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Men’s Country Hats Photos

Country fashion gained momentum in the 1990s. At first it was a style only worn by Americans, even though it was in the United States where such clothing was born. In the country, clothing is worn by people living in rural areas, such as the state of Texas. Here in Brazil, people who like the country style, use in rodeos and pawns parties, or even day-to-day on farms and sites. Continue reading Men’s Country Hats Photos

Women’s Belts Fashion

Models of the New Female Belts Fashion 2018

The new Moda 2018 Women’s Belts have enough varieties to make any look more interesting.Today it is indispensable to use accessories, these accessories that serve to complete your look, so be sure to check what we will have news for this year, we are sure you will love.Even though these belts have trends and details that are high, such as spikes, tacks, glitter, and more, they are models and more models, to be used in any occasion as well, so check it out and stay on top of the news as soon as possible. Continue reading Women’s Belts Fashion

Cufflinks, Style and Personality

Cufflinks may look démodé, but they are a great alternative for men who want to differentiate the look. Much is said in style for women, while on the masculine side, men who like to be fashionable suffer with limited options. To differentiate the basic male black, the suit and tie; the tip is the accessories. And between them, the cufflinks. Continue reading Cufflinks, Style and Personality

Battlefield 1 Inspired Outfits

Inspiration can be found at every corner. Whether it be a walk through the old town, talking to a good friend or even gambling in the evening to get a little bit of everyday life. You can find inspiration everywhere, I am firmly convinced. That’s why I’ve been inspired by the Battlefield 1 game and would like to show you that the outfits from the years 1914 to 1918 still work today in 2017. Continue reading Battlefield 1 Inspired Outfits

Navajo Style Fashion

Have you ever heard in this style? He is an ethnic look that undoubtedly here to stay.This style is inspired by the clothes and accessories of Indian tribes of North America, especially the Navajo tribe, hence the name. This style comes up a lot on the streets, but not always on the catwalks and yet has been seen in parades of the São Paulo Fashion Week and Fashion Rio in 2011.

Also check out our special article on African Clothing, they are also super trendy.

Continue reading Navajo Style Fashion

How to Dress When You Are Short?

How to satisfy her fashion cravings when you’re far from having long legs? A short guide to highlight his (small) morphology.

Dress when one is small, a galley? Not necessarily. Just follow some tips and common sense rules that summarizes you right here.

1. Wear Heels 

A board that seems simple and obvious, but still deserves its place at the top of the list. Do not hesitate to get high since winning a few centimeters, you also refine your silhouette. Be careful with too high heels, which can quickly become vulgar. The anti-heels can fall back on derbies to platforms.

Continue reading How to Dress When You Are Short?

Causes of Holes in Clothes

Many people have gone through it all, just bought a nice shirt or cute skirt, it seems already to sit in a hole. A new piece of clothing that you can expect that it will take time before it starts to show wear, what can go on, if you find holes in your clothes?

Holes in your clothes

It’s fun to buy new clothes. When you have something new that you feel better and more comfortable in your own skin. A new outfit can just give a little more confidence. Especially women are happy to spend money on clothes. With the changing seasons we go out again to buy new clothes. Sometimes you go with your new clothes have a little accident, so short after buying an ugly stain on whether you are somewhere along the mistake, which creates a haaltje in your new clothes. It is a great pity and a waste of money, but the damage to the garment is understandable. Weirder it gets when you find small holes in your clothes, you do not know how they are formed.

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Colorful Pants-Where to Buy

Every generation new trends are accrued on young fashion. Who does not remember his trousers flared and the colored shirt that marked the Decade of 70? Over the years what always seemed pretty much ended up falling into contradiction and that modifications were being made. The fashion of today is very different from what our grandparents used when they were young. A trend that gained momentum some time are the colorful pants, with bold colors and vibrant. Continue reading Colorful Pants-Where to Buy

Pants Boyfriend: How to Use and Combine

Boyfriend style pants are one of the major trends of fashion and look good in any season.
Are a very versatile garment and are very comfortable due to your cut loose and you mean, a page giving a relaxed and slightly masculine style. Continue reading Pants Boyfriend: How to Use and Combine

Style Guide

Secrets and valuable tips for you to apply in everyday life and destroy in looks

Style, more than being fashionable, is to translate what we truly are. Style is something that is conquered with exercise, observation and boldness. So how about some tips to give a turbocharged in your? The personal stylist Manu Chadha account which is the ideal time to shop and how to dress according to the shape of your body. Continue reading Style Guide

Findings of My Closet

Guys, this post is to show you some of my favorite pieces from the closet, not only by “beauty”, but the estimates, thanks to the history of each one of them. Are “found” even, which I searched in my travels and in mom’s closet. I love every one of them! I clicked on my new house, so you can see some of my corner. Continue reading Findings of My Closet