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Apple IPhone 8 in the Test

In the shadow of the iPhone X.

Conclusion of the 28.09.2017

The iPhone 8 convinces in test with brilliant performance, excellent workmanship and a great battery life. The photo quality is good and slightly better than in the previous, back behind the strong Android competition but a little. The look of the new Apple phones is the predecessor in the essential, just the fancy glass rear panel provides variety. Apple fans are looking for radical innovations, should take a look at the iPhone X. Continue reading Apple IPhone 8 in the Test

Iphone 6s Plus: Release, Specifications, Pictures

The iPhone generation, presented in late 2015 is a so-called “S-class” again. The iPhone 6s plus, so the official name of the new 5.5 Zoller, differs visually almost indistinguishable from the iPhone 6 plus. The closer look countless innovations above all can be found on the other hand, Apple’s innovative 3D-Touch-Bedienkonzept. Continue reading Iphone 6s Plus: Release, Specifications, Pictures

China’s Third Best-Selling Smart Watch Created by Former Google Employees

Wearable devices are becoming more and more popular in the technology market, although they are still expensive devices and little exploited, the sector should increase more in the coming years. Apple has released its smart watch and many believe that it was one of the culprits for popularizing these devices, even if other manufacturers had already released their versions. Continue reading China’s Third Best-Selling Smart Watch Created by Former Google Employees

Apple Patent: Will Install Magnets in the iPhone to the Camera-Accessories

Techgiganten is assigned the patent, which describes an iPhone with built-in magnets, so camera-equipment can easily be mounted.

Apple, with the iPhone, has the world’s most popular camera mobile, work continued on developing the possibilities, so customers will continue to blast away on the road.

Tech-company is also just been awarded 2 patents, which in the future could allow the user to replace the camera-lens. It writes Apple Insider.

U.s. Patent number 8, 638, 369 “Back panel for a portable electronic device with different camera lens options” describes an iPhone with a removable back cover. By removing this, one would be able to replace the lens with other options that could improve the zoom, stabilization, etc.

Since it has never been possible on the iPhone, to remove the back cover, so we should probably do not expect it to be something Apple has plans to introduce at the upcoming models. Continue reading Apple Patent: Will Install Magnets in the iPhone to the Camera-Accessories

Tip: Keynote Presentations Can Be Controlled Directly from Your iPhone

Forget about handwritten notes to the presentation that you want to sit right in the closet when you can use your iPhone instead.

Most presentations often consist of unimaginative PowerPoint slides and a stack of handwritten notes, which can get even interesting content to seem sleep-inducing.

Our site is instead poised to show how you can control it all from your iPhone or iPad, and even view your notes from the presentation directly on the screen.

The whole fuss requires, among other things, that you’re using Keynote app, there is, of course, is Apple’s answer to Microsoft’s PowerPoint. Also, you must be on the same Wifi as the device you want to control the presentation from. Continue reading Tip: Keynote Presentations Can Be Controlled Directly from Your iPhone

Greedy Giants or Floppende Scientists?

Why your mobile battery just isn’t good enough.

Some mobile phone owners have tried it. After a full charge overnight-for both the phone and the owner-skips we gaily out of bed, as a white-tailed eagle on happiness pills, but when not much more than just out the front door, before it discovers that 20% of the flow on the cell phone has already been used.

It kind of drains, no matter how close a relationship you have to your handheld electronic companion. Even hardcore old school users who live by the mantra: “my mobile is only for calls” feel the energy level valleys, when the prospect of being run out of power before you when work is a reality.

The question you have put themselves in the situation is, whether it’s just because one’s battery purely developmental only has a life span, which can expand the mayflies to consider pension schemes, or whether it is caused by a greedy attitude of cell producers, flowing in that no phone should live more than two years, as new models, of course, do not sell themselves … Continue reading Greedy Giants or Floppende Scientists?

Tip: These Apps Is the Ultimate App-Toolbox for IT Professionals

System administrators, tech support or warm atsmosphere Android enthusiasts – here are the tools for you.

Since Apple in 2008 welcomed customers in the App Store, there was hardly anyone who could have predicted the success they had. Since they are, in spite of head start in a year, bypassed by the search giant, Google Play with-universe has several items on the shelf. Especially when it comes to ICT tools.

