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How to Have Tomboy Style

One of the great fashion trends autumn/winter 2012 is the Tomboy fashion. It is not today that the ideal of androgyny passes through the walkways of fashion weeks across the world, blending of fun way the feminine and the masculine shirts, blazers, jeans among other pieces characteristically masculine tailoring.

In addition to being a very comfortable style, perfect for little formal occasions and more casual encounters, glamour and beauty back to visual, for who knows to combine styles without transforming your wardrobe

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Fine Men’s Sport Coats

The sport is a style that always raises doubts in the minds of many men. Whenever enough invitation to party, we have the same doubts. What is sport? What to use? How to combine each piece? It’s a subject so sought after by men that we have to talk in a very reduced about How to dress fine sport at the beginning of the blog, but, now, we want to give you some tips to stand out and get away from basic shirt, pants, shoes and tie.

1-Run the jeans

Many believe that the jeans is a fine sport male parts. None of this! The fine is between the social sport and the sport. And if we are talking about very low, it is a simplification of the suit – not know difference between suit, blazer, jacket and Tux? See here -. So the best choice is for slacks, but an alternative is chino pants. The jeans just in case. Continue reading Fine Men’s Sport Coats

Different Types of Collars

Today I present you the abundance of different collar forms in women’s fashion. In the 13th century, the first collar was attached to a jacket, then came the shirt with a collar. Already at that time, the collar was regarded as effective component to clothing.

Collar are the focal point of a garment and complete this by they adorn the neckline. Today, there really are some variants of collars. Continue reading Different Types of Collars

Great Outfit for a Wedding

Unsure of what to wear when you go to a wedding?

Together with Outfitterys style consultants, we have developed 2 altogether splendid outfits for weddings. One that fits the events with a Blazer, dress code and when it says “dress code: Costume” on the menu.

Both outfits have a modern touch but a classical base. So they should suit all types of people and all kinds of events with the above dress codes.

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How to Dress When You Are Short?

How to satisfy her fashion cravings when you’re far from having long legs? A short guide to highlight his (small) morphology.

Dress when one is small, a galley? Not necessarily. Just follow some tips and common sense rules that summarizes you right here.

1. Wear Heels 

A board that seems simple and obvious, but still deserves its place at the top of the list. Do not hesitate to get high since winning a few centimeters, you also refine your silhouette. Be careful with too high heels, which can quickly become vulgar. The anti-heels can fall back on derbies to platforms.

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How to Wear Sequins Casually

This fashion winter can be found again sequins everywhere. I really do not follow every trend. But this small, shimmering flakes have made my heart beat times higher again. Sequins stand for glamor, elegance and femininity. And they remind me of my time as a costume designer at the State Theatre in Darmstadt.

That sequins can be combined casually also, and what there sont to note yet that I want to show in this post.

As always my motto: “Never buy what you can not combine versatile.” And that also includes a skirt or a dress, fully sequined not. Of course, can be combined easily a white T-shirt. But with a little creativity, is a combination of talent out of the glitter particles.

Simpel and elegant occasions: A sequined cocktail dress, a couple of high heels, an elegant clutch. Even one is ready for the cocktail evening or Christmas.

If that is too much, or if it does not allow the occasion; then has to be played with opposites. Here are a few styling ideas:

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What to Wear for a Social Event

Choosing the one outfit to a more event social can lead some women to error. You need to know compose a style that is often completely different from that used on the day and the pieces combinations may seem strange, but they are not. It is in any doubt about what the best clothes of female social fashion? Get some tips on how to dress up in this style and raze in any event.

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Tips to Not Make Slip-ups Sets

The clothes go far beyond their practical function to protect the body, are also responsible for transmitting the message that you want to communicate to the world with its image. However, not always what jumps to the eye is what you want to communicate.

Discover little FIBS sets that can get old or even too your visual infantilize:

Slip-ups they age

Choose the wrong color

Despite the choice of color be a matter of taste, the tone should always vary according to your skin, as hot and cold profiles ask for a different range of hues. The wrong color, it doesn’t suit you, get older because evidence such as tags defeitinhos and pales of expression, blemishes, dark circles and wrinkles. The ideal is to prove an outfit you review it with calm in front of the mirror, to understand all the details. Another option is to get a sweater in two different colours, put her face for a few seconds and then do the same with the other. The comparison will help you to understand what was best.

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The Same Piece in Two Looks

If you think a white t-shirt is only indicated for the weekend and that classic pants are intended for a more formal look, then see how you can use the same article in two contexts.

