Tablet and Phone Are Villains for the Eyes

Study reveals that 21% of children who use appliances for up to 6 hours have vision problems.
The Day
River-it is not easy to convince the little Rebecca, 9 years, that the phone cannot accompany her in bed before sleep, time that the girl usually attend the novel ‘ Carousel ‘ in the smart phone screen. However, control the addiction of children more and more young people on phones and tablets or notebook, has been a strong concern of parents, who, alerted by studies and experts, they don’t want to see the vision and psychomotor coordination of children harmed.
The relationship manager Livia Chan, Rebecca’s mother, explains that the use of technologies by the girl is monitored. Afternoon student, she has access to cell phone 30 minutes in the morning before school, and 30 at night, when you come home. “If you let it, it uses up in the bathroom at bedtime, waking up” comments.
According to Ma, the myopia of Rebecca and other children has been increased by the increasingly early handling of these devices, an idea that reverberates among experts. A study of the ophthalmologist Leontius Queiroz Neto, Penido Burnier Institute, 360 children, noted 6 to 9 years, who used the computer for up to 6 uninterrupted hours. Of them, 21% showed difficult to see, well above the 12% number pointed to by the Brazilian Council of ophthalmology.
The problem worsens when considering the rapid rise of smart phones, which, according to a recent survey by IBGE, already exceed the computers in national territory. Of the 36.8 million households that participated in the survey, 80.4% use the device. This includes other vision problems, such as eyestrain, and generates more indirect consequences such as loss of sleep, which are not limited to children. The ophthalmologist Queiroz Neto recommends avoiding the night time use of any media type, because the blue light contained in them shall affect the production of melatonin, the hormone responsible for sleep.
Psychiatry also study this issue. André Brazil, Brazilian Association of Psychiatry, points out that adults are also affected by this addiction urban societies. According to him, the human being has a tendency to loneliness and isolation, and the internet as an outlet for the more timid. André Brazil draws an analogy between gambling and drugs. In both cases, says, there’s instant pleasure, which, if it is taken from the user, causes withdrawal. “A person starts to get upset. Are the same biochemical phenomena “, he adds.
Amid all this, there are mothers who are already worried about the future of small children. The physical therapist Julia Novaes, mother of little Gabriel, 1 year, finds it difficult to the child does not have interest in technology while parents are stirring all the time. For her, the main problem that excessive use can lead to posterity of children is a bad development of motor skills. “They get a lot of stoppages,” laments.
Coordinator of the Educational Centre of the lagoon, where Gabriel studies, Elizabeth Soto says that, there, the technologies are used as tools, not as ends. “We do not deny the advance, but don’t we emphasize the child’s computer. The school has to Excel at physical and intellectual development “, says Elizabeth, who develops in school motor skill activities according to the age of the children.
Check out the recommendations of the expert Institute, Leoncio Queiroz Penido Burnier:

  1. the Independent Media, avoid in very bright. It constricts the pupils and decreases the contrast of the cell phones.
  2. Hold the phone a minimum distance of 30 cm and 60 cm monitor.
  3. The phone should be 45 cm below the eye and the monitor between 10 to 20 cm.
  4. Look for a point away from 5 to 10 minutes every hour.
  5. Increase the size of the letters, adjust the screen with maximum contrast and low light.
  6. keep the monitor screen or mobile phone always clean.
  7. avoid glare not positioning the monitor or mobile facing Windows.
  8. Remember to blink voluntarily when using the internet.
  9. Who crossed 40 and have presbyopia must wear glasses suitable for your computer. Many do not use.