Just have our site found a list of Android apps that can greatly assist IT professionals and other interested parties, on how to cope with cases on the go.

Active Directories
ActiveDir Manager (29 USD) -is a network administrator tool for Windows.

LDAP Client -Manage LDAP from the cell phone. Continue reading Tip: These Apps Is the Ultimate App-Toolbox for IT Professionals

Apple Sends out Bug Fixes with iOS 7.0.5, But Not for All

Update iOS 7.0.5 addressed netværkproblemer for users of iPhone 5 and 5S in China, is now also reached Europe.

After that Apple has just gotten 760 million new potential customers to the iPhone in January, has reportedly been network problems with the new iPhones over there.

Tech-giant is as usual fast out with bug fixes in the form of iOS 7.0.5 addressed network error on iPhone 5 c and iPhone 5S sold in China. It writes our site.

However, the message update now also available several places in Europe, and here at our site is the cropped up for iPhone 5S. European iOS users with iPhone 5 c or 5S receiving update, without worries install it directly on the iPhone under: Settings, General, Software Update. Continue reading Apple Sends out Bug Fixes with iOS 7.0.5, But Not for All

Samsung Opens 60 Shops in Europe

Tech-giant has signed an agreement with major retail, about to open 60 dedicated Samsung stores in Europe over the next 3 months.

When you buy a product, so one gets as a general rule, always the best customer experience in dedicated stores, to the mærekevarer to act. With mobile manufacturers sold the units often with telcos, and particularly in Europe, there are few and far between manufacturers ‘ dedicated stores.

Apple makes it already
However, we also see that the dedicated shops will be integrated into other businesses, because customer flow is simply not big enough to drive a separate store.
To take one example, so are there many Danish Fona stores, which houses separate Apple stores. Continue reading Samsung Opens 60 Shops in Europe

Apple Showed off New Record

Yesterday Apple presented their latest sales figures and could impress competitors with nice figures.

Nordea was yesterday morning out and say that there were three key figures they would like to see Apple impress competitors and the stock market.

One of the key figures was of course the number of units sold and here could Apple display numbers and graphs that gets all competitors to feel envy.

At three months reached Apple to sell for US $ 32.5 billion, just on iPhones. To put it another way, Apple sold 51 million expensive smartphones. Also on the iPad since Apple can show great numbers with 26 million units sold and a turnover of 11.5 billion u.s. dollars. Both separately and together produce iPhone and iPad sales records. In short, it has been a record year for Apple. Continue reading Apple Showed off New Record

Apple: End with ‘Death’ Screen with iOS 7.1

Tech-giant announces that the upcoming update for iOS devices dishes crash error, as several users are struggling with.

Apple’s iOS 7 update, which, according to tech-giant remains undisturbed developer page is installed on almost 80% of all units, have had a severe fødselt-particularly because of the radically changed the design.

The update, however, has also made iOS devices are slow and unstable. Several users have seen their iOS devices sometimes reboots to the white or black screen with Apple logo, which certainly was not a problem with earlier versions. However, should there be a fix on the way from tech-giant. It writes our site.

We have a fix in the next software update for a bug that could cause a crash on the home screen, “says Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller.

Our site has since the release of 4. Beta for iOS 7.1 had it installed on a 3rd-generation iPad. We can tell that the update improves the user experience significantly, compared to iOS 7.0.4 is publicly available.

But as we have previously prepared readers in, so can therefore go some time yet before iOS 7.1 is ready for public deployment.


Samsung and Google Join Forces in New Patent-Agreement

Tech giant Samsung is now a 10 year old patent-agreement with Google to ensure the Android platform against competitors.

Although it seems that Apple and Samsung will bury the hatchet, so there is no guarantee that it is actually going to happen when the parties meet in mid February.

Until now it is Apple, which must be said to have been the winning party, but that may soon change. Samsung has just announced in a press release that they have entered into a Global Patent-licensing deal with search giant Google. It writes our site. Continue reading Samsung and Google Join Forces in New Patent-Agreement

Apple Updates iWork Apps with New Features

The criticism has previously haglet down over Apple’s new design in the iWork Office suite. Now there are new features and bug fixes.

