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Sprinters Do Well At MTB Trail Outdoor Marathon in Americana

Tamara Pesoti And Antoniel Da Silva Are The Fastest In The Elite Pro Category

The first stage of the MTB Trail Outdoor Marathon took place on Sunday in the city of Americana, organized by kalangas Bikers, which favored the pilots who are more accustomed to boulders, since the 18 km course had climbs with little slope and rapid descents thanks to the terrain Firm, despite the accumulation of sand in several parts. Continue reading Sprinters Do Well At MTB Trail Outdoor Marathon in Americana

What Equipment Against the Cold?

As any practice cycling in difficult conditions, biking when it’s cold requires some preparation. To be well equipped in the face of low temperatures, he must first protect the upper body: choose a shirt long-sleeved thermal material, in cotton, and in case of great cold underwear, a windproof jacket that will preserve you the frost. For the bottom, feel free to choose a good pants, both flexible and close to the body: leggings will do so very well. Finally, choose the comfort by wearing a good pair of tights or shorts that retain heat. Continue reading What Equipment Against the Cold?

UCI World Cycling Tour 2012

As of June 30, 2012 Pack to start in the Tour de France in 2012. It begins with a prologue in Liege, Belgium. Which teams competed in the 2011 Tour de France and will also be shown in 2012 at the start? What were the wildcard? Which riders in the law creating chances to win stages? And who will be the final victory to take? Cadel Evans is the weather like in 2011?

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Giro D’Italia 2012 Cycling News

Giro d?? Italia 2012 starts Saturday 5 May with a 8.7 km individual pace in Herning. On Sunday, May 27 put the package as a final stage individual time trial of 31.5 kilometers in the streets of Milan. Together peloton climbs the Alpe di Pampeago, Mortirolo and Stelvio choosing, making 2012 Giro d’Italia will likely be won by the strongest climbers.

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Old Cyclists

Hello dear friends and readers of the Community, Community president will speak Alonso, in charge of telling the mountain bike route that has taken place on the morning of Sunday August 14, 2016. Today reintegration played a route to cycling old cyclists and we accompany Biker Community Community MTB Alonsojpd, Kronxito, Tonius, Matias Jose Matias Jesus Alejandro, Toni, Ricardo, Richard, Ivan, Eduardo and a community more whose name I forget (sorry).

We left around 08:49 from the headquarters of the Community in Molina de Segura, today we would do a flat but long route to Orihuela, along the river, some 80km. So we went rolling slowly at first, as always chatting and enjoying the cool morning. We passed the Ribera de Molina and we move on the bank of the River Segura. We passed the Contraparada without reaching back to the traditional route for a long anticipated. Just a few kilometers ahead we expect the community Jesus who joined the squad.

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Cycling Community

Today the Community Kronxito decided to go with painted face, no more, no reason, for no reason, because he wanted to, plain and simple. So we shot by Molina de Segura to Campotéjar and from there took the road of the transfer. We shot at a good pace until the end of the transfer, turn right, facing a steep slope, a slope and turn right again to take the dirt road engineer in the Sierra del Marqués. A climb of about 2km, not fussed also did apace.

Once up continue to the left road, exploring a small area we did not know and reaching the road Ulea.The left and we arrived at Barranco Sevilla, there turn right to go to the viewpoint of the forest house at the beginning of Scalextric. We stopped a few minutes to lunch, rest a little and throw us a few photos.

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Engineer Bike Team

We start from the headquarters of the Community in Molina de Segura and we’re rolling road desentumeciendo muscles and taking away the cobwebs, heating, while we chatted animatedly and we breathe the air hot and muggy summer afternoon this murciana. We had a very good morning, warm but with cool wind played today suffer a little, at least at the beginning of the route.

We drove road reaching the edge of the transfer, there continue rolling until we heard a loud noise in the front wheel of the bicycle community Mary, so we stopped to have a look. We saw it was the brake piston that was a little out of place, we proceeded to re-introduce making lever with a wrench. Once resolved and recorded the episode of the harsh reality of mountain biker continue the route.

