Tables in Vintage Style

Furnish their homes in vintage style means to appeal to a range of furniture and accessories with more than twenty years of history. These objects dating from the years between the eighties and nineties, were characterized by the retro look.
Are elements belonging to past generations, as to that of our grandparents and are very useful to give a touch of class to our house and to establish a valuable link with the memories and with our roots.
Enter in a house decorated in a modern style vintage complement is now an established trend.

The success of this practice is due to the fact that the effect that is generated, in the approach of “antique” innovative and created objects and accessories, is such as to arouse curiosity and bring sparkle to the house.
Among the accessories in vintage style to which most designers are inspired to create this surprise effect in a room like the living-dining room, it is the low table.
small retro style table, from the forms and traditional materials, with a clear reference to the past, entered beside the couch or in the middle of the room, you can create very obvious area where some of the owner’s personality and style house.
The complement chosen, in fact, provides a lot of information about the taste and needs of the landlord: his passion for collecting and care of objects from the past, to its ability to combine objects together far away with a unique personality.
Therefore, the choice of a coffee table in vintage style, you should be careful what we wish to emerge of us, of our lives, of our personality, through its aesthetic component of great importance.
Surely impact the design of the wooden coffee table in the shape of Baule in vintage style, Uncle JoeZs.
It is a coffee table in the form of cash, in walnut and varnished wood in white, created for the Champagne transportation, as stated by the inscription in black on top (followed by the words “Made in France since 1937”).
The effect that comes out in “transforming” an object intended for the transport of beverages, a coffee table, is absolutely of novelty and surprise.
Its traditional design, without frills or ornaments, its essential structure, made ​​entirely of wood, reliance on expensive and prestigious Champagne production in France, give this image complement antique, very precious and very classy.
A Set of Three tables, in vintage style vintage, is the proposal of Ts-ideen.
These are three small tables with feet and wrought iron support structure, the support surface MDF-shaped ancient book, synthetic leather, vintage design.
The three tables, available in three different heights and combined in three colors (red, brown and blue), are characterized by in gold relief decorations, which give it an ancient aura prominent.
To scale exposed to the center of the living room, or each located in a corner of the same, are able to provide the environment, as well as valid supporting media, class and prestige.
In style Vintage-Shabby Chic, or “old and scruffy but with class,” the table with ceramic drawers Ts-ideen.
It is a coffee table in white lacquered wood, which reaches a height of 74 cm to 80 cm wide and 40 cm deep, with two drawers with ceramic bezels, metal knobs and classic decor in bas-relief, in contrasting colors (Red and blue).
It is a complement characterized by finishings, and a style reminiscent of the ornaments of the past but with a lightness and a freshness that is quite new.
An ideal proposal to bring a breath of charm in our living room decorated in a modern style.