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The anklet is used for centuries by people from all over the world. Some stories say that the anklets were used since before Christ, the Egyptians and people from the Middle East. Started in India and was expanded throughout the East and world. Formerly the anklets were connected by chains to prevent women give great strides, which the people of that time the shorter the pace of most delicate woman she was. Continue reading Anklets

Ankle String Bracelets

Ankle chain, a sensuous gem

For some, the chain or the ankle bracelet is a gem that women wear as a sign of invitation to the opposite sex. For others, this gem is used to mark his homosexuality. But all of these meanings are unfounded. If one refers to the African traditions or Indian still preserved to this day in some regions as in Senegal, wearing an ankle chain is indeed considered a weapon of seduction. Continue reading Ankle String Bracelets