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Ankle Boots Summer

Ankle boots-Summer 2011 Fashion

Enter station, exit station, but the ankle boots remain firm and do not leave the feet of shoesmaniacs! You could also, just a beautiful ankle boot to, in minutes, give an up that lacked in a more basic production, or the final touch in one already well increased. And do not think that the ankle is freshly bred, from the bustling mind of our famous and beloved designers, no. It has history … Created decades ago, it was idealized for women seeking to differentiate themselves in the crowd. This feature made the short boot stand up to the weather and continued on the shopping list of good shoe fans. There is no more current part. Continue reading Ankle Boots Summer

Men’s Country Hats Photos

Country fashion gained momentum in the 1990s. At first it was a style only worn by Americans, even though it was in the United States where such clothing was born. In the country, clothing is worn by people living in rural areas, such as the state of Texas. Here in Brazil, people who like the country style, use in rodeos and pawns parties, or even day-to-day on farms and sites. Continue reading Men’s Country Hats Photos

Battlefield 1 Inspired Outfits

Inspiration can be found at every corner. Whether it be a walk through the old town, talking to a good friend or even gambling in the evening to get a little bit of everyday life. You can find inspiration everywhere, I am firmly convinced. That’s why I’ve been inspired by the Battlefield 1 game and would like to show you that the outfits from the years 1914 to 1918 still work today in 2017. Continue reading Battlefield 1 Inspired Outfits

How to Wear Over the Knee Boots

The boots over the knee, translated as above-the-knee boots and abbreviated as OTK boots (OTK boots), are an accessory trend that gained fame wearing some famous and now fell into the graces of the looks of fall and winter. If before this boot was seen as a bold, sexy item today on the look she gives a super striking effect, cool and full of attitude. As in any piece of clothing, there are no restrictions on the use of this shoe. To inspire you, a couple of how to wear boots over the knee.

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Fine Men’s Sport Coats

The sport is a style that always raises doubts in the minds of many men. Whenever enough invitation to party, we have the same doubts. What is sport? What to use? How to combine each piece? It’s a subject so sought after by men that we have to talk in a very reduced about How to dress fine sport at the beginning of the blog, but, now, we want to give you some tips to stand out and get away from basic shirt, pants, shoes and tie.

1-Run the jeans

Many believe that the jeans is a fine sport male parts. None of this! The fine is between the social sport and the sport. And if we are talking about very low, it is a simplification of the suit – not know difference between suit, blazer, jacket and Tux? See here -. So the best choice is for slacks, but an alternative is chino pants. The jeans just in case. Continue reading Fine Men’s Sport Coats

Tips for Winter Fashion

For those women very female, even in winter, prefer dresses, marks and brands of all karats invested thousands of models of dresses for autumn and winter, showing that this piece of women’s clothing will make beautiful also in these days when the Sun’s been lazy.

The collections fall-winter 2013 among other bet in delicate, very elegant dresses or full of charm, with many details and sparkles to the coldest season of the year.

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Shoes Spring Summer 2014

There are simple things of which we women would never know without. Type I do not know,strawberries with cream, even when we are on a diet, the romantic movies, the shopping, replicas of MasterChef, the gossip with her ​​friends… And the shoes. Obviously in tandem with the bags. That shoes and more like stock exchanges. But that is not me I’m making: there are elite of scientific studies that have shown how these two types of accessories are capable of making us go into raptures even if we already have the full house and in a while we will be forced to tear down a wall and enlarge the closet to make them fit all.

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How to Choose Cowboy Boots

Let’s talk about shoes. I can already see that you are 45 teeth, smiling. I know that you have only 32, but I also know that when it comes to shoes we women are all happier. In some ways I maybe I am a little less because I speak tuuuuuttti day and at all hours in the office of shoes, but I guess that’s why I love my job so much. Today I want to talk to you about those who at this time are moving into the mainstream, and that above all, they’re going to spread more and more as a kind of shoe, in a few months. We speak then of autumn trends. Necessary that we prepare for well together, no one should be unprepared!

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Straight out of the Ritual: Suede

A fashion that arose around the years 60 and 70 and super well with the pockets of Franklin, the velvety-looking pieces came back with everything in this season.

It can be found in various kinds of parts, both in pants, skirts and dresses like in boots and jackets. Just choose what most suits your style and rock this autumn.

And of course the Ritual wouldn’t be out of wonderful suede fashion delivers. But, with a little detail, the super brand sticks this fashion however uses the suede, a synthetic fabric.

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How to Wear Sequins Casually

This fashion winter can be found again sequins everywhere. I really do not follow every trend. But this small, shimmering flakes have made my heart beat times higher again. Sequins stand for glamor, elegance and femininity. And they remind me of my time as a costume designer at the State Theatre in Darmstadt.

That sequins can be combined casually also, and what there sont to note yet that I want to show in this post.

As always my motto: “Never buy what you can not combine versatile.” And that also includes a skirt or a dress, fully sequined not. Of course, can be combined easily a white T-shirt. But with a little creativity, is a combination of talent out of the glitter particles.

Simpel and elegant occasions: A sequined cocktail dress, a couple of high heels, an elegant clutch. Even one is ready for the cocktail evening or Christmas.

If that is too much, or if it does not allow the occasion; then has to be played with opposites. Here are a few styling ideas:

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The Perfect Outfit for a First Date

Finally it’s done: he asked you if you want to go out with him. For their first date no letdown is, there are a few styling tips so nothing goes wrong.

Nothing is worse than sitting underdressed in a fancy restaurant, or overdressed with a walk through the park. Therefore it is very important at the first meeting after the planned location to ask.

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What to Wear When It Rains?

I put what quans it rains?

First instinct when you wake up? Look out the window to see the weather outside. And he never much liked in summer 2016. Whether you are on vacation, at home or at work, morning dress becomes a hassle.
So what to wear in the rain?
Reply with Caroline de Surany in his book “to be fashion victim but not” the First editions

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How to Dress When You Have Big Hips?

When you have strong hips, it faces a number of things: first find clothes that make us value but also where we feel good.

Indeed, comfort is paramount and may well be coupled with style! For example, nothing worse than pants selected in a size that will accommodate the strong hips but yawn at the waist and will continue to fall.

A Highlight Your Figure

When you have strong hips, it is rare that the shoulders are also all square. The morphology corresponding to generous hips is most of the time a morphology A.

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Glam Rock Fashion Style

We loooooove Glamour and we loooooove rock. So why not combine the two with the trendy glam rock look? Hot details like studs or leather can be integrated into everyday outfits or the Weekend Style without it looks like too much. The nice thing is: almost nothing is forbidden. It Girls like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner are leading with casual combinations and also the great designers present us on the catwalks their funky combinations.

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What Kind of Shoes to Wear With Leggings

Many women are reluctant to the trend of leggings because they are confused about how to wear them. Choose shoes that will bring can be daunting. Whereas the high heels and leggings can look like a 1980s dress, sandals often look too casual. The boots port offers a simple solution.

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How to Wear Leggings With Boots

Leggings and boots are both staples of fashion in their own way. Each of them can be worn in many different styles and can have a variety of looks. When choosing the best combination of leggings and boots you the first look at the shape of your body to pick the perfect fit. For example, long slim legs look fabulous with calf length leggings, and wider legs are better filled by dark, solid color for leggings. Play around with different combinations until you find the styles that suit you best.

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