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Review of Tent Takoma 2, NTK (Nautika)

Series Small Tents: we follow with the series of reviews about small tents, for one or two people. The goal is to assist adventurers in the choice of equipment according to your profile. We inform you about the features and functionality of each, differentiating tents tents techniques generalists, and we indicate the best options for treks, Wild camping or structured. The tent Takoma 2, new model of NTK (Nautika), is included in this group of tents. Continue reading Review of Tent Takoma 2, NTK (Nautika)

Women’s Sports Backpack

Wear it on your back

After school, work or cleaning the House, offer yourself a moment of relaxation and leisure, taking with you a few useful business in a cute backpack for woman.

A too long day deserves a moment of rest during which you can practice sport, swimming, go on weekend, biking, hiking or just a walk in the Park.

Be sure to have your phone, Tablet, your sweater and your book at hand, it would be better to be accompanied by a backpack for light woman who will be much more convenient.

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How to Choose the Right Backpack for Travel

If we did the percentage of travelers with a bag hung on their backs in airports around the world, it may be beyond the 50%. It’s just normal, the backpack has always been a certain idea of practicality, carefree, youth… Despite the meteoric rise of the very stylishsoft shell cases or rigid-hull with very clean lines, the backpack remains the darling of travellers. Especially among the young. Continue reading How to Choose the Right Backpack for Travel

Tyrol Features Your New Collection Autumn-Winter

Designer clothing fashion collection mounts to please the little ones and let moms jaw dropped the essay the Tyrol has developed the collection autumn-winter 2009 especially for kids tuned to the fashion world. For girls, retro trends, with many details of appliques with fabrics in plaid and delicate prints in coordinated […] Continue reading Tyrol Features Your New Collection Autumn-Winter