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High Fashion Makeup Trends

The makeup is a way to exalt the beauty at any time.

Everyone is keeping an eye on fashion trends in 2016 autumn/winter, including makeup. The parades of SPFW reveal a little about the makeup for the chilly period of the year.

Do you think you should choose a dark lipstick in autumn and winter, then you are wrong. There is no longer a single prevailing style.

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Makeup Trend Spring Summer 2016

The appearance of the hottest season in the year always comes with different colors to brighten up the clothes, makeup and decorations. And, the multicolor combines with summer in Brazil.

Which “tone” will be given to the fashion makeup of summer 2016?  Techniques, style and colors of makeup?

Classic style? Bold makeup? Focusing on the eyes? Light makeup?

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Is BB Cream Makeup or Skin Care

The makeup industry has brought about innovative products.

There is a search for a lighter, more natural and less exaggerated makeup.

The BB cream (Blemish Balm Cream) is a part of this kind of products for a light makeup that makes you look like wearing makeup. And, at the same time, it provides a remarkable beautification for skin.

There are many reasons to use the BB cream, but people who use the product point out its practicability and correctness for the skin (similar to what the base does) as the main reason.

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Carnival Tips

OBA oba, Carnival has arrived!

Like most Brazilians I love this season. In the Carnival we wash the soul, right?!

More than samba parades, blocks, micaretas or late nights, what I like about this season is the climate of revelry and joy, that really infects even the most blasé of humans.

Obviously each one into the dates from your way, but I decided to gather some into to take the most of the 4 day Festival.

For me, better than a thousand preparations with fantasy and make, the more fun it is to improvise with what you have. I love kimono, parts with paet and cropped top -great options. The ideal are interesting pieces that fill the eyes, so I bet on colored and/or patterned.

But, if you already have that favorite costume in the closet, that of other carnivals, send bullet and work without fear np Salon. If you are very old lady, increment with your wardrobe pieces and abuse of accessories to give up on the look.

In make skin bright and keep cool, as the summer. After all, you’re going to sweat and we don’t want anyone with a heavy base and melequeta. Bet on creams with illuminator and BB Creams. The chain hoist must be on account of paet, glitter or gold eyes … or all together! A mouth in tom alive powerful too is a wonderful choice. After all, in the Carnival can all!

At the head didn’t abuse the very elaborate hairstyles, you won’t want to be straightening their hair all the time. We want to dance and jump, without worry about if everything is falling apart or not. So, to keep everything in place and do a free, invest in tiaras and headbands with flowers or feathers, light and original. The coke messed up help circumvent the heat and can be incremented with braids, Barrettes and flowers. Beautiful!

And, last but not least: If you moisturize a lot, use comfortable shoes (no way), take care, taking a taxi if you’re drinking, and don’t drink like there’s no tomorrow, because there’s going to be and if it is post “abuse” is going to be tense. Lol!

Now let’s try it out and enjoy the fun!