too much, not to roll it because the effect of provolone with the chubbiness appears while taking a walk.

Opt for a wider bottom half when the top is exact and always remember that you should breathe, okay?

9. Dress for yourself, not for others

Seduction is a synonym for smart talk and smiles at will, and not dress for others. If we wear just for the taste of men, there would be no bandage skirts or elastane enough in this world. How to dress for yourself? Through the American blogger Leandra Medine, a cool look is one that women find cool and men simply do not understand.
Dress for yourself. Have fun in front of the mirror before leaving the house. Don’t forget your final item!

10. Vista all with confidence up there

Wearing a potato sack or haute couture, the main thing is to be confident, comfortable and happy with your choice, oh, and distributing kiss on the shoulder.

How to Find The Bra That Fits You

Your breasts aren’t the only decisive elements in the sensuality of your chest.The real key is actually the size of your bra! And obviously, this is something that few women pay attention. A recent survey reveals that today ‘ today, only 30% were wearing the right bra size. But how do you know what bra fits you perfectly? These 5 tips of Marie Jo will put you on the path: get inspired!

Continue reading How to Find The Bra That Fits You

Examples of Sexual Discrimination

STOCKHOLM – A Swedish lingerie chain was sentenced Wednesday by the Industrial Court court for sexual discrimination after forcing an employee to tell her bra size on a badge.
The young woman, used from 2010 to 2011 in the biggest store of lingerie chain “Change” in Sundsvall (northeast), was forced despite his protestations to wear a badge indicating their name, chest, his bra sizes and cap.  Continue reading Examples of Sexual Discrimination

How to DIY Bra

Bras that are located in the shops of lingerie, do not always offer the comfort and the support a woman needs. In addition, the generic sizes often exclude certain categories of women, who have unique needs in this field. If you want to make a bra at home, you can customize the type of fabric, shape and amount of coverage you desire, but sew the opening one with their own hands requires some basic sewing skills and a good sewing machine. We see how to make a DIY bra!

Continue reading How to DIY Bra

Where to Find a Sports Bra Big Size?

With the start of school often comes back to the sports activities of the family. And this isn’t because we’re even big round, don’t move! Many of you get physical activity on a regular basis. To allow you to return to your sport in the best conditions in September 2016, we offer a focus on the sports bra large size!

Continue reading Where to Find a Sports Bra Big Size?

When to Start Wearing Maternity Bras

After childbirth and during lactation, it is necessary to feel your best in her body and in her head. If you are pregnant or if you are a young mom and you are breastfeeding your baby, know that the maternity lingerie deserves special attention. Since each woman develops differently, the Lingerie pregnancy and breastfeeding lingerie that is a scalable, thanks to its technical materials will allow to adapt to every change in your body.

Lemon Curve gives you today a few tips on choosing and wearing your maternity bra.

Continue reading When to Start Wearing Maternity Bras

Gym Sports Bras

You come to the gym and start switching on, when you suddenly find that the sports bra is left at home. Does it matter?

Are you among those who think that a tank top with a built-in support is enough to protect your breasts during an intense workout, think again. Forgot your sports bra at home and working out into your regular bra or only linen should stick to low-intensity exercise without hope and bouncing movements.

If your breasts do not get the right support during high-intensity workouts with fast movement, you can suffer from back pain and discomfort. It can also lead to tissue damage, so that the breasts to sag and get stretch marks. Does not it tempting? No, we do not either.

Continue reading Gym Sports Bras

Perfect Fitting Bra

Beautiful packaging than with a well-chosen lingerie can “woman” her body not. With beautiful underwear We pamper our senses and feel simultaneously sexy and desirable. We wear them in the first place for ourselves in order to feel comfortable in our own skin. But to the men is naturally delighted with extravagant underwear. Buyer But be careful: Not every section is all alike and also choosing the right size is critical.

Continue reading Perfect Fitting Bra

Choose Sexy Lingerie Wedding

Choose underwear that we will not be just their wedding. Once you have your wedding dress, your underwear. Consider comfort, cutting the dress and your taste. Push-up bra, panties, stockings, garter … On this special day, you can make all kinds of women’s underwear to wear. Bet on a sexy lingerie, comfortable underwear and lingerie at a great price. Follow our tips for the bride to discover the different types of lingerie.

Continue reading Choose Sexy Lingerie Wedding

Fashion Lingerie

Let us not delude ourselves: by very a taste that we feel our body, there are always areas that we would like to correct. That if mark the waist more, refine your hips, to reduce the tummy… now is easier than you think thanks to the effective reduction lingerie that will help you show off body. Discover it!

All women dream can reduce or mark certain areas of our body that we don’t feel comfortable. Let us keep in our ideal weight, but there are parts of our figure that they lack the definition as we would like. To give us a treat and see us perfect, smart lingerie becomes our preferred partner. Pay attention!

It boasts silhouette

How many times have wanted to show off a stunning dress set, but do not dare shame? Maybe now all can do it with this type of lingerie. Depending on the area of your body that you want to enhance or hide, you can get different effects: from a waist more tuned to a few buttocks erect, passing through a chest high which helps us to look a pronounced cleavage.

Continue reading Fashion Lingerie