Apple updated in October their iWork suite of Office productivity suite that can be described as Apple’s response to the Office suite from Microsoft Windows-the universe. iWork Pages, Numbers and Keynote consists of.

Update (version 2.0) brought a completely new user interface to applications, and particularly on the Mac, there were clear differences to spot. The entire interface was simplified in order to create consistency between versions of both iOS and OSX (Mac).

Apple, however, got well deserved criticism of update that removed basic functions, which customers are now missing. The company however announced publicly that there were bug fixes and improvements on the way to users. Continue reading Apple Updates iWork Apps with New Features

Motorola Upload App Now Offers Apple Customers Welcome

In Motorola Transfer app has now come full support to those customers with iCloud, who want the content uploaded.

When we switched the mobile phones in the past, it was always a struggle without just, getting all the content with over on the new phone. It is, fortunately, been dramatically easier with time, especially if you stick to the same mobile manufacturer as in the past.

You will instead join the other side, so it is not always easy to get the whole thing with. It is also for this reason that Google’s Chief Executive Eric Schmidt earlier shared a “how-to” guide on Google +, which showed how iPhone customers could transfer their content to the Android universe.

Now, the Google-owned Motorola updated their “Motorola Transfer”-app, with full support for iCloud. This means that Apple customers can enter their AppleID directly in the app, and in this way get all content with over at phones: Moto X, Moto G, Droid, Droid and Droid Ultra Mini Maxx.


Analyst: iPhone 6 with 4.8 Inch Screen and Fast WiFi

Wall Street analyst claims that Apple have already committed themselves to a part of the design for the iPhone 6.

Although we do not expect a new iPhone the next couple of months, then claimed the Wall Street analyst Timothy Arcuri, that Apple have already committed themselves to a part of the design for the iPhone 6, writes our site.

Timothy Arcuri has Wednesday sent message out to investors in which he claims that Apple has identified a part of the design, based on information from subcontractors.

He believes to know that Apple has decided that the iPhone 6 must have a larger screen at 4.8 inch and fast Wi-Fi 802 .11ac, which allows for significantly faster data transfer via WiFi, than has been possible with earlier iPhones.

Arcuri expects that Apple will follow their traditional cycle, with the presentation of the iPhone 6 in September, but a source has opposite Arcuri expressed that a June presentation is not completely excluded.

Also think Arcuri to know that Apple has a 13 inch iPad in the pipeline, which is also very well could see the light of day during 2014.

Apple with the Winning Hand Prior to the Lawsuit with Samsung

Judge Lucy Koh has crippled a Samsung patent, and in addition, certain that they have broken one of Apple’s prior to the trial.

Despite the fact that Apple and Samsung will bury the hatchet, so there are still scheduled start of the new trial between the two warring parties.

To have judge Lucy Koh, who has been involved from the start, given that each of the two, only to bring 5 actions against each other.

However, she has, prior to the trial now that Samsung has violated one of Apple’s 5 patents, and even crippled one of Samsung’s own. It writes our site. Continue reading Apple with the Winning Hand Prior to the Lawsuit with Samsung

Samsung’s Path to the Throne on the Smartphone Market

Nokia and Sony Ericsson prevailed on the mobile market, until Apple and Samsung overtook from behind. Read the analyst explanation.

Samsung is now the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer, but this did not come from one day to the next. Mobile Analyst Horace Dediu estimates that Samsung’s role as a supplier to Apple and their large production muscle has been crucial to the in a few years, could grow from 0 to 30 percent of smartphone market. It writes our site.

The mobile industry is an industry where there is tremendous development and there have been major upheavals for computer and phone manufacturers in recent years. Continue reading Samsung’s Path to the Throne on the Smartphone Market

Apple Keeps iPad Event on 22 May. October

On Tuesday, 22. October 2013 is perhaps the date of the next iPad event. New iPad and iPad Mini with A7-processor on the way.

Apple has apparently little more up his sleeve, as they’d like to share with the outside world, and perhaps be in the shops before Christmas trade really sets in.

People who are familiar with Apple’s plans, telling to our site being sent invitations out to the press, about an event on 22. October.

There will be talk about news from Apple’s iPad product line, but also the Mac Pro and OS X Mavericks will be seated at the event. Continue reading Apple Keeps iPad Event on 22 May. October