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Technical Mountain Bikes

We started, like every day, with our mountain bikes oiled and prepared from the headquarters of the Community in Molina de Segura. Today we head towards the Sierra de Ricote, so we took the road to go to Archena transfer. As always we started rolling gently to loosen up and get warmed muscles. We spoke to the new community and with others, in a warm but bearable afternoon, with the relatively fresh wind.

We pass the place where community Patricia took the fall on the road yesterday and we remember her and her strength to have continued with a blow to the knee. We reached the end of the transfer and turn left to go to Archena. Once at the junction turn right to go parallel to the Segura River and spa. This road soon reached Ulea and crossed without stopping. Today our intention was not to arrive too late, since the route we reached yesterday too and arrived at 23:59. We try to reduce downtime to a minimum.

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MTB Route by Night

The day August 19, 2016 came to the headquarters of Community at 19: 04h, there were the Kronxito, Paquito206, Juan Caride, Aurelio and Jesus (Chules) community. Our community president Alonso this time not accompany us, without knowing in advance, I took that surprise unexpectedly, say from here that owes me and have made me lol.

Prepare and have Kronxito bikes, Paquito206 and mine in Community van, they were in another car and Jesus Aurelio community. On the other hand the Community Juan Caride with his car and bike. In Cehegín we also would find Manuel Antonio community. We arrived at about 20pm to Cehegín, at the same meeting point for premarcha Hangout. We hope to others peers of the clubs mentioned above, this route was massive and would attend some 25 cyclists to have a blast at night we expected.

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MTB Cycling Molina Greenway

As it is not normal for me lol, I get up an hour before the scheduled start time route, at about 06:03 in the morning. The reason for the early start (some would say have been raised before, but I floor normally raise half an hour before or 16 minutes, so it is a lol madrugón An end!) It is that I wanted to give a surprise to my community on the route we were going to do, and that surprise was to prepare sandwiches cocoa cream to make the most enjoyable and pleasant route. But I had no dough (bread sandwich) or seasoning (cocoa butter), so I had to approach the nearest gas station to buy these food items.

Even having risen early, I saw that if I started to make the sandwiches in my house, I would paste rice. So I decided to toss in a backpack so extra elements (earth, spice and knife), as the elements that I usually accompany any route (bag camelback, nuts, bananas, etc.), with the idea of ​​preparing Poza snacks in the Mula river. This brought me fond memories of my childhood and early years of MTB in Topbbacolleges.com, when there was the “Camelbak backpack” of 90 euros and we went out with our backpack full of snacks and bottled water, and nothing happened, no were dying we’ve become very foodies !!

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MTB Cyclists Engineer 2.0

We left the headquarters of the Community in Molina de Segura at about 18:26, we rolled quietly, chatting and sunbathing in the afternoon, towards the Trasvase. We reached him and move through your bank until the end. There we turn left to take the Engineer rise in the Sierra del Marqués. The Tonius community is gradually resuming contact sport and cycling, so going up to his pace.

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The Bicycle Day: In Memory Of The First “Trip”

Today is April 19 is the World Day of the bicycle, a rare official celebration that has a peculiar origin. It has to do with chemistry, particularly with the discovery of the effects of lysergic acid diethylamide, LSD. Yes, yes.

The bicycle, in a cardboard to soak LSD. Image of YttriumOx in Wikipedia.

The relationship with the bike is entirely coincidental: it was riding a bike on April 19 when the discoverer of LSD confirmed its potent effects. A curious story.

In 1938, Albert Hofmann, a chemist at Sandoz in Basel, working with active components of medicinal plants, particularly of ergot (a parasite of this cereal fungus). Ergot, massively ingested in contaminated rye bread, in the Middle Ages caused the fire ergotismo or San Antón, that causes gangrene and hallucinations; It has also been linked to ritual uses in Greece, used for respiratory conditions, to induce abortions and to stop bleeding after childbirth. All this, of course, before the advent of modern medicine.

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Flamethrower Mountain Biking

Hello dear friends and readers Biker Community, today I want to tell you what the Community Alonsojpd leads attached to the frame of his bike Olympia Nitro and power. You are hundreds those who have asked and asking follow, so I will explain what is what and what they do.

