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Trends in Jewelry for the Summer

Every woman vain beyond worrying about the beauty, clothing and footwear, also does not relieve the use of accessories that are essential to complete the looks of each day. Of the most basic to the most daring, earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets can not miss in the women’s locker. So, see what are the trends in bijoux for summer 2015: Continue reading Trends in Jewelry for the Summer

How to Choose the Ideal Mat for Yoga?

Check also clothing and accessories tips to practice the technique

Have you noticed that when people practice Yoga they usually use a rug to support positions?And it is not there by mere coincidence or aesthetics.Also known as “mat”, this accessory is one of the most important items to practice, after all, it is in it that all the exercise is done. Continue reading How to Choose the Ideal Mat for Yoga?

White Dress: New Fashion Trend

Considered to be the new black, the white dress is the basic color of the next summer. For being a neutral tone, it combines with all colors and allows a multitude of looks, from romantic to Classic rockers, and moderninhos. In addition to instantly illuminate the face of the wearer, highlighting visual and transmitting freshness and lightness. Continue reading White Dress: New Fashion Trend

Men’s Country Hats Photos

Country fashion gained momentum in the 1990s. At first it was a style only worn by Americans, even though it was in the United States where such clothing was born. In the country, clothing is worn by people living in rural areas, such as the state of Texas. Here in Brazil, people who like the country style, use in rodeos and pawns parties, or even day-to-day on farms and sites. Continue reading Men’s Country Hats Photos

Check Out the Best Selling Profession Necklaces of Frances Jewelry

Today I got a new awesome to tell you. Know our profession necklaces? So, in addition to the templates that we have and that are the most successful, now has news on our site. Other professions and models arrived in our shop and you’ll love every one. In addition, you can combine with some necklaces[…] Continue reading Check Out the Best Selling Profession Necklaces of Frances Jewelry

7 Tips on Veneer factory Plus Size Costume Jewelry

Want to have your own business? The veneer factory is a great option! See how to mount.

Ask a woman what are the accessories that can not miss in time to assemble a look, for sure, some of the answers are rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings, which are able to give a “up” in any visual. These pieces are always in fashion, often arousing the interest, especially the female audience due to launch of new collections that occur several times a year. Continue reading 7 Tips on Veneer factory Plus Size Costume Jewelry

Learn to Take Advantage of Other Cell Phone Accessories

The LG G5 has a top technical sheet for the most demanding users and was announced in February of this year at MWC 2016. A direct competitor to the Galaxy S7 and the future iPhone 7, the smartphone features the modular battery and USB type C, which allows to be plugged in more simply and with greater speed.The model still has no price or launch date in Brazil, but in the US, it can be found for approximately $ 700 (about R $ 2,500). Continue reading Learn to Take Advantage of Other Cell Phone Accessories

Learn to Use the Maxi Accessories

They all do it perfectly. But can you do it too? Find out with our tips How to use this trend to perfection.

One of the greatest trends in the moment is the use of accessories: and many. But knowing how to combine them is an art! The idea is to combine minimalist and delicate parts with heavier and larger parts, whichever accessory. Continue reading Learn to Use the Maxi Accessories

Stripes in Sight!

The stripes never pass sets. I bet you still have pictures as a child, using a sweater or dress with this pattern. In addition, the stripes are associated with the sea, thanks to the sailors ‘ uniforms, and the nautical motifs, for what are usually present in the collections during the warmer months of the year. Continue reading Stripes in Sight!

Pants Men Skinning: How to Properly Use

The best thing about skinny jeans for men is that now they are better dressed and not with the starting appearance as when wore trousers very wide. Men can wear skinny jeans without any problem or prejudice, that many men still have about the skinny pants by find too tight, but men have to use good judgment in choosing to your skinny pants and does not use it so tight. The first thing you have to know is that there are rules-being the main one that you should use only male skinny jeans that are made to the body of the man, because nobody wants to see you in your girlfriend’s pants. Check out tips! Continue reading Pants Men Skinning: How to Properly Use

Hammer Pants: Men’s Fashion Tips

The sarouel pants is already part of the feminine universe for quite some time and is present in all seasons with adaptations on models and fabrics, being lighter for summer and more full-bodied in winter. The new trend however, pointing to the creation of the male models and has won a growing number of fans. However the hammer to fashion men still need to face some cultural barriers in Brazil for the sets to reach the same level. To use the templates in addition to modern and hip is also needed a dose of boldness, since fashion is not fully accepted by here. Check out some tips on how to match the pants saruel men with other pieces of clothing, shoes and accessories and use without fear of making mistakes. Continue reading Hammer Pants: Men’s Fashion Tips

Angelina Goes Shopping

A while ago I found a very special shop that charmed me. A real find!

The store calls Angelina goes shopping and is a stylish, with whole parts multi brand selected finger by partners and that, in addition to being a super charming house in Vila Olímpia, here in São Paulo, still houses a room for courses. Continue reading Angelina Goes Shopping

Coach Celebrates Partnership with Gary Baseman at Colette in Paris

The colette in Paris and the Coach Announces World preview of SS15 collection, developed in partnership with the Californian artist Gary Baseman will be in famous multibrand Parisian exhibition until the end of the month. A great tip for anyone in town! Continue reading Coach Celebrates Partnership with Gary Baseman at Colette in Paris