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Evangelical Fashion Women 2016: Photos, Looks, Models

Walking in fashion is not an easy task. When you are upgrading the closet, comes another trend, new shows, visual bets from fashionistas renowned middle and everything changes. The best way to follow is to stay on the delay in trends when they are still coming, when stores are organizing the work with window dressers. The sooner you start thinking about the best shopping, so we have some early hints of what will be on the agenda in the evangelical fashion 2016. Continue reading Evangelical Fashion Women 2016: Photos, Looks, Models

Women’s Summer Clothing Popular Urban Clothing Brands

The Kaftan female is the kind of clothing that looks good on any body, be it chubby, skinny, tall, short, whatever. It is a light piece, chilled, perfect for use in the summer, but due to its beauty is beautiful in any season.

This clothing is originally from the Middle East, more precisely the Mesopotamian region, and its characteristics are well marked. The cut is very wide, the sleeves are pointed, the fabric is lightweight and the variation of prints is amazing.

There is enough variation in the length of women’s Kaftans, either the sleeves or part overall. All are beautiful, are long dresses, short or blouses. The colors always attract many compliments about the piece.

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Plus Size Colorful Clothing

Pastel as the most delicious ice cream varieties of vanilla to pistachio or gaudy colorful as juicy fruits of raspberry and lemon: Summer is the time of the colors! Now not only juicy fruits season, but fittingly also fashion in bright colors that make the summer even more beautiful! Plus-size fashion shows this season super-versatile time in delicate candy Colours or with strong contrasts that shine with the sun in shining.Discover now all the color variety of summer and look forward to enjoying fashionable looks for large sizes, which are made for hot days!

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The Perfect Outfit for a First Date

Finally it’s done: he asked you if you want to go out with him. For their first date no letdown is, there are a few styling tips so nothing goes wrong.

Nothing is worse than sitting underdressed in a fancy restaurant, or overdressed with a walk through the park. Therefore it is very important at the first meeting after the planned location to ask.

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What to Wear for a Social Event

Choosing the one outfit to a more event social can lead some women to error. You need to know compose a style that is often completely different from that used on the day and the pieces combinations may seem strange, but they are not. It is in any doubt about what the best clothes of female social fashion? Get some tips on how to dress up in this style and raze in any event.

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My Little Dress For Summer

With the first heat, we dream of that perfect little dress that we put on in less than two and who knows make us chic little effort and in all circumstances. Here are the pieces to shopper for emergency to be beautiful under the Sun.

Embroidery, the romantic class

Our romantic aspirations will be filled this summer by the dresses decorated with embroideries, which have the advantage of further ease our outfit, playing on transparency. We love the model proposed by Miss R, sober and subtle and can be twister with color accessories if you afraid to be too classical. The embroideries, tulle, crochet and other FishNet are perfect for their air side well appreciable for a chic summer dress by hot weather.

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How to Wear for a Funeral?

The elegance and restraint are in order to choose an outfit for a funeral. To learn how you dress to go to a funeral, read on!

A Color in Accordance with the Situation

If black is still the favorite color for a funeral, other colors are tolerated during the ceremony. You can wear navy blue, gray or brown, but avoid colors too flashy. According to the beliefs of the deceased and his family, it is even possible to wear white to a funeral: this color symbolizes life continues, and celebrates the joy of life of the deceased. But beware: ask well with the relatives before choosing a white dress for a funeral. In general, do ignore the printed even discreet. Sobriety plain fabrics is more appropriate for this type of ceremony.

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What to Wear When You Go Back to Work?

Between the emails that have accumulated and waking always a bit difficult, the return is a time that we all dread. Fortunately, with a tailored look, the return to reality is more enjoyable!

Prefer Sobriety

The first day of school, your colleagues will assess your tan and will ask you questions about your vacation. No need to add more with an obtrusive look! Play the simplicity card, and avoid showing off all reported jewelry Mauritius. Prefer to adopt a fluid pants with a blouse or jeans and a sweater end if the atmosphere of the company is more relaxed. Ditto for makeup: If you are part of the sun and your skin is nicely golden, opt for a little mascara and a touch of lipstick. Conversely, if your tan is nothing spectacular, useless to be the envy of your colleagues by having too heavy a hand on the foundation. A little blush should be enough to give you good-looking!

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Curvy Girl Fashion Trends

We have to admit it-in some situations are wide sweater and pants with elastic an absolute blessing.BUT may be so slow figurbetont it again! Luckily he is now back: Curvy trend, in which we will present all our advantages! You do not believe that this can look mega great? Well then waiting times from!

