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Straight out of the Ritual: Suede

A fashion that arose around the years 60 and 70 and super well with the pockets of Franklin, the velvety-looking pieces came back with everything in this season.

It can be found in various kinds of parts, both in pants, skirts and dresses like in boots and jackets. Just choose what most suits your style and rock this autumn.

And of course the Ritual wouldn’t be out of wonderful suede fashion delivers. But, with a little detail, the super brand sticks this fashion however uses the suede, a synthetic fabric.

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How to Dress for Festivals?

In recent years, to discover new trends in fashion and accessories for the summer, has his eyes on the US festival Coachella.  Kendall Jenner, Vanessa Hudgens, Rihanna … all the biggest stars are making notable appearances in this music festival which takes place every year since 1999 to the end of April. And where style battles rage. The festival look is inspired many style hippie chic 70s. Long dresses, playsuits psychedelic printed liberty, big flower in her hair … well, this look is decidedly summery.

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How to Choose Clothing for Body Shape

Women’s clothes are a universe so large and unknown that even the designers are constantly learning. The fashion history goes back to prehistoric times, making it impossible to add all models of women’s clothing ever released on the market or used by bodies with beautiful curves. If you do not understand well the market models, don’t feel upset, you know: you’re not alone. But it’s correctable.

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How to Wear Big Floral Prints?

This spring summer fashion gives way to the floral trend but not just any large colorful flowers. Discover without delay our selection shopping.

The spring-summer 2016 is the season of big flowers. Many laid in the 1970s by hippies, flower XL are now present in almost all the summer collections.

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