Bet on versatile pieces, you can use on more than one occasion, and get your wardrobe. After all, fashion is not rigid and depending on how conjugates the clothes can get a more classical style or more trendy. So get inspired in these six summer looks. Continue reading The Same Piece in Two Looks

5 Jeans in Which Must Have Bet

Some people have dozens of jeans, which will accumulate over the years. Push up, skinny, high or low waist, ripped up, retro-inspired, mom, boyfriend fit, bootcut or leggings are many models of jeans available. In fact, the fashion industry has been to innovate this iconic piece, introducing new cuts and materials such as spandex, which contributed to a greater comfort. Continue reading 5 Jeans in Which Must Have Bet

10 Good Investments on Sale

Who can resist the sale? It’s so nice to be able to take advantage of the fantastic promotions and buy those pieces that’s been dating for some time, right? Had already posted here a few tips to consider before going to the sale, so I decided to bet on the 10 wardrobe Basic, in that it is worth investing your budget. Continue reading 10 Good Investments on Sale

10 Models of Pants for Use This Fall Winter

The autumn-winter is already there and the sets not far from the present beautiful trousers that serve as inspiration for all occasions. The pants make up the female look many years ago, because they are part of the history of the evolution of women. The pants can be made of various fabrics with many models and colors for every occasion. Continue reading 10 Models of Pants for Use This Fall Winter

Pants Boyfriend: How to Use and Combine

Boyfriend style pants are one of the major trends of fashion and look good in any season.
Are a very versatile garment and are very comfortable due to your cut loose and you mean, a page giving a relaxed and slightly masculine style. Continue reading Pants Boyfriend: How to Use and Combine

Jeans Like the Famous Jeans Wear

We selected six models of jeans for an incredible price? And we’ve shown 24 ways to use them as celebrities!

  1. Extrabell-bottom pants , R$ 19.90; 2. Extra skinny pants , R $ 39,90; 3. C&Aripped pants , R $ 69,90

1) Mouth-bell

Straight up to the knee and down below, he makes an excellent pair both with platform jumps and low heels!

Megan Fox opted for a stripped-down look, with regatinha, knitting and flip-flops.Already J.Lo. Made a more upscale line combining his with high heels (always a good choice with that model!) And loose blouse.

Miley Cyrus combined her bell-mouth with a jump, which helps stretch the silhouette. Since the trousers are just above, it’s also cool to combine with a robe, as she did, or with a longer, lighter regatinha, as Lindsay Lohan chose.

2) Skinny

All fair, the skinny with the darkest wash is perfect to play in the ballad!

Beyoncé threw the dark jeans in heeled sandals and wide modeling coat: the combination of the skinny just with the wide top gives a great proportion to the look! Miley Cyrus also chose a good jump to wear with her skinny, who looked great in the most loose blouse.

Already Leighton Meester played the ballad look with his dark skinny: the wide blazer and the ankle boot complete the look! And of course the darker skinny also takes place on a day-to-day basis: Vanessa Hudgen’s has combined her with a wad and a sneaker.

3) Torn

Dark or not, the ripped jeans ensures a lot of attitude to the look!

Who said that the ripped jeans can not be fancy? Cameron Diaz combined his with a high heel and delicate blouse, while Sophia Bush left the chic basics with the scarf and the white shirt.

For those who want a rock ‘n roll look, the ripped jeans are prefect! Ashley Tisdaleplayed in this style in a leather jacket, sweatshirt and buttoned sandal, whileTaylor Momsen bet on the coturno and black jacket and regatta.

Basictrousers Carrefour , R $ 55; 5. Pant pants Renner , R $ 79,90; 6.Riachuelo boyfriend pants , R $ 69,90.

4) Basic

From straight cut, it’s always a sure bet to have in the closet!

The platform and the most discreet blouse left the look of Megan Fox sexy in the right measure. Rachel Bilson also bet on high heels, matching her jeans with neutral color pieces. Mary-Kate Olsen threw her jeans in a very basic cardigan, while Miley Cyrus chose to bend the bar of her to change the look a bit.

5) Pantalona

Right on the hips and wide in the legs, it helps to disguise wide hips!

Rachel Bilson improvised a hippie look for Halloween with the pants: with a headband and a band, do not need anything else to enter the mood peace and love! Mischa Barton, in turn, threw his clear pants in a cardigan and white shirt: simple and chic.

Ashley Tisdale bet on a more relaxed look, with sweatshirt and loose blouse, as well as Katie Holmes, who completed the look with scarf and beret.

6) Boyfriend’s jeans

Fever on the catwalks and among the celebrities, this little slutty model is super comfortable!

Of masculine, just the pants: Reese Witherspoon folded the bar of his boyfriend? S jeans and combined with heels and silk blouses. Victoria Beckham, for her part, wagered on the acrylated blazer to make a stripped chic style: combining the loose jeans with tighter pieces on top is a way to always hit!

Halle Berry left the jeans combination+white t-shirt much more fashionable with the gladiator sandal and tack pocket. Already Katie Holmes bet on the neck scarf as her fashion touch. The sneaker and the delicate cardigan made the perfect balance with the slacks!