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How to Treat a Silk Blouse


There are some heads of very beautiful dress is to be seen what to wear. One much loved by women in particular (but not only), is the silk shirt, light shines with sparkling colors or just white. But this head besides being beautiful, is also very delicate especially as regards the washing. Usually silk garments are brought to the laundry but you know that you can wash your precious blouse at home? Using fact, the small but necessary steps, your loved garment once washed, will be bright and shiny, just only ensure that it can be treated with water and do not need a dry cleaning. In this guide you will find all necessary advice to properly treat your silk blouse. Continue reading How to Treat a Silk Blouse

10 Good Investments on Sale

Who can resist the sale? It’s so nice to be able to take advantage of the fantastic promotions and buy those pieces that’s been dating for some time, right? Had already posted here a few tips to consider before going to the sale, so I decided to bet on the 10 wardrobe Basic, in that it is worth investing your budget. Continue reading 10 Good Investments on Sale

10 Models of Pants for Use This Fall Winter

The autumn-winter is already there and the sets not far from the present beautiful trousers that serve as inspiration for all occasions. The pants make up the female look many years ago, because they are part of the history of the evolution of women. The pants can be made of various fabrics with many models and colors for every occasion. Continue reading 10 Models of Pants for Use This Fall Winter

Hammer Pants: Men’s Fashion Tips

The sarouel pants is already part of the feminine universe for quite some time and is present in all seasons with adaptations on models and fabrics, being lighter for summer and more full-bodied in winter. The new trend however, pointing to the creation of the male models and has won a growing number of fans. However the hammer to fashion men still need to face some cultural barriers in Brazil for the sets to reach the same level. To use the templates in addition to modern and hip is also needed a dose of boldness, since fashion is not fully accepted by here. Check out some tips on how to match the pants saruel men with other pieces of clothing, shoes and accessories and use without fear of making mistakes. Continue reading Hammer Pants: Men’s Fashion Tips

Pants Boyfriend: How to Use and Combine

Boyfriend style pants are one of the major trends of fashion and look good in any season.
Are a very versatile garment and are very comfortable due to your cut loose and you mean, a page giving a relaxed and slightly masculine style. Continue reading Pants Boyfriend: How to Use and Combine

Jeans Like the Famous Jeans Wear

We selected six models of jeans for an incredible price? And we’ve shown 24 ways to use them as celebrities!

  1. Extrabell-bottom pants , R$ 19.90; 2. Extra skinny pants , R $ 39,90; 3. C&Aripped pants , R $ 69,90

1) Mouth-bell

Straight up to the knee and down below, he makes an excellent pair both with platform jumps and low heels!

Megan Fox opted for a stripped-down look, with regatinha, knitting and flip-flops.Already J.Lo. Made a more upscale line combining his with high heels (always a good choice with that model!) And loose blouse.

Miley Cyrus combined her bell-mouth with a jump, which helps stretch the silhouette. Since the trousers are just above, it’s also cool to combine with a robe, as she did, or with a longer, lighter regatinha, as Lindsay Lohan chose.

2) Skinny

All fair, the skinny with the darkest wash is perfect to play in the ballad!

Beyoncé threw the dark jeans in heeled sandals and wide modeling coat: the combination of the skinny just with the wide top gives a great proportion to the look! Miley Cyrus also chose a good jump to wear with her skinny, who looked great in the most loose blouse.

Already Leighton Meester played the ballad look with his dark skinny: the wide blazer and the ankle boot complete the look! And of course the darker skinny also takes place on a day-to-day basis: Vanessa Hudgen’s has combined her with a wad and a sneaker.

3) Torn

Dark or not, the ripped jeans ensures a lot of attitude to the look!

Who said that the ripped jeans can not be fancy? Cameron Diaz combined his with a high heel and delicate blouse, while Sophia Bush left the chic basics with the scarf and the white shirt.

For those who want a rock ‘n roll look, the ripped jeans are prefect! Ashley Tisdaleplayed in this style in a leather jacket, sweatshirt and buttoned sandal, whileTaylor Momsen bet on the coturno and black jacket and regatta.

Basictrousers Carrefour , R $ 55; 5. Pant pants Renner , R $ 79,90; 6.Riachuelo boyfriend pants , R $ 69,90.

4) Basic

From straight cut, it’s always a sure bet to have in the closet!

The platform and the most discreet blouse left the look of Megan Fox sexy in the right measure. Rachel Bilson also bet on high heels, matching her jeans with neutral color pieces. Mary-Kate Olsen threw her jeans in a very basic cardigan, while Miley Cyrus chose to bend the bar of her to change the look a bit.

5) Pantalona

Right on the hips and wide in the legs, it helps to disguise wide hips!

Rachel Bilson improvised a hippie look for Halloween with the pants: with a headband and a band, do not need anything else to enter the mood peace and love! Mischa Barton, in turn, threw his clear pants in a cardigan and white shirt: simple and chic.

Ashley Tisdale bet on a more relaxed look, with sweatshirt and loose blouse, as well as Katie Holmes, who completed the look with scarf and beret.

6) Boyfriend’s jeans

Fever on the catwalks and among the celebrities, this little slutty model is super comfortable!

Of masculine, just the pants: Reese Witherspoon folded the bar of his boyfriend? S jeans and combined with heels and silk blouses. Victoria Beckham, for her part, wagered on the acrylated blazer to make a stripped chic style: combining the loose jeans with tighter pieces on top is a way to always hit!

Halle Berry left the jeans combination+white t-shirt much more fashionable with the gladiator sandal and tack pocket. Already Katie Holmes bet on the neck scarf as her fashion touch. The sneaker and the delicate cardigan made the perfect balance with the slacks!

Sarouel Pants: How to Combine and Use Women

There are various styles and types of pants: jeans, leggings, silk, lycra, leather, with various patterns, linen, fabric, elastic, etc.

A pair that has done quite successfully in the male and female world are hammer pants that has all these patterns and styles included in the model itself. Continue reading Sarouel Pants: How to Combine and Use Women