Some time ago we needed a stick to throw up our group selfie pictures of community, because we usually leave enough community and hand did not reach us to take the picture. How could it be otherwise in the Community, we decided to make a stick selfie home and our way. So we leave the department of IMA (Applied Mechanical Engineering), which is responsible Paquito206, the idea of ​​making a selfie stick why buy it? that would be too easy.

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Vitoria: An Institute Any

We arrived through Facebook to very interesting pictures of Jose Felix Basozábal . This is the IES Mendebaldea, Vitoria-Gasteiz. Jose Felix has given us very kindly photos for playback.


You see, the photos are March 2014. Vitoria already know that bike uses a lot of people, as in Seville and some other lucky town around here. In this case, we speak of an institute that teaches students of ESO and Bachiller, ie between 12 and 19 years or less.

From Friday May 9, 2014, an important part of students (those under 16 years) should begin to wear a helmet to keep going to school by bike, under threat of penalty to their parents. And we can not help ourselves a series of questions.

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Mountain Bike MTB

We begin this new route mountain bike MTB (mountain bike MTB) to visit the Holy One of Ulea and Alto del Ope. So we set off at about 18:31, departing from the headquarters of the Community in Molina de Segura. Let’s rolling road towards Lagunas de Campotéjar. We did not go in them to do the very long route, we continue along the road without delay the transfer.

We drove calmly, enjoying a splendid afternoon, not very warm, a company inmmejorable simply great.We reached the end of the transfer and turn left, as in the past routes, to raise the Engineer in the Sierra del Marqués in Murcia (Murcia, Spain). Let raising it gradually, making some recordings for the afternoon was ideal illumination for GoPro. We reached the end and continue by road, down to Ulea by the new route we discovered yesterday Tonius.

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Bikes Can Create At Least 76,600 Jobs And Save 10,000 Lives Each Year In Europe

The supertitular! And best of all is that the source is the European regional office of the World Health Organization, by press release (PDF).

Bikes, employment and life.

In a new proof that urban bike is subversive, hippie and radical left, WHOtoday launched a report entitled “Unlocking New Opportunities: Jobs in green and healthy transport” (PDF), in analyzing the transport situation in Europe and propose solutions to some problems that we suffer.

According to WHO, on average every European lost 9 months of life by exposure to diesel particles (excluding other pollution). Every year 120,000 people die prematurely because of accidents, and the costs of these treatments doctors – including low and may represent up to 3% of GDP according to Newvilleoutdoor. And these are only the costs directly resulting from transport problems.

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MTB Route Canada Molina

At 17:41 we went from the headquarters of the Community in Molina de Segura, with our bikes oiled, cleaned and prepared (except mine that is not clean). We headed for the Glen Morcillo, road, through the saddle. Turn left to go to The Sword and Comala. There circulate between fruit trees until the road saw the Sword.

In this area we remember the mechanical failure that bicicleaa Community Matthias suffered a few weeks ago when we had to cut the route can not solve the problem. In the afternoon we intended to do the same route and finish complete. So we went rolling down the road saw the Sword, rising gradually to reach the Hurona.

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Collaboration: Defense Manifest In Car

We release section collaborations with text Màrius Navazo of GEA21,originally published in Catalan in the number 59 of the magazine Sustainable Mobility of the Catalan association PTP (PROMOCIO Public Transport)  and then expanded and translated into Castilian in the magazine City Live.

Do not be alarmed by the title, we have not gone mad …


Màrius Navazo

1. A very slow urban vehicle

The car in town is a very slow car. Just follow the results of urban racing transportation organized by the Association for the Promotion of Public Transport of Barcelona annually, where shows that the car often is slower than the most other modes  [1. Race sustainable mobility, PTP] . In fact, on certain routes is classified in last place, which means that reaches’ behind the pedestrian !!! And this does not just happen in Barcelona city (2,000,000 inhabitants) but is worse in smaller cities like Hospitalet de Llobregat (400,000) or Sabadell (200,000 inhabitants). Therefore, it  is urgent toimplement solutions to this landmark invention of the twentieth century to become competitive in our contemporary urban reality.

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